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Spiritual growth and healing on your spiritual journey!
for plant & tree enthusiasts,The website of Arthur Lee Jacobson
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I am a model in a book by author Trina Robins
Vipassana Meditation

(c)1998 polaroid by John McElhatton.

I first started working on my homepage on May 21 1997, and it occasionally is updated, along with my links; so VISIT or bookmark this site often to view the progression of changes!! If there is anyone else in cyberspace that would aid in improving my homepage, it would be greatly appreciated. You can email me, the webmaster.

I finally got over my hang-up using MSFrontpage, but as soon as this whole website got its new make-over, a nasty virus struck the computer I was working on, so the page you are viewing now is a revamped version of my FIRST on-line page! I used MS Image Composer with the photos on the bellydancing page, which also has some mpgs to check out. After the arrival of Jothi, my most wise investment was the Kodak DC215 digital still camera, and my upgrade to MS PictureIt! 2000, which enabled me to make slide shows easily, and to make that animated om gif that you see at the bottom of this page.

Dedicated to PEACE RESEARCH: I came across a website with a table of the various words used for "peace" in different languages. If anyone has any words in another language's writing (i.e. arabic or Malayalam) , please send me a gif or jpg file of the word for peace, and I will attempt to include it in the table; Thank you in advance for your contribution to this on-going "peace" research project, since 1997.

-Om Shantih Peace Pace Shalom Salaam La Paz Paix Frieden Anyeong Barish He Ping Pax Hei-an Mier Nagaa Vrede Pake
-languages for the word peace above in order were: Sanskrit, English, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Turkish, Chinese, Latin, Japanese, Slovak, Afaan Oromoo, Afrikaans, and Albanian.

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For our friends and perceived foes (we are all ONE), May you eternally experience LOVE & BLISS DIVINE.

Namaste / Vannakkam

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