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There are many good things to life, and I'd like to share some that are important to me with you on these pages. So sit back, relax, and sample some of my good life!

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Art Gallery
Web Design


TRAVELLING is a passion for my partner and me. Click on the sun and take a trip to my travel page to visit some fascinating places, including:

- NEW! My latest visit to The Big Island of Hawaii
- Photo album - Caribbean, Belize, Mexico and Alaska
- Diary and more photos of my trip to Egypt
- Ballooning in Switzerland
- Working on an archaeological dig in Belize
- Lots of useful travel links!


We often combine our trips with ARCHAEOLOGY, and we have been following the archaeological 'trail' to various places in Mexico, Central America, and Egypt.

Enter into the fascinating world of Archaeology, including:

- A field report from our first-hand experience as "diggers" in Belize
- My Egyptian Diary
- Links to archaeology publications, news and websites.


Unfortunately, I can't spend all of my time travelling...the second-best substitute for me is SAILING. Come on aboard and check out my photo album of a recent cruise!

Art Gallery

Hope you enjoyed that outing on the water! Now on those rainy, grey westcoast days, a boat ain't the most pleasant place to be, I must say...so I pass the time doing some PAINTING when the inspiration strikes. Click on the Gallery button to enter my exhibit!

web design

I also design web pages for other people and small companies - view my design philosophy and portfolio, and feel free to contact me if you're thinking about getting a homepage, personal or small business. You will receive attentive, personalized service, and a quality webpage that you can be proud of.


Well, from painting and designing, on to something a bit more awesome - nothing less than our universe and ASTRONOMY. I'm extremely interested in the subject, as well as astrophysics and cosmology. I am also a proud "eclipse chaser", having seen three total solar eclipses so far (and more to come, I hope!). Take a trip to outer space right in your armchair! Includes:

- Mauna Kea summit trip report
- Trip report on the February 1998 total solar eclipse
- Trip report on the August 11, 1999 total solar eclipse
- Astronomy links to NASA and its various space programs
- Astronomy sites and publications - learn something new today! :-)


OK, after that heavy-duty stuff, let's have some fun - come and CHAT for a while! You'll see pictures of my internet chat buddies with links to their homepages, and you can join me in my chat room or leave a message on my bulletin board. See you there!


Finally, I needed a page for all that other neat and fun STUFF that didn't fit in anywhere else. Press the magic button to:

- Links to some FUNNY stuff
- Play some GAMES
- Check out the photo album of my recent BIG surprise birthday bash!


Last, but not least, please visit my WEB RING page, which will lead you to other interesting sites:

- Travel Ring
- Archaeology on the Net
- Archaeology Ring
- Odin's Castle History Ring
- Eclipse Chasers Ring

Before you leave, please sign my guestbook below! You may also e-mail me or leave a message on my bulletin board. I'll reply as soon as I get back from my walk on the beach...


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