A retired teacher from Massachusetts, now enjoying the good life on the east coast of Florida, Mac likes to write, paint, pound his musical and computer keyboards, and has way too much... Time On His Hands.

Graphics and Poems
by RickMack(jotoma@bellsouth.net)

~The Bouquet~
~Little To Ask~
~House Guest~
~The Barn~
~Taxing Business~
~Short Cut~
~A Rose~
~Toy Box~
~Agnes And Andy Ant~
~Purrcarious Position~
~Cat's Meow~
~Bird Of Paradise~
~The Magic Lamp~
~Flights of Fantasy~
~Coal Man~
~Late Flight~
~Beacon Bright~
~Fishing School~
~Any Rags Today?~
~Bear Cub Pet~
~A Spider's Life~
~More Limericks~
~Liberated Woman~
~The Voyeur~
~Abstract Art~
~The Picnic~
~Rodeo Rat~
~Field Trip~
~Red Wagon~
~The Conductor~
~Edge Of Darkness~
~Doorstop Doggy~
~Bird Watching~
~The Limp Giraffe~
~Ashes To Ashes~
~Shadow Knows~
~Girl On The Beach~
~By The Sty~
~Girl Of My Dreams~
~Naughty Girl~
~Brown Recluse Spider~
~Out Of Mind~
~Booty Bound~
~Fit and Trim~
~The Lake~
~Toolbox Tale~
~Holy Roller~
~True Love~
~Scale Down~
~Daisy Mae~
~Happy Motoring~

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