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<align=top>Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is everything you imagine a spectacular vacation could be-and more- in one convenient destination, Florida. You'll find it all in over 43 square miles of Theme Parks, and a variety of Resort Hotel accommodations. Discover a whole "world" of fantasy and fun in the ultimate vacation destination .DISNEY

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the nation's top resort destination, a vacation paradise with nonstop fun and a glorious climate. From the dazzling Strip to the vibrant downtown Casino Center, there's always something to see and do in Las VEGAS

Links to Disney and Vegas locations are located in their sections.

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Here lies a link to my favorite band. This site contains pictures, quicktime movie files, music files and information on the band and all albums. Click here to see the Barenaked Ladies or here House Of BNL.

Feel like viewing a seating chart, or ordering tickets to an upcoming Hockey Game, Basketball Game or Concert Event, goto Ticketmaster Canada or Ticketmaster USA

Hollywood Online This site is dedicated to movies that Hollywood Online is assosciated with. Each movie has pictures, quicktime movie files from the movie, an interactive preview and information about the movie.

Dave Cartoons. Cartoons.

Crash Test Dummies. Great Musical Group finally having their own website. Go to it today.

Les Kincaid. This site is from Las Vegas and is about Food,Wine & Golf. Many recipes, wine info & golfing information. Check it out.

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