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We are starting to add some words of explanation to the original photo-gallery
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Welcome to Ian and Martin's Travelogue site. Ian and Martin left our fair isle (England) on Wednesday 27th November '96 for sunnier climes. They returned in August '98... this site was their living record of what happened in between... and it's not all pretty, particularly Martin's purple feet disease.

Rough plan : England -> Middle East, South Africa, Africa, India, Asia, Australia, Americas. Approx 2-3 years. (See Murton's Itenerary)

Martin's introduction to this site, sent by email from an internet cafe somewhere in Cape Town, South Africa.

Ian's intro, sent from Nairobi, Kenya in April '97.

The story starts on the Travelogue Page.

I was persuaded (over a beer or two) to maintain this site for them. Thanks to Simon Dennis (Parp) for taking the Update Atlas off my hands and to James Kelly for his Photo Gallery. -- Dave

Interpol Warning - Kingy.


This is just the most recent stuff. The story starts on the Travelogue Page.

Last known location : ENGLAND! The boys are back home! They got back in August - check out Parp's Update Atlas to review the trail of destruction.

World Weather by Intellicast.

Also check out Murtons new Photo Gallery and Ian and Murton's Tour of Ozzy - more photos and news about their dodgy escapades down under.

Other Links and Things

For essential travel information sourced from authors, researchers and fellow travellers, check out the Lonely Planet travel guides. Maps, photos and loads of relevant info - very good.

At Martin's request: Round-The-World Travel Guide - reports and journals of people who have gone there and done it.

Another link from Martin: The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office - facts and advice and pretty pictures too.

A totally brilliant site from Ian and Martin - the Accommodation Search Engine. You want accommodation, anywhere, any kind - this will find it.

The Decision Web World Atlas - click on continents to zoom in.

World Weather by Intellicast. (Thanks to Gerard Mulholland)

The rest of the GeoCities The Tropics neighbourhood - GeoCities' vacation, resort, travel and leisure area.

World Travel Net - Neat but a bit slow. Maps and stuff.

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