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The Factory Shell in Brades 4/98
Built to attract and house small businesses, this is the new factory shell building recently completed in Brades. The main power producing plant for the Island is located across the street.
The Factory Shell Inside 4/98
The interior of the factory shell building looks huge. The plan is to partition it according to demand for space by small businesses.
Courtesy of Mike and Donna Emmanuel
M S Osborne Ltd., Brades 4/98
Located on the eastern or inland side of the road in Brades, the site for Osbornes literally had to be cut out of the hill. There was no flat land where their building and lumber storage yard now stands. IN fact, they almost lost the white building just barely seen in the left of the picture as the first substantial rains almost washed it down the hill! Incidentally, the large building seen behind and above Osborne's in this picture is the new Home for the Aged. This picture is looking south.
BBC, Brades 4/98
The building in the forefront is the new BBC hardware store with their traditional elctronics and furnishings business located in the lower building to the right. This is part of what's planned to be potentially a four building complex at this location. It's located just at the road that enters the Banks area.
The War Memorial, Marine Drive 4/98
There's really not much to say with these photos. They speak volumes. To guage the depth of pyroclastic flows at this location, the red structure on the left is the top of a telephone booth.
Strand St., Plymouth 4/98
Looking north....
Lower George St., Plymouth 4/98
With Ft. Ghaut immediately south George St. to the left in this picture, George St. was a major path of flows into town as they overwhelmed the banks of the Ft. Ghaut with such power and force.
The Corner of George St. and Evergreen Drive, Plymouth 4/98
Looking west, away from the volcano and down George St.
Evergreen Drive, Plymouth 4/98
Looking north at the corner of George St. and Evergreen Drive!
Upper George St., Plymouth 4/98
Sitting in front of the Catholic Church is a container turned on its side as it was carried down the hill by the power of a pyroclastic flow.

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