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Nat's Homepage!
This page was last updated on 8 Feb 2001.
Hi! I'm Natalia.
Glad you could come visit my page. Drop me an email, tell me your thoughts.
My Profession -I'm crazy about kids, so I've chosen the best profession in the world -                               TEACHING.

                             That's right, I work in a kindergarten and it's not as crazy as it sounds.
                             In fact, the kids are a real joy to work with...... they really light up
                               my day!

                             Kids I can deal with, it's the temperamental adults that drive
                              me crazy!
I love to travel especially to go diving and to play golf. I've been diving to the Red Sea, Barrier Reef, Indonesia, Philippines...... all wonderful spots with great things to observe. I love music, photography and the sea.

is a real challenge...... or should I say frustration? But it's also an addiction which I can't give up!

I'm game to try almost anything........ tried
tandem parachuting and hang gliding and it's totally out of this world. Would advise you to try it if you ever get the chance!
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Part of my family! Aren't the kids gorgeous? More pictures?
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