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Fáilte Romhat!

An Olde Irish Blessing for all who enter here:

May St. Patrick guard you wherever you go
And guide you in whatever you do
And may his loving protection be a blessing to you always.

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Take me to your Irish Party!

Lord of the Dance - What is all the fuss about? Go visit the official website. Go to the show if it comes to your area. If not, travel to see it. It is definitely worth every penny for tickets, and every minute spent driving there. I saw it live and am not quite the same!

McIrish is in the process of moving some interesting stuff into this little Irish Castle (I joined GeoCities in February, 1996 and things are getting a little cluttered around here! When is that maid supposed to come?!).

I've started a page of Irish Blessings. Visit Lucky Leprechaun Lane for some exciting Irish activities. Get your daily dose of Gaelic in Word of the Day.

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm very interested in all things IRISH--or Celtic--or Gaelic, but do have other spending time with my German Shepherd Dogs (I have two canine sons, one canine daughter...and a new female puppy). I like doing obedience training and have done some agility training with my seven year old male.

My favorite group is IONA (name comes from the isle of Iona off Scotland's western shore). They're described as a classically oriented 'art rock' band, but I just love their style & message.

My favorite drink is Mr. PiBB. Put it in your head! One of my favorite television shows is Touched by An Angel. I enjoy calligraphy, quilting, a little astronomy and lots of meteorology, and of course, surfing the Net. Although I don't get to it very often, riding roller coasters is a passion of mine.

Meet Sinead, my adopted Orphan Mouse from the Mouse Pad. She's Irish, of course!

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Some of McIrish's favorite spots on the Web

The Irish Times
Coracle Magazine Celtic Art and Calligraphy

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Any ideas, suggestions, or Irish blessings, please e-mail me: mcirish[at]geocities[dot]com (replace with the appropriate characters)

You're visitor to my little castle

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