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This Update - January 21. 2009

Since our third season in Colorado, back in 2006/07, we haven't done much of note regarding the US or doing another trip. Its still the 20th of January in the US as I type this, Barack Obama has just become the 44th POTUS. I wish him well, and hope that President Obama doesn't fall by the wayside as he tries to rebuild the biggest economy on the planet.

Good luck Mr. President

Last trip over in 2006/07, we had yet another great season, and to the folk who are Steamboat Springs, Colorado, we thank you. Steamboat Springs Transit is a great mob to work for, and if you think you would like to spend a season driving buses for SST, and enjoying free skiing, skating and soooo much fun.....drop me a line at and I'll give you some info. Vail is another town which uses seasonal drivers, both local, and international...once more, if you want info, same email. ;)

I am putting together a page of Vail trip piks. It is still under construction, but keep visiting :)

When in West Oz, I drive tour buses out of Perth for Feature Tours and GrayLine out and about the countryside. I do mostly daytrips, north to the Pinnacles, east to Wave Rock, south west to Busselton and Margaret River, or south east to Walpole and Albany. Its good to get out of town and out into the country, and having spent a bit a time at most of these places already, I am not totally winging it when I do the commentry on tour.

I still have my Taxi Drivers License, and when I drive a cab, its with Swan Taxis cos they are the biggest, with the best customer satisfaction etc etc.

Our Steamboat Springs piks are still here, if you'd like to see what we got up to in Steamboat Springs :))))

I am not actually doing any copywriter stuff, but if you want to suss out what I do, you'll find it right here, :)

Carrying on, welcome to our page. Louise, who is still Weezel, and I, who am still Tony invite you to pick and poke around our little corner of the internet.

This page is kind of like a photo album, with bits and pieces from our RL albums, if you wish to follow a thread, just follow the links. I have got return to the front page tabs on all my pages. Thanks for visiting Louise and me's place, and please leave your footprint in our Visitor's Book. :)

Thanks again. :)

First up, our house. We built it.....well, we HAD it built and moved in June 16, 1996. We moved out in February '99, and back August02, after a stint in Esperance, Kalgoorlie and the US.

We live in Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, where I was a bus driver until July 4th '98, when the whole bus service was privatised, so, I took a severence and went bush :)

As a driver, I took part in several Uniform Free Days. We did it to raise money for the Princess Margaret Childrens Hospital in Subiaco, here in Perth. It was great fun..check out the pikkies :)

As an ex-driver, I had the world at my feet, so I chose to do something that I have always wanted to do, and that's to get into Commercial Radio. I did a course through The Radio Academy which is in West Leederville near the city. The course took 6 months from July 98 til Xmas that year, then I did some serious job hunting and ended up in Esperance, on the south coast of W.A. I was working at 747 Radiowest, one of the smaller stations in the state :), but after'pulling the pin' and following a stint with Esperance Group Training where I ended up managing the Kalgoorlie branch, I got back behind the wheel of Mercedes and Renault buses for Transperth..actually, I worked for Swan Transit, which is a service provider for Transperth...its complicated LOL. I also did some long distant stuff with Goldrush Tours who operate the Perth - Goldfields Express. This is a 5 star service which goes Perth to Perth via Kal and on up to Laverton, a round trip of 2,000 Kilometres, all on ONE tank of fuel!!

I have fired up GT Sound, again which is my DJ entertainment service. I play music for weddings, parties, anything. I have a fairly large, and growing bigger all the time, CD library, and as mobile DJ's head toward MP3 players and computers, I'll probably be obsolete by the time I finish typing this!! :) Anyways, if you live in the South East region of West Oz, call me, 0414 749 626, and lets party! If you are further me anyway - that phone number is my mobile here in Australia, and I to call it from overseas, you drop the first 0, that is 61 414 749 626.

Something else Weez and I used to be into, we 'were' members of the Falcon GT Club of Western Australia and we had a show a couple of Novembers ago at Lathlain Park, a local football oval. 'Aussie Rules' football of course :) It was the bi annual All Ford Day, and we were well represented. If you would like to check out a few Australian GT Falcons, which incidently, should not be confused with the American Falcons.....follow the lead ---->>>>> :)

If you know nothing about Aussie Rules Football, check out the AFL Website for all the bits you need to know. plus links to the clubs in the competition. Being a West Aussie, 'I' am a West Coast Eagles supporter, but I am actually quite parochial..any WA team is good, except at derby time..then its West Coast Eagles to wipe the floor with those Fremantle Dockers! :)

Remember we were in Colorado? this is just another link to our piks :). Its ahotlinkto more of my stuff.

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94.5FM is a Perth radio station Weezel listens to, tho I listen to 96 fm, another Perth station which is a little more current, that is of course when when I am not listening to 92.3 KGON Classic Rockout of Portland, OR. via the 'net' :)

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