There used to be a long block of insignificant words telling everybody who I am.. however, I have now decided to abandon that little blurb.. and go for the following format... anyway.. enjoy.. if you want.. I mean.. I'm not that interesting.. really I'm not..

 Basic Information About Me!

Name: Rowaida 
Age: 20 human years.  My birthday is the 9th of October for all who care.
Place of Birth: A hospital in Australia currently being renovated so that only excessively rich people with loads of private health cover can use it.
Nationality: Australian-Egyptian (both my parents are Egyptian)
Studying: A double degree: B.Arts(Journalism) & B.Science(Info.Systems & Software Development.
Likes: Most Music, Talking, Singing, IRC, Reading, People, Talking, Coffee, Writing stuff & Basically doing stuff I like.
Dislikes: Warm milk that's been left out of the fridge, country music and associated Bootscooters, chilli and Basically stuff I don't like.
Least Favourite person:  Princess Kate (no, not all of you will know who she is... so consider yourselves lucky).
Best Favourite person: My best friend, Jen.
Favourite Book: ummm... too hard. So far though, "Roll of Thunder hear my Cry". By I-can't-remember-who.
Favourite Movie: "Power of One", "Dragonheart", "Sound of Music", any old film which songs in it & Some egyptian movie that I can rememeber the name of... 
Favourite TV comedy: Southpark & Good News Week (Aussie Show)
Favourite TV personality: Paul McDermott (Good News Week)
Favourite Cartoon: The Smurfs
Favourite Smurf: Brainy Smurf.
Favourite Color: Blue - because it is the color of the ocean and the sky and just because.
Some books I own: Elephant Song - Wilbur Smith. The Salzburg Connection - Helen MacInnes.  Illustrated Dictionary of Computing - Jonar Nader. 
Book I hate: 'Nile' by some woman! If you've read it.. disregard it. It's a waste of paper!

Other Vitally-Couldn't-Live-Without-Knowing Information about Me !
cds i want - but will never buy
things i want - but will never get
The Bends - Radiohead 
A packet of never ending Tim-Tams and a cup of never ending Nescafe Blend 43 Coffee.
Pablo Honey - Radiohead * 
My own airplane and petrol station so I can go where I want when I want, anywhere I want in the world. Want want want!
Ok Computer - Radiohead 
World Peace.. yet, at the same scary time.. I want world domination.
20,000 Watt RSL - Midnight Oil My own planet where I can lead the genderless monsters to victory over the headless-three-eyed aliens.
- Hunters & Collectors A million dollars that I can give to charity so that I can feel special and make a difference to the world.
"Recurring Dream" - Crowded House * (a real bargain too) A million dollars that I can give to myself so that I can feel special and make a difference to me.
 - The Whitlams My own self-updating computer with every futuristic function before it's invented.
 - The World Cup Album 
Okay, more memory for my current computer would be a good start.
 - Ben Folds Five. 
Ever get the feeling I ramble on?
 Forest/Ocean Music - Nature Cds n' stuff. A mind reader that can tell me what I'm thinking when I think I'm thinking about nothing.
 - Backstreet Boys (yes, shut-up I like them!) 7 years constant good luck... actually, a good mirror that makes me look beautiful and will ALSO tell me every time I look at it that I am the fairest of them all.
 Pink Pills - The Mavis's To live through a whole week without being referred to as strange.
Bert Newton's Classic Favourites. 
To end this at some point.
Lots and Lots of Classical Music. 
Now will do.

* denotes CDs that I caved in and bought.

Following the next link, will enable you to learn more about me.  You'll get my opinion on controversial things... like why the leaves go brown in the Autumn, why croquet is cool, my words of wisdom, why culture is mechanism of confusion and why bus trips are advantageous.  There is still a mountain of things to learn... or at least, laugh at... so follow on.. if you want.