Andre's House of Randomness
Why is this page here?  Good question.  Most people nowadays have a website, so why shouldn't I?  Easiest way was to use Geocities.  Not the best, but easy.  If you really want to know more about what goes on in my head, read my Live Journal.  Otherwise, the basic stuff is as follows:

-Majoring in
Civl Engineering at the University of Florida
(watch out for us in the Steel Bridge competition this year)

-Spent two incredible summers working as a ride op at
Cedar Point.

-Built excessively powerful potato guns in my spare time.  First one 175 yards.  Second was 200+ yards.  Third should be about 300.

-I'm a supporter of
Linux.  My laptop is currently running Linux Mandrake, along with KDE.

-I'm a geek when it comes to roller coasters.  That's one of the reasons why I'm a Civil Engineer.  Just take a look at the stuff on my
Raptor page.  Or two of the rides I've made with No Limits.

Don't read this, please.
This site is best viewed on a monitor
VertiGo and other assorted pictures here
This picture will only look familiar to those who've worked controls on the #1 inverted coaster in the world
All sorts of stuff about one of the rides I worked,  Raptor
This was taken during our bridge assembly at regoinals.  I'm the one on the right, also known as the barge, since I'm the only one allowed to touch the water.  We won 1st.
The Rants Page