Egypt. December 1997 Out in the desert, a few km North of Farafra Oasis. I'm sitting in a concrete bath about 3m by 10m and a meter and a half deep. Murton and I got dropped off out here the night before by the local FAMOUS artist as it happens. We'd been talking to him that day, sitting by a fire in the sand, outside a local resturant. Well we got out here about 11.30pm and by the time we had the tent up, the 3 german guys who had come out with us had finished in the spring and were ready to leave. So they did. Which left Murton and I alone to sit in the hot sulpher water and contemplate the stars. Which is exactly what we did, for about an hour. By 1am it was pretty cold out there in the desert but not if you're sitting in hot spring water. This picture was taken the next morning as I washed my hair apparently! You can see Murton's tent in the background with a rucksack standing just to the right of it. Off to the far right of the tent (we discovered in the morning) was a deserted village on a low hill. So we investigated. Very eerie! All mud-brick huts... about 20 of them perhaps. 1