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Welcome to THE OASIS! 


I'm so glad you're here on my cyber oasis! I hope you weren't delayed by the blowing of the trade winds. Please go on out to your waterfront villa, put on your swimsuit and come on out to the beach. If you like emerald seas, and white sandy beaches, margaritas and afternoon siestas, and of course, partying by the ocean til the wee hours, you have come to the right place.

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I try to keep it very laid back here on the Oasis. My idea of relaxing is never having to do anything unless you want to do it. This site is my contribution to the art and joy of relaxation, and I hope that you can kick back and enjoy your time spent here on my Oasis. I would like for you to feel that this is a peaceful place to hang out when you are bored and looking for something to do to while away the minutes on a long afternoon.

If you've come to visit my Beachfront Postcard Rack I appreciate your stopping in and I hope you will take the time to look around and see what else I have in store for you.


But before you browse the vast reaches of my site would you please View and Sign My Guestbook so I will know you visited my site. This is a relatively new guestbook, so please please sign so I will feel loved and appreciated! *smile*

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Driftwood on Stormi's Beach

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