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Sept. 9, 2008.


Dear Reader,


Thanks for taking the time to review my professional history. While I have not revealed identifying details, I hope I have provided enough information to give you a clear picture of some of my abilities.


On a continual basis, I accept freelance writing opportunities and flexible clerical assignments. Your support makes my writing possible.






It is my continual goal to put to use all of my talents and skills for the glory of God.  I make it a goal to work on projects that are in line with this goal and that bring honor to God through their Christ-centered focus, their ability to bless someone, or through their excellence.  I also put my personal mark on everything I do. 




Church Secretary                                                           


I am responsible for keeping all legal documents current and in order.  In addition, I create promotional flyers, business cards, logos, and all forms and documents required of me.


Private Tutor


This rewarding position utilizes skills in all academic areas. I am also called upon to administer creative discipline and provide encouragement.  Most of the kids that come to me have years of experience in failure, and I take steps to turn it all around.


Children's Ministry Co-Director  


As the director, all recruiting and placement were up to me. Eventually, I became co-director, and here I continue to encourage and trained new teachers. Finally, I am required to use creative methods to teach students and to administer discipline as needed.




Associates Degree                2007

Private Online University


Completed First Year        1997-1998

Bible College


Special Skills & Experiences


* Fluent in written and spoken Spanish.

* Excellent grammar, spelling, and writing.

* Homeschooling parent of three children.         









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