Sher's Place

**In Loving Memory**

~~Come . . . Dream With Me~~

Some Pictures


Ron (My Heart)

Alex...much more than a dog!

Our son, Tony, to whom I owe my computer life!

Tony's Daughter, Cierra

Our Daughter, Holly and family



Our Daughter, Sherry & Tom
(((**Go in Sherry's page to hear an "Angel" (Sherry) sing!**)))

The NEW additions!<---LOOK!!

Three Great Kids

My Sister, Carla

My Beloved Mother

My Brother, Tony

Pickups, Strays and Drop-offs

Places Traveled

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~Come This Way~

Please meet some of my "Special" friends

Clicking on this picture will take you to my "Texas Internet Scrapbook", where I have 12 pages of great pictures taken from our "Internet Gathering" in Sept. of 1996...come see all the "Axe Murderers and Weirdos" for yourself!!!...:)

((((Take a quick peek at a group photo))))

What's NOT Fun About the Circus!

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