The Trinity Scandal

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News Flash!
February 20, 1997

The L.A. Times today reported that the Trinity Broadcasting Network will drop Pat's weekly half-hour show "Gospel America" after receiving a number of complaints from its viewers following his January 27 appearance on the American Music Awards and, more recently, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Well, the folks at TBN have shown themselves to be humorless zealots who don't deserve to have a fine entertainer like Pat dignify their organization with his work. Pat is providing a fine example that one can be a devout Christian without losing one's sense of humor, in addition to producing a record that is an awful lot of fun to listen to!

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Since this scandal broke on February 20, there has been quite a bit of activity on the old guestbook. The great majority of comments have been supportive of Pat, both from Christians who view his new record as an extension of his musical ministry, and from individuals who appreciate the irony and humor of Pat Boone covering heavy metal songs. Alas, a few misguided souls have also sided with Trinity. A small sampling of the comments received are listed below.

Name: Bruce Hagen
Referred by: Yahoo
From: Orange County, Ca
Time: 1997-02-21 12:38:00
Comments: I can't believe that Pat is being condemned for trying to reach the lost. What a perfect outreach. This could take him into places where he (representing Christ) would have never been able to go before this album. It's hard to be rejected by your own for doing what is right. Fortunately, God will sustain and encourage people like Pat. 1 Cor. 4:1-5

Name: Thomas Jefferson
Referred by: I have my methods!
From: Parts Unknown
Time: 1997-02-23 11:17:00
Comments: Thomas Jefferson wrote of Pat Boone: "indeed, his vocal character matched with the strains of the lyre remind one of an otter caught neath the wheel of a speeding carriage..." And, "there was grumbling and rumors, primarily amongst the southern colonies, that Pat has taken to the ways of sorcery and song-making with verse to glorify the dark side... but this buffoonery was merely satire and I, standing alone midst the scorn of my peers, commended his efforts to direct the populace from their tight-ass ignorance as to the liberating power of a joke." --Jefferson 1784.

Name: Doug Sehorne
Referred by: I have my methods!
From: Oakland, MD
Time: 1997-02-23 05:19:00
Comments: Pat is revealing on the outside what has always been on the outside. God warns of false prophets in the last days. While we are trying to save our young people from the world's music (Rom. 12:1). Pat, under the guise of Christianity is promoting it. He is sick, sinful, wicked, lost, and a poor example for our youth. Matt. 7:21. God says his people will be holy and righteous. A Real Born Again Christian would never wear the ridiculous, half-naked outfit that he wore to the American Music Awards. From the preceding comments, we have a sick world out there of folks who think they are Christians, but who have been deceived by the world, the devil, and the flesh. May God have mercy on them all and show them the light that will bring them to the Jesus of the Bible, who is called Holy and True.

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Unfortunately, since this is an un-official website, I don't have any means of forwarding your comments to Pat directly. I have emailed his record company about this site and the fact that he has so many loyal fans who have voiced their support here, so hopefully word of this site will filter back to Pat and he will see all your messages. If anyone out there has any other ideas about how to get Pat's attention, please e-mail me.

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