Sick of reading upscale travel stories about visiting queens, posh hotels, thousand dollar big game hunting etc... well not any more... Welcome to:

My name is John Connor. I am 32 years old, and for over a decade I have travelled all over the world (ok North America plus one trip to Europe) on a very modest budget. Coming soon are my various tales from my many travels. Some will be outrageously funny, some just relating the beauty of this world. So check back soon as I will soon be putting up the first of my stories.

The first few stories are up. I will have this site organized much better soon!
Vignettes Full Stories Grand Trips
You will get covered in mud.
Mammoth Caves, KY 1997

My kingdom for a bull.
Nashville, TN 1991, 95
Cincinatti, OH 1997

Look- Dave Mustaine!
Murfreesburo, TN 199?

"Watch the tram car please."
Wildwood, NJ various

"They'll f@#k you
then kick your ass."

Philidelphia, PA. 1991

Drunk before noon
Naggs Head, NC 198?

Beautiful people / White trash
Miami, Ft. Lauterdale, FL 1997

Scuba diving with mantees
Key Largo, FL 1997

Let's sneak in.
Great Adventure, NJ 1990

Drunk before noon pt. II
Kings Dominion 1997

More bars per sq. mile.
Milwaukee, WI 199?

Louisville - Kentucky Derby 1995

Tequila, Senior
San Diego, CA
Tijuania, Mexico 1997

-200' to 9000' in an hour
Death Valley, CA 1996

Mardi Gras
New Orleans -
Mardi Gras 1990-96

Smog - What Smog?
Los Angeles & vicinity
various dates

Casino Gambling
Las Vegas, Atlantic
City, Biloxi & others
various dates

200+ mph of speed
Indianapolis, St Louis
& others 1993-97

City That Never Sleeps
New York City, NY various

Detroit Rock City
Detroit, MI various

Oh! Atlanta
Atlanta, GA - Summer
Olympics & others various

White trash beach
Ocean City, MD various

Tourist guide to San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 1997

Death Week
Memphis, TN - Elvis
Death week 199?

Roller Coasters
Kings Dominion, Ceder
Point & others various

That Toddling Town
Chicago, IL 199?, 9?

Nations Capitol
Washington, DC

Trip to Europe 1996


Delicious bananas
Amsterdam, Holland

No David Hasseloff!
Munich, Germany- Oktoberfest

Is this your skull?
Paris, France

The Grand Tour 1993


Cold water
Boston, MA & vicinity

Parlez vous francais?
Montreal, Quebec

Toronto, Ontario

Better in the Bahamas


Camping fun
Coco Beach &
Ft. Lauterdale, FL

Beautiful view

Key West, FL

Assorted Beaches
Daytona, St. Augastine, FL,
Myrtle Beach, SC

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