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In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.
-- Andy Warhol

Greetings, voyagers! As King of the Island I welcome you to my tropical paradise! Have a margarita or a strawberry daquiri and make yourself at home on my beach. Feel free to wander about the Island... The "crown jewel" of the Island is my Photo Gallery... so be sure to visit it to see some terrific pictures! Netsurfers will find that my diverse and eclectic Links will provide you with hours of amusement. You will also find some of the most fascinating People vacationing on the Island!

And speaking of vacations, last year I did a three-week driving tour of the Four Corners area of the American southwest, you can Read About it here , and if you'd rather just look at the pictures, check out the Photo Gallery collection.

During your visit, you may be one of the fortunate ones who get an audience with the beautiful Goddess who watches over my island. If you encounter her during the full moon, be sure to have an appropriate sacrifice ready!

NEW!For the first time, I'm breaking with "tradition" on the Island and featuring a page other than one of my own! Join a scientific expedition to Antarctica, and follow their updates from the field, as they search for Meteors from Mars!
(This site is also a new addition on my "Links" page)

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