David "Smith"

Vital Info

First name:David
Last name:It's not exactly a well-guarded secret, but I'm not gonna just blurt it out, either.
Birthdate:Summer, Mid-80's
Also known as:
  • ColorMaster
  • El Amo de Todos los Colores (eAdTlC)
  • (Bír'd'in)
  • daVidBoi!!
  • KohakuElric
  • Vid the Kid

Direct Contact Info

vitid gm.om
dhek @ailc
(sometimes checked daily, sometimes not for weeks)
BitWise IM:VidTheKid(on it just about all the time)
AOL IM:the real Birdin(on once in a while)
Yahoo! Messenger:therealbirdin(rarely on it)
MSN Messenger: (I don't use MSN at all anymore)

Online Updates & Enclaves

Columbus Roads My main roadgeek site for the Columbus area, which hasn't been updated in a while.
My LiveJournal My main blog, which doesn't get updated very often.
Ed's LiveJournal Ed's LiveJournal, which gets updated fairly often, and generally gives more coverage of my life than my own LJ.
My deviantART gallery My dA gallery tends to see bursts of activity every now and then.
misc.transport.road I post to this newsgroup every once in a while.
WP:User:VidTheKid My userpage on Wikipedia, which itself has some interesting things, and allows you to view contributions I've made to WP.
vidthekid.info I've recently aquired new webspace on a good host. I'll be moving most of my websites there in the near future.

Vid's Space


About Vid's Space

I was 11 when I started learning HTML. Soon I had my own personal website, but I didn't have much to offer. There were a couple of pictures to download, and some SimCity 2000 and SimCopter cheats and hints, but that's basically it. The site evolved for a while, but didn't really grow in content. It was lame. In 1999 I took my site down, and used the web space to make an interactive report on phenylketonurea for my 9th grade biology class. It stayed up until the primitive online service called Prodigy bit the dust. (In its final years, Prodigy became known as Prodigy Classic to differentiate it from Prodigy Internet, the new, "true ISP" version. Prodigy Internet became simply Prodigy, then SBC Prodigy, then SBC Yahoo! Dial, and this week it's AT&T Yahoo! Dial.)

Then in 2002, I made contact with the nudist community. People thought it was interesting that a 17-year-old like myself was becoming interested in nudism on his own, without having been raised that way. Suddenly, I had an interesting topic for a personal website. I threw in pages about Star Trek and my interest in roads, and later, one about college life. Then I figured out I was bi, so I had a page about that, and a page about my boyfriend, and then a page about my girlfriend (no, they weren't dating me at the same time) and by mid-2003, my site was so big and complicated that maintaining it was a pain.

Now it's 2006 and it's been over two years since I've done any significant updating. I've decided to re-build the site from scratch, though some content from the old pages will certainly be re-used, and some of the look and feel will be retained. This new version will be more elegant and simpler than before, I hope. Also, I'll have an offline copy to do my editing on, which should be easier than editing the site online using the GeoCities Advanced Editor. Hopefully that means I can maintain the site for the long run without losing interest.

Consider that last paragraph moot. Now it's 2007 and besides a couple new and approximately-complete pages, I haven't exactly kept this site updated. So the "departments," old and new, are presented here "as-is," with no guarantee of any future updates, though there may still be some. Check out some of my other online enclaves, or try to contact me directly if you want to see what I'm up to.