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Last updated: 1 Mar 2006

Floor Plans (coming soon)

Rather than supply .sims2pack files (which are needlessly large IMO) I prefer to share blueprint-like floor plans, so people who like my layouts can build them themselves, making their own decoration choices (such as flooring, wall treatments, and furniture) and adapting the design to the particular lot they want to build on (especially considering residential lots aren't always flat).

Sim Suburb Gossip

Here you can read about what's going on with the many families in my own Sims game. (I have kept all of my households more or less in-synch since starting the Sim Suburb neighborhood, but I didn't begin journalling day-to-day events until about the end of the second week. That's why the SSG begins on the third Monday.)

This table shows the progress of how much I have played each family in my neighborhood. Clicking on a portion of the table will jump to the Sim Suburb Gossip entry for that family and that time period, if available. Abbreviations within the table represent family changes. The first letter specifies to which sim the event relates, and the second letter or symbol specifies what the event was. b = born; y = becomes toddler; c = becomes child; t = becomes teen; u = goes to college; a = becomes adult; e = becomes elder; d = dies; + = moves in; - = moves out.
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Smith 1A Ad  
Smith 2A Bb Pc By Bc Pt  
Sampson 1B J-
Twain 1A Au Eu Mb My
Fishburg 2A K+ C+ Lb Cd Ly
King 2A A+ Dd B+  
Spelling 1A At Bt Ct
Black 1A Kt  
Newburg 2A
Bannon 1A
Sky 1A Pt  
Bannon 2A  
Bannon 2B  
West Coast Girls  
Suburb Boys '14   C+ B+
Wonder 1A  
Weaver 1A

Suburb Boys '14

Ricky proposes to dormie Caryl, rejected. To spite, finds hot guy Brandon and flirts w him in front of her. She gets mad, but Ricky doesn't really like B anyway, so tries to win C back; no success yet. Meanwhile, Brandon really likes Jake, who may soon have to choose btwn him and bf Aaron. Erin is still fishing for guys to date. This all happened Fr2 and So1 semesters.

West Coast Girls

Candice Belkin is a psych major. She has a girlfriend named Jaiden who lives in the same dorm. She came to Sim State U from the west coast with her friends Laura Lane, a drama major, Megan Kennedy, taking econ classes, and Wendy Olsen, who majors in history. During their sophomore year, they make some new friends, and become closer to each other. Candice and Jaiden are doing great together, but the other girls aren't so lucky. Still, all four girls finish the year on the Dean's List.

Black Family 1A

Taye invites Erin Twain over to visit, and she brings along Brandon Walton. Taye isn't quite sure how to entertain college students though. Kimesha becomes a teen on Monday. Jack is promoted to Lieutenant on Wednesday. Janet studies cooking at home.

Smith Family 2A

John gets promoted to Soil Identifier on Monday. Kelly is expecting a third baby. Paul gets a job as Waterboy on tuesday. Ben gets his first A+ on tuesday. Some home expansion is needed to accomodate the growing family. New baby Raymond is born on Wednesday evening.

Spelling Family 1A

Triplet boys Alex, Brandon and Cory become teens on monday. Dad Larry is promoted to President of his company on tuesday. Mom Erin works on novel by day, "imports ordinary merchandise" at night.

Sky Family 1A

Dad Sunshine is getting better at painting, and sells his first �100 piece on monday. The sale of art supports his common-law wife, Meadow, and their teen kids Happy and Pony.

Bannon Family 2A

Single man Roy uses his monday and tuesday off from his job as a Host to get closer to his girlfriend, Judith Weaver. He even puts on a few pounds because she says she likes that. They finally connect with their first kiss after waking up together wednesday morning. At work that day, Roy is re-assigned to a new job as Waiter. Wednesday night, he proposes to Judith and she says yes! The wedding is planned for saturday at Roy's place.

Bannon Family 2B

Rachel Bannon is a science teacher who lives alone, but has recently discovered a romantic interest in Jerry Weaver. (Vid's note: That makes two couples of J Weaver and R Bannon. I originally wanted Jerry to hook up with Rachel Newburg. When she arrived at the Weaver house, however, she brought the other Rachel with her, and Jerry got along better with Rachel Bannon.) On tuesday, Rachel is promoted to Project Leader. Jerry spent wednesday evening at Rachel's, and stayed overnight but skipped out early Thursday morning. Rachel has thurs. off, so she stays home and re-connects with her other friends.

Twain Family 1A

Jeremy and Brandi Twain have a new baby, Marcus, to take care of. Their other children, Aaron and Erin, have gone to college already. Jeremy makes a ridiculous salary finding water with a stick, and Brandi sells great paintings, so they're covered financially. On tuesday, Marcus becomes a toddler. He starts to learn about walking, and using the potty, and he really likes the shapes toy.

Fishburg Family 2A

Drew and Karen have a new baby, Lexington, to take care of. Nobody has a job (Drew got fired recently) but they have a lot of cash inherited from their parents. On tuesday, Drew gets a job as a Party DJ. That night, Lex becomes a toddler. Thursday, he figures out walking and talking, and he masters the potty on friday morning.

Wonder Family 1A

Joey and Zelda habe a big house and no children. Zelda wants kids, but at the moment they are focusing on their careers. Wednesday night, Zelda is promoted to Fashion Photographer. Thursday morning, it looks like Zelda is pregnant, so she asks Joey to marry her. They both have the day off, so they get a marriage license that day, without ceremony.

Suburb Boys '14

Erin is feeling down, so she throws a sports party. Meanwhile, Aaron makes friends with Brandon, and Ricky continues to apologize to Caryl. At the end of sophomore year, the group moves into their own house, inviting Caryn and Brandon to join them. The six of them spend much of the semester adjusting to a lifestyle that is, surprisingly, about as hectic as the dorm! By the time they're halfway through junior year, however, everyone's doing fine. Caryn isn't mad at Ricky anymore, and Brandon has come to accept that his really hot friends Jake and Aaron won't be splitting up any time soon, leaving him and Erin without boyfriends for the forseeable future.

Black Family 1A

Jack and Janet want another kid, so they try to conceive on wednesday afternoon. Berjes King drops by for the evening and spends some time with Kimesha and Taye. The next few days, Jack works out, Taye and Kimesha do homewrk and keep up with friends, and Janet eats and sleeps for two.

Smith Family 1A

Greg Smith is getting up there in years, so he ves for each day. Going to the park to flirt with younger women, hanging out with his grandsons -- but not at the same time, mind you.

King Family 2A

Alexis works at a restaurant and Ronald is a star on Broadway. Berjes, their recently-adopted teenage son, is an A+ student. Wednesday night, Alexis is promoted to Executive Chef.

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