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        This is the story of our 1951 Willys CJ3A.  When I bought it I thought I would just use it to move other vehicles and trailers around.  I welded a receiver on the front and used it to steer boats and trailers around the warehouse, but I just couldn't resist driving it on the street and when the snow came about a week later I discovered that it actually had a working heater...sort of.  Anyhow, My son and I decided to use the little jeep to get our Christmas tree.  We learned that there is a big difference between four wheeling in a 3/4 ton Suburban and a little flat fender.  At the end of the day we had a tree and a growing affection for the little 51.

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I was planning on calling the Jeep "old rust bucket"  or some other fitting name but my son said, "It won't be rusted after we fix it up, I want to call it Little Willy."  and so we got the new name and a whole new project.
        I was just going to fix the body and brush on some new paint, but as usual I started listening to the sage advise of well meaning friends.  In this case it was Todd.  "Lets do this right!" he said, and so started our frame off rebuild.

Here is what we started with

        I had already cut down the steering column out of a Caddy and added Recaro seats from an old mustang but that all had to come back out.

First we stripped the front end

Then the body

To expose the frame.

From the beginning Todd decided he would sandblast and paint the frame.  Needless to say a 50-year-old frame is going to need some repairs and a clean frame is the only way to go.