Murton's Intro

Cape Town - Wed 22/1/97

An introduction to a Round The World (RTW) home page ??? What do I write - Why? How? Who? What's the page for? It's not easy but some of these I can answer from my personal point of view so here goes.

Why? What makes a sane person give it all up, put a few things (well everything they'll have for the next couple of years!) into a back-pack & 'off-it' into the blue yonder? Well I can't answer this question for anyone but myself. Some people do it to get away, some to experience new cultures, some to see the World's natural beauty, for many just 'to do it'. Me, I'd always wanted to do it - EXPERIENCE THE WORLD (that means all of the above).

I was, I would say, 'lucky' but it was more prepared : the time was right and I had in place the things that, FOR ME, were important and there was nothing to stop me. One thing I will say is that if you've ever thought of doing it and there's no real barrier, just do it or you may regret it later in life. I know it's not for everyone: some people aren't and never have or will be interested in doing it, other are happy watching and hearing about other people doing it (this is where this page may be of help), and of course some if not many of you have already done it.

The idea of this page is to convey a little of what's happening to me (and Ian and, as of yeterday, Emma) during my trip. There's the latest whereabouts and news and some info and links associated with me, you and anything else of interest. You'll notice there are photos on the page and in this you are lucky coz you see them before I do (a couple of years before!?!). One way you could contribute is to post any gossip and info. Hint hint - if you're a friend and get a post card or letter let Dave and Simon in on the news and gossip!!!

One of the things this page won't do is answer the question "How?". There has been masses written in books, magazines and on the WWW, you just have to find it - the magazine Wunderlust (this may be subscription only in the UK) is EXCELLENT, a real travel mag! The thing I will say though about any trip is "talk to people" - nothing helps like on-the-ground first hand info and experience. BUT, don't take everything you hear or read as gospel.

By the way, I'm Murton (Martin) aged 25 and fifty eight months. I had a comfortable job, comfortable life and have a great and happy family and group of friends. I'd just like to finish by thanking anyone who contributes to the page and you for you interest, but especially Dave and Simon and James for their efforts in maintaing this page.

Take care

PS I will hopefully get around to adding some more useful links AND extracts from my journal later.

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