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The Manifest Universal Declaration of Independence from Gender Tyranny and
The Manifest Universal Declaration of Gender Interdependence in Balance for Good Government

A Declaration of Fulfillment of previous Declarations, including the US Declaration of independence of 1776, the US Declaration of Sentiments of 1848, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1946, as well as the wise gender clauses of Law and Constitutions of many countries, especially the French 'Gender Parite' Manifesto and Law, the Constitutions of Nordic Nations, the Constitution of South Africa, and other Gender Representation Clauses of many nations' Documents, Laws and Constitutions, with words derived and/or inspired by all these documents, sometimes referred to explicitly herein to indicate that much of this has been derived from previous steps and leaps forward, known by humanity and developing in the collective human spirit over years, to bring a culmination and spiritual evolution in consciousness. It includes gender-related definitions and sections relevant to all local, regional and national governments, and special sections relevant to international organizations, such the 'European Union', the InterParliamentary Union and the 'United Nations' and others

I. The Declaration.
This section explains and includes a standard and universal definition of true and representative human government consistent with the natural balance of the two genders.
II. Background on Communication, Technology, Human Progress, Gender and Why Now?
III. As a Culmination Among Other Leaps Forward
IV. Regarding Gender Balance and a True United Nations
V. Naturally Universal Gender Balance Unites Our Shared World

I. The Declaration
This section explains and includes a standard and universal definition of true and representative human government consistent with the natural balance of the two genders.

When in the Course of Human Events, it becomes necessary for all Men and Women, the males and females who comprise both portions of the Family of Humankind, to spiritually evolve and uplift the Political Bonds which have connected them with each other, in order to assume among and throughout the Powers of the Earth the Mutual and Equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and Nature's God entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of Humankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the Transformation:

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Human Beings, male and female, are created politically and spiritually equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, which because it is related to Harmony, is by definition a condition both Individual and Social; That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among People, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form or Practice of Government becomes or is understood to be Destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to, as the visionary 1848 Declaration states, "refuse allegiance to" its definition, to redefine and thereby alter it, and to institute new Government, laying its functional and spiritual Principles and reorganizing it in such Form as to them shall seem most likely to Effect their Safety, Liberty, Happiness, and Harmony.

We do so institute, lay in Principle, define and reorganize here, not rebelliously, but loyally and gently, not in one national Part but in many and all nations and as global humanity Whole, and not disrespectfully but lovingly, sure of a powerful Blessing for everyone, even those among us who once exclusively officialled the Form and Practice we hereby definitionally redefine, globally and universally.

Human Life is created, nurtured, protected, provided for and sustained from generation to generation with united spirit, by the Presence of two Genders, Female and Male. Thus, Natural Human Life itself relies upon sustaining the Rights - Safety, Liberty, Happiness and Harmony of both the Genders of Human Nature, and All Human Beings, Male and Female. This is true for individuals of every Race, Tribe and Nation.

But these rights have not been achieved under current Practice of 'government', which often have never yet achieved even its stated or intended Form due to excision of and/or subsequent inattention to Gender. Monogender-self-proclaimed, mostly monogender-practiced 'governments', have in fact been unrepresentative officialdoms, sometimes originating in idealism or not, but certainly originating in the human urge to protect, an important and natural intention. But, once the female gender has been removed as a result of overgeneralized misogynist or protective concepts, these mostly monogenderments have tended to inevitably betray kinder and even protective ideals to become systems of human domination which are erroneously and unspiritually deemed "necessary", even though producing unsatisfactory, costly and counterproductive results, which go against every major world spiritual ethical tradition.

Such officialdoms do not in fact even represent their one gender. That is because they are composed of too few of the many men who fully both love and respect women, men who value and seek out the nurturing and kind talents which are predisposed in women due to natural and hormonal factors. Once the female gender has been excluded by law or kept at a limited and coopted token level because of de-facto and residual discriminations, these officialdoms inevitably degenerate periodically and cumulatively towards being officialed primarily by the more competitively dominating men, who may be replaced, escaped from, ministered to, organized into competing parties or overthrown by mostly monogender reformers or revolutionaries who intend to do better, but who nevertheless repeat the cycles of imbalance if the next government again excludes or limits one gender too far beneath its number in nature.

Forms of government that originated in the use of gender exclusion and discrimination as a way of protecting, by dividing men from women, inevitably result in dividing men from each other by inducing undemocratic hierarchy as mindless authoritarianism or corrupt power-brokering, exploitation and/or competitive nationalisms or regionalisms, and spiritually misleading both themselves and the world's people as a whole. In this pattern, governments here and there have become periodically and/or cumulatively more tyrannous, enslaving, exploitative, preoccupied with costly weaponry for defense or offense, presumptive of their own divinity over other human souls, sometimes threatening, terrorizing, imperially callous and alienated, and corrupted away from the as yet unrealized, True Power of Good Will toward All, Peace on Earth and Whole Spirit in Nature. Wherever we live on earth, we all remember the countless instances of one group of such official men or another "leading" progress based in exploitation, or "leading" aggression or defensively expensively preparing against such interference with the Safety and Happiness of some People, in and/or outside of its national borders, and even All Humanity. But the safeguarding and Loving and Prospering of All Humanity at once, has eluded these mainly monogender, gender-imbalanced officialdoms.

At this moment, the threats to Nature and All Humanity, including themselves, posed by predominantly monogender officialdoms, which most often give office to males most dominant or willing to serve those males who are most dominating, has become Extreme, Multinational, International, and Global. As the planet becomes more interconnected, and technology does more easily what used to take physical strength and legions of force, domination to protect territory becomes less functional and more counterproductive and threatening itself. Today, the threat of domination is apparent in weapons of mass destruction, national or regional competitions that bring forth misuse of science in technological over-applications that can disrupt Nature for Millennia and threaten human rights, and terror as a reaction to empire.

Yet, the threat, so visibly global, also has brought into fully global view the natural antidote, which lies in facing the paradox that men alone, even the most dominant males or those males who would reform them, cannot protect anyone including themselves once they have for too long and wide disincluded the natural intelligent balance of gender in human decision-making. Therefore, We, the People, All the Women and Men of the Earth, do hereby declare the end of the era of dominant monogender officialdom pretending to be government, and the beginning of the era of Gender and Humanly Representative and Balanced Government in and for every nation, region, continent and the world community, with equality of representation and Empowerment for All.

We here declare that the men and women of the world are equally important and equally necessary to each other and to the World for political participation, civil liberty and presence in public decision-making and office, by virtue of their endowed complexly Symmetrical and Overlapping Humanity yet Mutually Complementary Gender differences in Human Nature, which is a part of Nature and Nature's God. In every race, region and nation, this nature is of inherent humanity, made up of one or the others of two genders, both of which require equal present participation in decisions of national, multi-national and international self-governance, as well as locally.

We, therefore recognize and define, as True and Legitimate local, state, party, national, multinational, (this may be extended in many cases as applicable to corporate) or international Government only those offices where the Genders' presence in office is representative and/or lawfully and intentionally becoming representative of Nature, and purposely formed and instituted to reflect Natural Spiritual and Political Equality at or approaching 50-50. This is defined as at least near or above 37.5% as the minimum for each gender; which is derived from 75% of each gender in the naturally occurring approximate 50-50 of gender in humanity which is needed for life's balance of partnership and exists in earth populations virtually everywhere). Gender representation that is more imbalanced than this, we hereby declare, is not yet true and fully human enough to be called or defined as government. In addition, the full 50-50 is achievable and possible in a reliable way, and several nations have set up mechanisms to achieve results at or very near to this ideal, which we believe will bring the greatest Blessing to Humanity.

Because Human Nature and Human Government reflect the same endowed Natural principles of equilibrium and balance which occur throughout the Earth and Universe, we of every land shall regard and refer to countries and regional or international decision-making systems that have not evolved and reached this natural minimum level of balance, as dicriminations and dominations, as dominant monogender-forced or devolved officialdoms but not yet governments, as dominant-maledominatements or pregovernments, but not yet governments; as dominant-maledelegations or predelegations, but not yet delegations, as dominant-maleunions or preunions but not as regional alliances or unions, and as dominations, dominant-maleunited, or preunited mononations but not yet United Nations, because their political organization and operation have never represented and do not yet represent all the people they were respectively instituted to serve, and because at some stage in their history, whether by chivalrous code or overt misogyny or some combination of both, they disincluded the mental decision-making intelligence of the female gender by physical force. Now, we, male and female, believe and declare, they will mature to a higher state of true government, by consciousness, the mental force or spiritual power of the human mind and heart in all men and women, reconnecting with itself, around our world.

The abovementioned premature and primitive physical force and its habits of thinking alienated such form and practice of official decision-making from its whole and better nature and course, its best path of ethical-spiritual evolution, its combined talent and intelligence, and whole potential. Such monogender or mostly monogender 'governments' shall be referred to as currently un-governments or currently veered-off-course or spiritually unnatural governments. They are based in domination and discrimination rather than representation, and have awaited humanity's shared connection in literacy, and more advanced communicating ability as a whole, to take the spiritually evolutionary step we hereby declare.

The terms used to define these monogenderments are definitional and not primarily perjorative or disparaging of current or future potential As France, the Nordic nations and many other nations have shown, a country can move from gender monoarchy, tokenism, malegovernment and male-dominated officialdom to become a real nation and true representative and human balanced government for both genders very rapidly. It can pass legislation setting up the procedure for a scheduled election, a special convention and/or election and/or interim "baton passing" and reappointment pending gender balanced confirmation or general election, to do so almost overnight. A leap to a structured higher progress is not new: for example, many less developed nations can move simultaneously and quickly and leapfrog to safer or better forms of industrial technology just as quickly as more developed nations, which may need to retool after taking a premature course. Change is not always gradual, and can occur in a chosen quantum leap of insight, often called the "ah-hah" phenomenon, when the whole group sees clearly the advantages of adopting a new method. This, too is a natural step for human cognition and progress.

In fact, many nations, literate and spiritually evolved fully enough to see both the problem and opportunity, have already taken this quantum step, and have had political, Constitutional gender balance provisions for some time. The Constitution of Finland states as an active and affirmative value: "Equality of the sexes is promoted", the Constitution of Sweden undertakes to "bring about equality between men and women". The South African Constitution sets forth a Commission to actively "promote the respect for gender equality...and the attainment of gender equality." There are many more examples in the laws of Nordic and other nations, now joined by Gender Parite in France, which sets up the reliable mechanism for 50-50. The idea of a gender balance provision for equality in the Constitutions of every nation is an idea whose time has come, and it is becoming clear that nations that do not include such provisions in their Constitutions are now behind their times, and their Constitutions are already anachronisms, devoid of attention to one of the central and most impactful aspects of natural humanity, in every land - Gender.

Furthermore, we declare that election procedures must also be defined by a fully human standard of equilibrium and balance of natural Gender, as well. Therefore, party and/or candidate list offerings will be expected to reach an approximately 50-50 balance of Gender. Elections, candidate lists and political party offerings that do not meet this standard shall not be called election or elections procedures, but shall be referred to as malelections, maleparties, and maleballots, and election procedures that offer or produce a result that is not balanced by gender and is primarily of one gender shall be called unelections, not elections.

In addition, wherever on earth they have occurred, aspects of true and human democracy that were denied or removed by ungovernments and malegovernments and thus, without the explicit and democratic consent of all the governed are restored, and their removal hereby declared illegitimate, and neither male nor female in any land need give further allegiance to any section of any maleconstitution that denies the basic human right of one person, one vote, and the human right of natural gender balance in representation. Mechanisms that deny one person, one vote, that remove the rights of referendum or initiative, and equal, fair access to publically licensed media, or that elevate a monogender or mostly monogender group of dominant males to dominate, even in the decision to amend, in the decision-making of a land or region, wherever in the world they exist, were set in place by malegovernment officialdoms, not true and fully human government. Male or Female officeholders who were duped or induced to swear allegiance to maleconstitutions or unconstitions of the past are hereby relieved of enforcing any oath or aspect of such oath that implies, causes or forces a denial of gender balanced human government, or denial of the human right of one person, one vote at any stage of political process from listing and funding of candidates in primaries to general elections.

Under monogenderist officialdoms, the earth has seen much diviseness and discord, and has not yet experienced Harmony. We declare that racial, tribal and ethnic divisiveness, and even sectarian and political party antagonism and/or domination within a country or nation, or within the world's officialdom and the people they affect and rule, grows directly, in part, out of conditions of globally pervasive or pernicious gender imbalance. It is likely that the races, ethnicities and tribes of humanity emerged as genetic and cultural heritance pools that grew out of territorial migrations and divisions among previously united extended families and relatives, somewhere in the past, that became reified and associated with division, dominance and exploitation due to both geographical distance and dominant-male-dominance patterns, and the reactions to them. Differences in sects, creeds and even political parties, were often associated with the same patterns. In any case, the intensity of divisive antagonisms and oppressions between and among groups is a reflection of the reality that unrepresentative gender imbalance has persisted for so long.

Hierarchy and disinclusion by gender promotes sustained territorialism, hierarchies of race, tribe, sect and ethnicity that underpinned dominance/oppression, and historical cruelty patterns, hateful, unloving and unspiritual attitudes, and economic gaps and exploitations both within nations and between and among nations. Gender balance in governments is a necessary prerequisite for harmonious relations among races, tribes and/or sects including within nation, multi-nation and in global appreciation and understanding. Gender balance in political office will assist the collective global willingness to apologize for, understand and forgive numerous instances of genocide and/or sustained cruelty, exploitation, and human indifference to trauma, within, between, and among races, tribes, sects, countries or regional patterns of oppression or exploitation of gender. Gender balance will allow humanity to both de-intensify and yet celebrate and be moved by different heritages, struggles, adventures and experiences. It will, as a positive compensation, let all humanity reap from and be fulfilled by the nevertheless considerable scientific progress and other achievements of the past period that occurred even despite these difficulties, sometimes emerging in a context of being stimulated by dominance and territorialism, although often applied at a yet immature, territorially-based and thus globally adolescent level compared to what is becoming known possible now, especially since both women and men are receiving higher education. Gender balance will allow the whole of humanity to appreciate, and reap what was so dearly, unevenly and so often unnecessarily, sacrificed for under monogenderism.

Some racially, tribally or ethnically oppressed (previously enslaved, colonized or discriminated-against) males have been particularly disdainful of, exploitative or violent towards the rights and education of women, and children, of even their own races and nations, in part because the women and children became "propertyized" scapegoats for the males' own often repeated, cruel and severe oppression by dominant males of other races, tribes or ethnicities. This has in turn, affected child-raising, and many children, of all races and particularly oppressed races and ethnicities, have been raised in settings in which the childhood and intergenerational emotional underpinnings of whole self-esteem, family stability, social bonding, loving concern for others both within and outside of one's immediate group, mutuality and self-expression, have been affected for both boys and girls, in the form of higher crime or intergroup violence, or extreme authoritarian, hostile or exploitive patterns in families or beyond, accompanied by female submission and victimization rates, especially in areas of economic oppression related to these groups. But these problems will be healed with gender balance.

Indeed, once oppressed and victimized races, tribes and cultures have demonstrated the resilient human ability to bring forth extremely gifted men and women, especially skilled in reconcilitation, compassion and the will to overcome, into public life and service, that in a gender balanced context, can more quickly restore the family and social fabric of mutuality and pro-social environment for both genders of any race and all races, tribes or ethnicities in a region or society. Racial, ethnic or sectarian majorities or groupings that acted as oppressors or exploiters under the rules of dominant male pregovernments will be more inclined to perceive fruitful advantages from respect, inclusion and affirmative action as necessary ethical nurturance rather than as a pointless drain or competition, in gender balanced governments, and will likely, themselves benefit enormously from the increased productive creativity, decreased social costs and spiritual fulfillment that derive from group diversity in gender balanced decision-making, within nations, regions and a world that can truly enjoy wholeness.

Gender balanced governments, locally, regionally and nationally are the necessary setting in which to redress the combination of gender, ethnic, sectarian and racial, and in some cases, party dominations/victimizations affecting identifiable group representation in office. Unlike the nature of 50-50 in gender which is in every region and land, the presence and salience of races, tribes, sects, ethnicities and even parties varies greatly from land to land. The racial, ethnic and sectarian composition of a population, local, regional, and national may be affected by past child-bearing and child-raising patterns related to the oppression and subjugation of women, as well as racial, sectarian or ethnic intermarriage and forced, necessitated and/or voluntary migration patterns, so the presence of races, sects and ethnicities will vary.

But gender balanced governments, from local to multinational and global, bear an affirmative obligation to become quickly and reliably racially, tribally and ethnically reparative, by addressing birth, literacy and longevity rates associated with race, tribe or sect and poverty and stress, so that every child of all races born can expect quality and longevity of life, and to redress social and economic inequities developed under dominant-male oppressions of the past based on race, sect or other group membership or heritance, which devalued or undervalued labor based on both gender and race. Gender balanced government has an obligation to lead regions, nations, and world toward the economic and peaceful justice for every man, woman and child, and especially to quickly eliminate illiteracy, lack of education, poverty, and violence, often associated with oppression and self-perpetuating patterns of victimization based on race, tribe, sect or ethnicity under dominant male officialdoms. Officialdoms that do not have or promote a coherent and inclusive plan to apologize for, repair, reconcile and forgive the injuries based on race, sect, tribal status or ethnicity that arose under the pre-government period of dominant male officialdoms, should be called residually racist, dominating or divided officialdoms, and residual pregovernments, but not ethical governments.

Because each individual is politically and spiritually equal, nations, regions and the world as a whole, should strive toward generally common human birth, literacy, health, representation and longevity rates of all persons regardless not only of gender, but also regardless of race, nation, ethnic, tribal and other group status. Under usual circumstances, where a nation is composed of identifiable and salient racial, ethnic, sect or caste groups, a gender balanced representational 75% of each of such groups' percentage presence in the given national population should be monitored, where possible, as a definitional feedback or minimal standard of achieving political equality or representation. For example, an identifiable racial, tribal or sectarian group of 10% of the national or local population should usually be able to identify its gender balanced presence in assemblies and ticket offerings and other official positions, of at least 7.5%, or, should be able to claim rightfully that the current officialdom cannot call itself minimally representative government; however, because some countries are based upon or include endangered, persecuted, or indigenous peoples, tribes or groups that have been the victims of major genocides in their own or other lands, and may have had differing rates or qualities of population recovery and/or interrmarriage with other peoples for complex reasons, racial, ethnic and tribal representation is a more complex, and in some special cases, unusual and often international matter than the universal and stable percentages of gender representation that exists everywhere. Resolving racial, ethnic, sectarian and tribal issues within or among nations especially requires gender balance, a natural conflict resolver, empathic conscience, more complete memory and future-hope reconciler, and ethical sensitizer, within and among all political parties, countries, regional authorities, nations and multinational, international or global bodies addressing the matter, as a background and prerequisite to decisions pertaining to race, ethnicity or tribe within a nation or region, and even the world as a whole.

Gender balance in representation in the multiethnic, multitribal and multinational and global contexts will lead to regional peacemaking, with both respect for protective territory as well as the possibilities of gradual reintegration, intercooperation and reunion, calling upon local and global gender balanced taskforces skilled in aspects of planning physical and emotional recovery periods, and ongoing protections that will be respectful and considerate of but also go beyond national boundaries. Gender balanced government will innovate more gender balanced good will intercultural/religious exchange and cooperation, mutual transformation areas and programs, and formal apology and assistance to racial, tribal and ethnic populations that were endangered or compromised under the violent, frightening and stressful days of monogender rule of the world and any of its countries or regions. Monogender or mostly monogender officialdoms will not be able to succeed at this task.

A fully gender balanced combination of representative local, national and international and global government in every land, nation, region and the world, is necessary to sensitively assure the optimal combination of respected and protected safe sanctuary/homeland states and areas, as well as easing of political and cultural relations and restoration of tolerance and sharing amidst gender-balanced diversity throughout regions and in all nations. In this gender balanced process, the sense of human continuity in both mingling and preservation of heritage and experience will not be lost, but preserved by politically and spiritually equal women and men everywhere who know that to be human means to respect each gender politically and spiritually, in other groups as much as their own, for each clearly distinct and identifiable group and region as a valuable part or facet of the whole of the Human Family.

However, it is believed that in gender balanced governments, and in any case, because most societies have significant rates of racial, tribal, sectarian and ethic intermarriage (sometimes actually remarriage among branches of peoples that were already united in an much earlier day), racial, sectarian and ethnic differences will, over time, become far less tensely important than it is currently in this moment of as yet unrealized human recovery from the dominant male-domination historical period. Unlike the hormonal factors and brain physiological factors that affect decision-making in groups by gender across all races and ethnicities, race or tribe itself has not been shown to have as clear mental dimension in group decision-making beyond the diverse richness of wholeness and inclusion. Nature has arranged it so that only a difference of gender is necessary for continuity of life. Race, tribe, sect, ethnicity and other demarcations as a line of required division or rationale for domination of humanity came as an outgrowth of gender polarization, dominant-male overemphasis on hierarchy, and the lack of gender balance in the ethics of decision-making. Under gender balanced government, the divisions of the groups of humanity will be sources of shared mutual appreciation, delight, and positive cultural, artistic and spiritual interest, not alienation, oppression, and antagonism. In a gender balanced future, no person, male or female, would need to fear travel to any land, and would expect welcome and respect in every land. Gender balance in the government of every nation is the first step toward a friendly world.

We declare that only with a natural, approximately 50-50 standard of gender balance in every government can the races and ethnicities, and the regions, nations and people of the globe work together to find the honest win-win reconciliations, empathy, forgiveness, conflict resolutions, depth of universal spirituality, and globally-assisted responsible reparations amidst increased worldwide creative productivity, that will grow more easily in a gender-balanced and telecommunicating global context.

Finally, the ultimate division and domination experienced by humanity under monogenderist and mostly monogenderist government was a cultural, social and psychological alienatation from a shared and common Human Nature, and the matter and process of Nature itself. Scientific exploration and discovery was too often rejected in an dominant-male authoritarian misunderstanding of faith, or misused in a mode and mindset to perpetuate domination of own group or territory, and so instead of reliably benefitting human and natural welfare, too often was misunderstood or misapplied to hurt or damage much of human life and the web of life. As science learns more, the benefits or dangers of its use or misuse also multiply, and gender imbalance in decision-making threatens the ultimate domination and destruction of humanity upon itself and the Nature that sustains Humanity, while gender balance in decision-making offers enormous, perhaps unlimited potential in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and Harmony.

All the people, female and male, of the world contributed their genes, their energy, their communication, their ideas, their inspiring love and spirit to the life of each generation and future generations, here and there and everywhere on Earth. Now, in the age of the global internet that connects all, that conveys ancient and new information about preventive and curative diet and medicine, now, as the human genome project offers more information amidst still emerging insights of archeology and psychology, Now, as we consider increased information about human and all life's interactive combination of genetics and ecology - the interwoven complex matter and process of life; now, as we are harnessing the energy of the sun directly, concerned about stewarding a shared ocean of the moon's tides, Now, at the moment when we are discovering possible remnants of life on other planets and the beckoning possiblity that it exists or can exist throughout the Universe, Now is the time for human government to reflect the best and most ethically responsible as well as capable mind, the intelligence and spiritual totality afforded by the Whole of Human Nature.

It is time to stop making the old and dangerous mistakes; we simply cannot afford them on the global scale. The doors of shared stewardship rather than domination are opening. But Humanity cannot enter without gender balance in government, reflecting an ongoingly self-educating, uplifting and maturing, optimally decision-making humanity grateful for all its endowed intelligence, capability and sensitivity, shared between mutually complementary genders.

Gender balance in government requires, relies and assumes mutual concern of both women and men. It does not develop or encourage unrealizable male-pattern domination fantasies or resentful alienations and resignation to victimhood of a new monogenderism among the female gender. It does not perpetuate or normalize an anachronistic childish, ignorant or frightened attitude on the part of women. It does not leave the world deluded and endangered within the currently common overprotective yet inevitably exploitive attitude of the most dominant men and those who perpetuate their domination that has, until now, passed for government, in so many places. It requires effort and welcome by and on behalf of both genders. But it benefits them all and all their children, for untold generations to come. It has clearly benefitted the lands where it already exists, is being achieved and sought officially in many others and so Now, it is being declared the spiritually evolved and mature endowed Right and future of All.

Only with full gender balance in every government will there be inherently human gender, racial and ethnic self-esteem equal to all, a full understanding and forgiveness of past sins and wounds, a healing, healed and healthy, prosperous, spiritually united, scientifically ethical, terror and war-free future for both genders, all races, ethnicities, nations and regions, and a Whole World able to function and receive the abundant Wisdom and Blessings that will come and unfold naturally. This will be accompanied by quantum leap of human creativity and responsible use of genius science and ethical use of information and technology, that goes with becoming a more relationally attuned, ethical, educated and transcendentally Whole Humanity, with shared human rights and mutual concern. Each person, male and female, in every place, and Humanity as a Whole has an endowed Universal Right to realize this potential and fulfill this Blessing.

Whatever the maturity of officialdoms' awareness, the world has always had gender balance in its activity, wisdom and Loving and Transcendental Mind and Very Existence. That has already been known throughout and beyond time, in its Rule and Blessing by, in words derived from and inspired by the 1776 Declaration of Independence, the Supreme Justice, and Beneficent One who pardons our past errors again and again, this One that continually assists us All to spiritually ascend here and there, then and now, and now, together, to Uplift and Evolve to recognize ourselves and each other as the individually humble but collectively mutually empowering, naturally long-lived and peaceful Brothers and Sisters of the Earth, a small planet in a vast and eternal Universe that is ours to Share.

This is the Declaration of an end to monogenderism that has caused global Tyranny and Error, and the Declaration of Spiritually Evolved and Transcendent Whole Interdependence in Self-Governance, Mindful and Appreciative of Gender.

What exactly has prompted women and men from all walks of life and all nations and regions of the Earth, to join forces in declaring a standard of gender balance as a prerequisite and defining condition for real and justly powered human government?

II. Background on Communication, Technology, Human Progress, Gender and Why Now?

Human mutual concern, service, and good will to All, past and present, and future starting now, is what we all have in common, whether we are male or female. We are launching this global call and definition for equality of opportunity, presence and rights for men and women in an uncertain world, yet a world we believe is quite capable of discovering its own inherent and endowed blessings, at the dawn of a new millennium.

All people in every nation have had, to varying degrees, to deal with corruption of politics, which accompanies the inability of many national political systems to accept women at their real worth. The yawning chasm between the stated principles and actual behavior of much of the world's political officialdom has been evidenced in many ways, from condescending indifference and contempt to outright hostility. The mostly dominant-male political officialdoms of too many countries have not yet come to terms with women sharing political power with all men in equality, in the decision-making of many countries, regions and the international community; that is, until now. Now, secure in our declaration and optimistic good will, we believe that even such dominant male officialdom will quickly come to understand the change to natural and ethical gender parity and mutuality in office, is a spiritually evolved and mentally empowering and protective opportunity and Blessing; and a mutually concerned natural higher awareness and benefit. The equal presence of women in office of representative government is not a threat to the power of men, not even to dominant men, but a quantum enhancement of it.

Human philosophy and technology as boons to the human experience are a joint product of inherent, and personally and socially nurtured human talent, in a spirit of social interest. If one looks carefully into the past and present, one finds that many of our greatest leaps in philosophy, science and technology have occurred among individuals and communities in which not one gender, but both gender's presence and vision was integrated into and/or inspirationally integral to the work. Technology itself is a gift to humans when emerging from and accompanied by that social muse that impels us toward recognizing a living and interacting Unity among individuals, who are All inherently politically and spiritually equally endowed.

Now that, in many and potentially most or all nations, equal numbers of the genders are literate or easily capable of literacy, and/or use or capable of using modern telecommunication; and now that equal numbers of the Genders are present on the world wide Internet, it is fitting and inevitable, to announce here in gender-balanced global cyberspace, that the past eras of within-nation revolution, even the day of between nation or regional empire or alliance, made and communicated by mostly men only, has already entered a more Whole and inclusive Global era of human ethical and spiritual mutual influence, change and Transformation, based on naturally understandable standards and mentally evolved principles that involve both genders.

Nature gives humanity approximately 50-50 in Gender: about half of humanity is Female and about half Male. Each child born will be one or the other. While Men and Women were always present with each other in balance to share some of the most important and intimate aspects of life, as early human society began to travel and spread across large and then larger distances of parts of the Earth, certain role and labor divisions according to Gender were once necessitated by the lack of labor saving and conceptual communication technology. This kept the genders intellectually separated and apart from each other in more technologically primitive and partially informed days.

But, with increasing technology came coeducation, co-literacy and coinformation, explicit and manifest. All evidence has shown that the Genders are equally intelligent, although with some trends of symmetrical but complementary, overlapping difference, if the genders operate as entwined parts of a whole, in styles of processing information. Individuals not only exhibit individual difference, but brain and intelligence studies, and abundant human experience, has shown differences in focus based on hormonal factors and brain and bodily Natures.

Now conveniently assisted to explore ideas and opinions and read and hear information easily shared via technology, more and more members of the two genders come together globally and encounter each other daily on the World Wide Web and Internet. Like a global Round Table that already includes equal numbers of both genders, humanity now has a thought-sharing technology that has reunited the genders cognitively via the Internet "global brain", in approximate numbers of 50-50 as those of nature, and allows daily more of them to communicate with each other openly and without structural impediment or intimidation.

Therefore, it is time for all humanity to entitle itself to a maturity in government that reflects both the numerical wisdom of nature and the technological and now increasingly fully global communication maturity of the Internet. 50-50 of gender in thought and decision-making will allow a maturing of human planning and law-making genius, via both symmetry and gender complementarity in government, to fully benefit each and every generation, and the harmonious, individually and mutually empowering longevity and quality of life. Since 50-50 is the approximate naturally expected reflection of male-female in self-government, if a standard of gender representation of 75% of each gender, thus office-holding of 37.5% for either gender is not met, the country's regional, multinational or international) officialdom is not yet a true and mature human self-government. But if such minimum of 75% of each gender, thus at least 37.5% of offices are held by female and at least 37.5% by male standard, and the country achieves mechanisms of democracy that explicitly seek and expect nearly natural 50-50 in gender balance, then the country is indeed mature and representative government, and its officeholders do represent the people, with Human True Government.

At some point in our gender-shared human history, and primitive times before the evolution of truly mentally evolved human government that is now evolving, intelligent but more aggressively dominating males of our species took it upon themselves, and alternately forced, were allowed by and/or even relied upon by slightly less aggressive males and women, to maintain tribal or national divisions across partial distances of earth, that is the territorial integrity needed to preserve and protect populations' sustainment and growth under conditions of immature technology, by domination - threat and intimidation. A preference for protective, but also competitive and still generally autocratic domination by male enforcers - might - became the rule for rulers, and its techniques of exclusive hierarchy, seemed at least then, to have evolutionary value, to meet the rigors of harsh pre-and-earily scientific, pre-and-early technological, and pre-telecommunicating conditions of availability to a critical gray matter mass of human intelligence and spirit.

These harsh and therefore highly territorial conditions, perhaps a deevolution from an original 'paradise' somewhere in 'memory' or back-to-the-future hard-wired archetypal imagination, were imposed by weather, topography and distance, and humanity's own less mature spiritual understanding of the world, which often relied upon exploiting people, unassisted by any machinery, to get work done. Often, then, male brute force maintained by hierarchy, was used to force others to work that would today be done by technology, and male force became associated with the power to get tasks done in order to survive and prosper.

It was this very primitivity, separated by conditions of distance beyond easy communication of women and men alike, that also made an awareness of one's own region as part of an always naturally interconnected planet and cosmos more difficult. Physical threat of male against less brutal males and against female was likely more commonplace than even now, and under the rigors of the harsh, territorially limited and patrolled lands, seemed more necessary and natural, at least to those who could administer the threat and force.

With the social premium on male might of these immature eras and millennia, females began to be habitually excluded from and separated away from group decision-making, perhaps initially by the most dominant males, and eventually with the compliance, willing or unwilling, of males lower in the might-based pecking order. Eventually, many females habituated to this reality without question, and adjusted to it. The pattern, which fit the territorial times, was set, and passed from generation to generation through cultural mechanisms more or less intense according to factors of climate, resource availability, size of territory, and so on.

The primitive conditions promoted aggressive territoriality and compartmentalized focus in group decision-making, talents at which the dominant male body and brain are slightly better constructed than the female, and less dominant male, who though perhaps better able to value the spiritual and archetypal big-picture earlier than dominant males, could not make these spiritual values fully and lastingly manifest within a then more territorial and technologically primitive earth.

Patriarchy, autocracy, pecking order hierarchy and aggressive nationalistic focus "patria-tism" for one's own tribe, region, territory or country, as better or more important than others, ruled our planet, and most human beings gave more support, enablement and allegiance to these regional values and strategies than to global good will and political and spiritual equality. Religion, the worship of Nature and Nature's God for the entire Universe, even beyond any known land or territory, not yet aided by or integrated with mature scientific and ecological knowledge, provided an exception to these values, but its impact was circumscribed and often coopted by the political and physical territory and resource realities.

At these early times, slightly less dominating but fully intelligent capable men and women, even sometimes the spiritually wisest, kindest and most logically, scientifically, and technologically universal, visionary and innovative, were frequently deprived of equal political status by dominating males, whose slightly more compartmentalized brains and/or more aggressive bodies were better suited to these past primitive conditions. Because change in more primitive times relied more upon force and threat than swift communication of insight and influence, it became the human political pattern and habit to prohibit or impede the full political participation of women and less domination-prone, more egalitarian, less conventionally compartmentalizing men. Until the recent times, too, women died more frequently in childbirth, populations had higher death rates than birth rates particularly due to childhood and communicable disease, and the pressure to keep childbearing and young child-raising women "safe" at home was overgeneralized to women's entire life-cycle, as a pattern or habit. Even mature women whose chidren were grown were not allowed to hold public office. The loss of their intelligent direct input into the course of human events is incalculable.

Dominant male rulers, routinely self-appointed decision-makers, relied on aggressive men to gather and share information about distant areas of territories, which could increase in size via colonies or empires that could report, slowly and expensively, to the emperors or sovereign autocracies, but never could be quickly globally communicated with by all the people. Literally, common men and women could not communicate across these distances as equals. The information of empires was gathered and processed through a dominant male lens, and not surprisingly, significant amounts of information about human talent and creativity, and modes of nurturing it, were lost.

However, in the last half of the twentieth century, a gradual change in this pattern, which had always been present, began to accelerate. Connected by electricity, telephone, radio, and labor saving technology, in the 1940's and 1950's women began, in large numbers, to have the time to devote their talents not only in the home, but also outside it, for the benefit of the larger society as well. More and more men and boys could have enough time to spend with women and girls to experience first hand that the genders were both quite intelligent, and capable of complex ideas and thinking which they were increasingly able to share and express. Over the period of the 1960's through the present, most men came to welcome this change, rediscovering women as valuable mental partners not only in the always important domestic sphere, but in the understanding of larger society as well.

Today, no matter where on earth, many-becoming-most, men, women and children can benefit from and learn about goods and services made anywhere in the world, and communicate with someone a hemisphere away in an instant by often satellite-assisted telecommunication. The computer and internet have exponentially increased the power of the "pen", both on paper and digital, the written word of women just as much as men. The technology of words and thoughts can now travel more quickly and broadly, and last longer in life-organizing impact, than any army of men with swords or and any weapons technology. Today, the pen is mightier than the sword in that the Centurions are being replaced by emails, available to more and more, and eventually, likely, everyone, female and male alike.

Today, education and literacy are near 100% in many nations, more than 50% even in "poor" nations, and portable learning technology - radio, video, computer, is making collective human knowledge, and even the ability to read, easier to teach and share everywhere and rapidly. Not only national, but regional and international organization and friendship is more and more common, and daily possible. Wise, efficient and everpresent energy usage technologies that often assist computers, such as solar energy and wind energy is harnessing unlimited supply, and recent experiments promise fusion, and superconductivity in the near future. These are ongoing discoveries of human creativity, increasingly made by both female and male together, seeking power used to sustain not their home but all homes, to improve the lives of all rather than to eliminate or kill any, and looking toward the power already inherent in the delicate nature of things rather than blunt force dominant or exclusive power.

So, scarcity, which reinforces the need for territoriality, dominant male aggressive threat, hierarchy among men and exclusion of just as inherently intelligent women, is giving way to powerful, almost mystical knowledge of Nature, and wisdom, discovered by women and men and learned by boys and girls. This truly makes every grain of sand, every drop of dew, and every written word, a universe of information, abundance and energy generation, and empowers each person both individually and in their collective abilities toward society, as well. Nurturing and sharing modes are becoming daily more and more important in unlocking the secrets of human power in harmony with the Universe.

With human ideas our greatest resource, we live in a world of greater connection and stimulus to genius thought in both genders. Skills of the feminine, such as listening, empathic harmonization and "horizontal" or less hierarchical facilitation of communication, are becoming more clearly important to both the collective humanity and individual person, and clearly equally needed for decision-making as the "vertical" hierarchy, competition-to-stimulation, out-group exclusion or threat that seemed so clearly to "work best" under conditions of more primitive technology, necessary territoriality in consciousness, and scarcity.

Shared communication and thought-sharing technology is an inevitable democratic equalizer as well as a widespread introducer into the mainstream of relations and loving spiritual attitudes heretofore only routinely practical for females at "home", but now becoming important in the global context because our planet is more interconnected and less isolated or territorial. Critical-stage, nurturing concern and sensitivity toward the young and developing mind/body, inclusiveness, mutuality and positive praise, smiling, touching and caring, as opposed to hierarchy, daring, physical reward, status or competitive choice or alliance, are the motivational patterns of influence areas where most women excel because of inherent hormonal Nature, because of less compartmentalization in brain structure producing a slightly more wholistic, socially integrated and intuitive intelligence, and because of the long built-up experience of nurturing loved ones in the home.

Pregnancy, child-focus and neighborhood preservation need no longer permanently isolate child-rearing mothers, or supportive and bonding young fathers, from the political global community, which is now not only easily hearable and visible, via radio or video, but interactively influenceable, via telephone, internet/computer, and fax as well. In ways once reserved for Kings, mothers and long lived grandmothers, work at home sons and "retired" yet active grandfathers who dote on granddaughters as well as grandsons, can interact cognitively with each other, as well as work and government offices in their own and other nations quickly, by email and website, and know that the human life cycle can easily accommodate both time for parenting, for both genders, and time for public office service and ongoing understanding of political issues.

Interacting non-hierarchically with men more often about goals and decisions, women also are learning from men, to become more daring and assertive of their own values and abilities. This prepares highly intelligent yet nurturing and spiritually evolved, compassionate women for political and economic decision-making office, in a geopolitical context. Nurturing love can enter into contexts that previously brought together only the most aggressive males who motivated through more hierarchial means, and still produce high levels of performance and motivation, using a different yet complementary and equally powerful mechanism. The concern as to whether the female is "tough" enough for government office is answered by the reality that her presence in office anywhere and everywhere is making the interconnected world less "tough".

Therefore, more and more people, men and women, feel women's presence in government will stimulate a more moral, creative result on an interconnected earth; a result that benefits everyone. But it should not be worried that technology disempowers men, or empowers women more than men. Technology empowers men to wisdom and longevity in a way never before available.

As it becomes available to them in contexts politically transformed by the parity presence and nurturing, humanly empowering values of women, most men - "common" and "dominant" men alike, are assisted by technology to do work more easily and quickly, affording them greater opportunity for friendship and mutual respect among men, rather than loneliness, rigidity, pressure, tension and stress. Yet, the opportunities for altruistic heroism and achievement will also expand and increase: Men often have natural spatial and mechanical abilities in dealing with technology which they can instruct others, and are essential transformers of the physical plant of home, office and farms nearby or in nations...or planets they can visit by email as well as boat and plane ...and spaceship. Spending less time on conquering and controlling each other, they have more time to conquer the challenges of space travel, of organizing vast amounts of information in user-friendly form, of learning new languages, of bringing their skills to those who once would have been their victims, and of Mars-like stewardship of agriculture rather than primitive Mars-like preoccupation with wars. Swords can literally be beaten into strong and lasting plowshares by former soldiers experiencing their own full human rennaissance, now joined by women who assist them to safeguard life by sharing skills more and more often, rather than simply "protecting" or "guarding" it with weapons. All these forms of male leadership and indispensable skill will be of use and all necessary as the world becomes more mutual and interconnected.

Assisted by technology in a gender balanced and more often telecommutable government linked to home-office context, men have more time to be with spouse, children and neighbors, more time for town meetings and public service to neighbors near and far, more time for creative thinking, more time for authentic prayer and meditation, more time for sport, art and music leisure to renew energy as opposed to repetitive or routine work, and the expansion of friendship to experience women as mentally stimulating and complementary yet equal intellectual colleagues in work and other contexts. Men who felt forced to sacrifice a more rounded life in order to be a politician will now have an opportunity for a more full life, with the knowledge the gender-balance and technology will allow a greater pool of men, their friends and not enemies, to serve, as well. Politicians are more and more being chosen based not on how many expensive sound bytes they can waste, but by what is on their website. Thus, the cost of elections automatically decreases, unless something is happening in some places that makes no human sense for the people of any land, and in any case, cannot sustain.

In a more mature technological time, working with women, in government as any context, gives men not less but more: more opportunity to model, and be socially rewarded for indispensable habits of action, honor, humor, nobility and masterful calm, when called for to keep progress moving, yet also enjoy a less stressful, more long-lived lifespan and greater listening skills, to see all others as people instead of just competitors or bosses, and to share and learn important skills and insights into the nature of their own and others feelings, especially fulfilling in deeper bonding with children, which likely will be related to great increases in longevity for men.

This allows men in positions of responsibility to nevertheless rediscover a happier sportsmanliness in less desperate and hostile play and more often win-win outcomes, to engage in skill sharpening and mental creativity, compassion, wisdom and kindness, and areas of their own nature area that was previously encountered only by saints, ordained men of religion or geniuses in music and art. It gives them time for more creative thinking, so that they can continue to unlock new ways of accomplishing tasks, but have the moral judgement, assisted by the presence of enough women, to know what tasks are most important to the people, men, women and children, of their society and other societies. The gender-balanced political and technological context still allows men to opportunity to practice and hone the typically hormonally-linked active, present and somewhat focussed outcome-oriented instinct and strength of their natures, yet not be overwhelmed or driven, sometimes cruelly driven against others or stressed by self, as they used to need to be in more necessarily primitive, hierarchial times.

The importance to women of gender balance in governmental decision-making is even more obvious. Women will not have to live in a second class citizenship, and their increased self-esteem will bring forth talents and wisdoms waiting and yearning to be expressed. They can better protect their families by helping bring forth legislation that protects the young and old by assisting the strong and healthy to balance the necessities of family and work, and as a result of the increased peace of mind, grow even more productive and creative in all fields of thought, bringing into full light and public service the typically hormonally-linked receptively aware, nurturing, and somewhat process-oriented wholistic aspects of their natures. The political degradation, either by exclusion or tokenized cooptation, of women has helped neither the female, more the male, nor the whole of humanity. The elevation of women to her true and natural place in decision-making with help the female, and the male, and the whole of society. It is an opportunity that, looking out into the vast universe of Creation, Humanity dare not miss.

In essence, technology, and joint decision making in government, by bringing the genders closer together in information sharing and collective discussion and decision-making, assists men to expand their focus and awareness from primarily physically based aggressive power - competitive hoarding of limited earth resources, defending territory and hierarchical dominance/or submission in a pecking order, to include more idealistic adventure, more intimacy, trust and creatively motivating faith in others and their ideas, and thus, an ongoing awareness of Nature and Nature's God, in themselves and in all people as well. The new emphasis on ideas, coupled with men's abilities in moving forward under conditions of the unknown, will be, and in nation's with highest quality of life, is politically leavened by women's intuitive foresight, brave devotion to others, and social sensitivity-responsibility, The balance assists a motivated genius capacity to allow technology to unleash unlimited wealth and energy that can open up space rather than unleash war, to restore and harmonize with Nature rather than attempt, impossibly, to dominate it, and to experience moral and spiritual power which is ultimately limitless in scope, and felt by both men and women to be the highest aspects of their entwined human nature.

With laptops and lightweight and portable, battery operated computer terminals airliftable to anywhere on the planet, and so simple to use that children enjoy doing so, it is no longer necessary or prudent for humanity, or its officialdoms to rely primarily upon techniques of threat, force and domination for influence and regulation. It simply makes more sense to drop laptops, equipped with translation software, than bombs.

And it makes utterly no spiritually evolved sense to prefer officialdoms of self-selected dominant men, hiding from and making themselves into a decision-making elite limited by the gendered habits of competitiveness, over the natural and likely inevitable democracy and representation of women and all men both intellectually and spiritually empowered if we want a world and travel into space(time), that is safe, terror-free, efficient yet moral, prosperous, easily informed, and friendly for its inhabitants, communicators and travelers, including once dominating men but now more spiritually powerful men themselves.

Just as much as their women as cognitive and full partners, these men, too can now have the proverbial moment to stop and smell the roses of their planet and cosmos, and experience the empowered yet humble spiritual and moral wisdom far more rewarding than winning a territorially defined contract, a market, or a war. They will be able to have without hoarding, because unleased by the decisions of gender-balanced win-win moral government, the earth and universe are more accessible and abundant, and humanity even more full of endowed talent for creativity, then we had imagined.

A definitional Gender Balance in our concept and practice of government will unleash these benefits to both genders quickly and without the dangers of masculinizing women caused by gradualism, tokenism and delay, that leaves them at token levels learning lessons of the most Machiavellian or narcissistic dominators. In some ways, officialdoms of dominant males and token females may be even more dangerous and pernicious to humanity than totally monogender male officialdoms, because they may, in the current geopolitical context, give predominantly male officialdoms a veneer of progress while domination-techniques which are antithetical to spiritual development actually increase without either a male-based or female-balanced code of ethics within which to operate.

Some once worried that technology may reduce some aspects of difference between men and women, but generally, it tends to unite their overlapping wisdom in a spiritual way, and not in a manner of changing inherent talents of nature, which is strong and, when the genders love and respect each other, "hard-wired". In fact, in lands where dominant males rule, many men eventually become morally embarrassed by the dominance-mode, and younger men may seek to leave their nations, retreat from esteeming inbuilt masculine talents as a way of escaping overly intense, nearly sociopathic domination hierarchies, retreat into cynical humor or substance abuse, or turn on civilian populations, either locally or globally, as a way of releasing resentments actually felt toward overdominant but always-away-at-work ruler-fathers and mothers not sufficiently politically empowered to protect either sons or daughters from alienation.

In contrast, the French, and the Scandinavians, both known as a nations of lovers, have embraced gender balance not to eliminate all gender differences, but to assist vive le difference to bring forth the best government Mind from both, and to have more time with their families and children to allow boys to enjoy their fathers in boyhood and to "thank heaven, for little girls", who can also grow up better bonded to parents, "in a most delightful way".

In fact, it is becoming more and more counter-productive to not cultivate gender-balanced government and international and fully global respect and friendship. Breakthroughs in ecological and energy science, many being made by women as well as men, are assisting our ability to steward the physical resources of the earth, wind, sea and sun toward true abundance, and the necessity of a small hierarchy to controllingly dole out scarce service, resource, information, education, or energy, is waning and becoming daily more misdirected and obsolete. In our age of a gender balanced internet, gender imbalanced officialdoms are already an anachronism; and pretending that they are true governments is an error of definition for men and women alike.

In literate nations, medias, often called another branch of government, that are controlled by dominant males at the top are increasingly suspect and ignored. By seeking audiences of the lowest common denominator caused by the social impact of dominant-male-political and social world views, they have already been losing better educated audiences to the Internet. Eventually, as technology assists in making information and gender-balanced global discussion common, this trend will accelerate drastically. Educated humanity no longer regards war, hostile fantasy or war reporting as the most heroic adventure, and are more inspired by altruistic heroism, space travel and satellite assisted communication as evidence of talent, power to do good, and peaceful influence on the flow of events.

Finally, not only the Internet, but projects such as as the Human Genome Project remind us clearly that the human intelligence and heritance is total, male and female, not male only, or mostly male. The proper use and existence of the information gained from these developments is ethically unthinkable without gender balance in decision-making that affects nations, regions, and the world as a whole. A dominant male biased approach to these potential boons to the whole of humanity could unleash an era of premature application, social divisiveness, exploitation, domination and destruction that makes previous era's errors seem pale in comparison, and could threaten not only human life, but life on earth itself. Just as the discovery of gunpowder and the atom did not necessartily have to lead to guns and bombs that have killed billions, so new discoveries can and ought be put to better use. If all the "sides" of all previous conflicts had been gender-balanced, the work of science might have far more reliably brought about benefit instead of domination and destruction, and humanity might have progressed as a multiple of both genders - twice as fast and twice as well. Now that so many technologies have reached a globally impactful level for good or ill, gender balance in decision-making becomes imperative.

Therefore, the moment is right,and necessary, for humanity everywhere to share in true fairness of the participation of human talent in actual true self-government, and to achieve this quickly, rather than be mired in the dominance patterns of the past that are now literally at worst endangering and at best slowing our peaceful, environmental and social, political and spiritual human progress.

III. As a Culmination Among Other Leaps Forward

Again referring to words inspired by the recent Gender balance Manifesto in France: 'Strong resistance to women in politics was indicative of something in our human history and culture that was more deeply rooted than mere prejudice, that outweighs any intention that might be honorable or less so.' Here, we have joined the French wisdom in describing this as a stage of human social and pre-technological co-evolution, that has, in fact, already been left behind. And especially now, and this mutually reinforces us ALL, in all nations, in our approach, women have encountered men in all walks of life, including very high up in political office, science, religions and public leadership, and many men on the Internet, who are conscious of this shamefully unfair and residually primitive situation of political disinclusion of women, and ready to call it a non-governmental pattern.

These men, such as Prime Minister Lionel Jospin of France, Health Minister Pentii Arajarvi of Finland, famed political leaders, scientists and economists who see women as colleagues in equal partnership with men, like Oscar Arias Sanchez of Costa Rica who has worked to empower women throughout Central and South America, like the late Carl Sagan of the US whose last female hero in his written work, joins with a male hero in discovering that Industry, Government, Science and Religion beckon humanity to unite in the appreciation for Cosmic Truth and Promise, which depends also on the presence of women as full discussants and decision-makers, like Nobel Prizewinner Amartya Sen of India, and many others in other lands, serve as models and stewards of evolution for all women and men to achieve quantitative balance of representation necessary for qualitative equality in representation, for the good of all humanity. Spouses of public servant officeholders, such as Jospin's wife and gender law principle author Sylvianne Agacinski, and public servants themselves, such as Prime Minister Tarya Halonen of Finland, serve as flexible models and stewards for all women and men as well, to both lead and partner.

In addition to womens' ngos, there are now non-governmental organizations of men promoting women in equality in government in many nations, including Spain, Canada, India and South Africa, and similar voices making themselves heard in every nation and on every continent, even areas still officially entrenched in patriarchy. Such men lead other men to join with women in a human critical mass of intelligence, - "gray matter" - for living and caring to rectify the gender imbalance. Such women, and such men, of the world, the human majority of our planet, now join, past, present and moment to moment future, sometimes in remembrance of others who have pointed the way and gone before whose names and impacts are still alive on the Internet, with the evergrowing number of women and men of France, Scandinavia, across Europe, in India and Pakistan, Canada, China, Mexico, Brazil, the US, South Africa, Egypt, the Phillipines, Israel, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran and leading lights of many other nations, in making this necessary change manifest and declared.

The current but soon to be improved representation of women around the world is similar to the 5% women in office in France just prior to the Parity Law. In the world as a whole, women are only a very small - under 10% - percentage political office, but as in France in 2001-2 and Scandinavia decades ago, that situation can change almost overnight. It is not time, but awareness, integrity, imagination and will necessary to face the problem and make the change that is needed.

France went overnight from 5% to 47.5% women actually holding office, thus about the 50-50 required by law there and existent now in Nature and Global technology. So, too, with this global declaration, we declare men and women of the world equally fit for political office, and recognize as true and evolved government only those nations where their numbers in office is approaching 50-50 equality (near or above 37.5% as the minimum for either gender; which is derived from 75% of each gender in the naturally occurring approximate 50-50 of gender in earth populations). Once, again, we shall refer to other countries that have not reached this minimum level as officialdoms, not governments, because their political systems do not represent their people, and do not have the balance of human complementarity of modes of leadership and talent to result in optimally creative thinking.

Of course, some regressive forces recognize that women will be partners in national governments soon, but are trying to delay that day, or keep women in relative exclusion from the government of regional or Continental pacts, such as multinational trade pacts and officialdoms like that of certain sections of the European Union Convention or regional economic summits that are actually making government-like decisions. But, there is little logic to such an effort at such summits or the EU. They contradict the more representative views of the European Parliament, and we, believe, that any parts of the EU too, if attempting to make decisions without gender balance and ignoring parity, will be soon be apologizing for its own bad judgement, and regarded and ultimately rejected as having been mere officialdom, and not yet a government worthy of respect or world..

With the passage of Parite, and the nationwide elections and terms begun in 2001 and extending into Parliament in 2002, French women were guaranteed by law, the natural-occurring balance of gender, in government, and France made a necessary and logical quantum leap befitting the global 21st century, a spiritually evolutionary step forward into truer government and democracy at levels heretofore known only in the Nordic nations. Now, as many nations are already achieving above 35% women in government via their own internal efforts and programs, is the moment to declare, announce and insist that other nations, and particularly literate and technologically able nations and international official organizations, immediately catch up with France and Scandinavia, and match and stimulate the already more balanced levels in Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, regional sections of India, and so on, if their national and international leaders wish to be regarded or termed by many as government at all, as opposed to a self-deluded, anachronistic officialdoms that may have been functional for the 18th, 19th or 20th century, but are self-and globally destructive in the 21st.

Even economically poor countries or countries lacking in literacy have many women who are literate as men, and modern teaching methods such as videos can quickly assist and inform intelligent but illiterate women, and many once exploited men of gentler strengths, to bring life wisdom, empathy, patience and service-oriented love, into office. This is being done already in India, and South Africa, where now many women, moving toward above 37.5%, are serving in national as well as state and local office, and men who were once exploited or exploitive are beginning to benefit from a greater unity in the land as a result of co-leadership and partnership.

It should be remembered too, if you look far enough back into human events in all nations, most women were naturally service-oriented and willing to serve their tribes, towns, villages and nations in public office, despite the enormity of their child-bearing, child-raising and domestic tasks, but were excluded from public work and voice by force, by dominant or insecure men, and sometimes miseducated women worn down over generations to be habituated to patriarchy that was initially imposed by force even on the privileged female. Modern men worldwide, with more palpable and emailable evidence of women's talent from author like Arundhati Roy to written words of rural women of many occupations, including once "untouchables" of the caste system now also posting on the Internet, are supporting the global women's political liberation into mental, political and spiritual partnership with men.

That some women were willing to 'tolerate' the pretechnological horrors of force used against them, or were willing to settle for expensive preoccupations with obsessive physical vanity and privilege right alongside the lack of their gender's presence in government proves that human self-esteem was like a muscle - if shackled or too long, it initially resisted the freedom to stand up and walk erect, and sometimes advised other prisoners not to welcome freedom, or trivialized it. That is because it can be initially painful to watch one or a few others walk when oneself is using so much energy to crouch or disguise oneself that it is hard to lift the head up to see a more natural way. But numbers are the key, like the numbers of women already equal to men on the Internet, and when many are standing, in the world as a whole and connected spiritual community with concern for all its members, even the most crouched can find muscles strong enough to stand again, and contribute to the Whole Intelligence.

We as the real telecommunity do hereby inform dominant-male-controlled media corporations, some of which have budgets that exceed many countries' budgets, that they may pretend to deliver national, international or global news and information, but in fact do not, because women have had not enough presence of number in decision-making, We refer to them as premedia or malemedia, pre-radio or maleradio, pretelevision or maletelevision, and prenews or malenews organizations Such media, acting almost as a branch of misogynist officialdoms or misogynist in their own right, have attempted to hide the news of the French gender parite law and other related global stories from countries like the United States and many others. These premedia will become increasingly obsolete and disrespected and even ignored by their own people and all the people of the world, until they broadcast the news of gender balance for real government, politics and decision-making around our world,

Since the French Parity "Re-Evolution" has occurred, it is now most especially the moment for the American, English, former English colonies, all Europe, all Continental, and World Gender Re-Evolution. Prior to gender entering the picture, the journey toward real human discovery, global exploration and real human government on a shared earth was often physical rather than mental and technologically exploitative rather than technologically interactive. Progress had usually involved conflict and violence and occurred in partiality, occurring in fits and spurts.of the world's geography at various moments. In these pregovernment eras, exploration was necessary accompanied by colonial/native enslavement and exploitation. discovery by destruction, and government meant often meant graft, greed and grandiosity rather than good will in public service.

In the bad old days of these previous centuries, before the genders could politically and spiritually reunite, society and government was always a tale of a divided two, and sometimes even further subdivided - a tale of two cities, two continents, two cultures, first, second and third worlds, not united but divided: societies with rights for some but lesser rights for others. Our globe was actually always one in humanness, but didn't have enough women present in government decision-making for feminine modes of cooperative inclusion (as opposed to overcompetitive disinclusion) to be valued and integrated into the fabric of life so that human unity and full political equality no matter what gender, race, or nation could to be visible both within each nation and among all nations. While national or regional Monarchy was ended by some of the previous Declarations and past centuries partial revolutions, in fact, the oligarchies only exchanged one geographical capital with another and were mostly examples of malearchy and malecrocy, that is, gender monoarchy, not true self-government and democracy of the entire people.

The US Declaration of Independence of 1776, an influence on the French Revolution of 1789, England and Europe just as French Parite is now a catalyst for change in the US was a notable but still partial and certainly not a global step. The subsequent Constitution of 1789 not only ignored that Declaration's statement that all men were created equal by legalizing slavery, but it set up dominant-male patterns of exclusion, to interpret the word 'man' as narrowly possible to disinclude men of color, less wealthy men, and women, as well. So the Declaration of Sentiments of 1847 (followed by a on-foot suffragette march that crawled uphill for 7 decades to reach the numbers and consensus that are reachable in one hour on the Internet), a Civil War, various Amendments some early on about property requirements, some about race but not gender, and finally about gender (but only too late, after other mechanisms were in place in state legislatures to keep fair numbers of people of color and women out of parties at the state and national level), were all examples of partial progress than occur when dominant males alone are the final decision-makers, and their mono-gender-defined officialdoms are misinterpreted to be governments.

IV. Regarding Gender Balance and a True United Nations

Similarly, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1946, as written in great part by a woman slightly ahead of her time, Eleanor Roosevelt, once the co-founding partner of another UN Co-Founder and US President, who reached out to a dominant-male, gender-imbalanced International Community for Universal progress, but was impeded by the lack of the global technology, and political empowerment of enough other women and men promoting partnership, to fully realize her dream. She and the UN Charterers then failed to included a gender balance standard and mechanism to accelerate and insure the other democratic rights enumerated. She lacked then the step taken by Agacinski and Jospin now, and women like President Najma Heptulla and men like Secretary General Anders Johnsson of the InterParliamentary Union. It is important that Agacinski and Jospin, assisted by Heptulla and Johnsson and other partners in rother lands, themselves speak internationally to the importance of the parite concept at the UN, immediately, instead of focussing on the French scene as apart from the UN.

We therefore here declare that until High Commissioner Mary Robinson and Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and/or all successors, refer to themselves as we do, as gender balanced and utterly equal Co-Presiders, and insist upon Gender Balance in the General Assembly and, if a Security Council is still needed, the Security Council, the United Nations cannot live up to its name. Until Robinson and Annan reflect our declared wisdom and public outcry on the issue, as the central matter, the current UN will be called the male-dominated Gender Divided Prenations, and nothing more, until the minimum 37.%% of each gender is present as officials, and achieved. The large presence of women in NGO's either insist on this or they become enablers of the anachronism and spiritual and political dream never realized and possibly even betrayed, that due to insufficient action on this matter, the UN can become..

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, lacking a gender balance concept related to nature, saw many contradictions by the UN Charter itself, and other aspects of UN international "government". an officialdom, not gender-balanced. The Security Council and General Assembly have not yet been gender-balanced. Thus, even though it is conceived of as world organization uniting the world to prevent war and aid human progress, it has been only a partial and insufficient step in its success because it has ignored gender balance both as recommended gender criteria for membership of national officialdoms in order to have the status of nations, and in its own legislative, executive and judicial functioning. Only telecommunications - the Internet, an Internetional gathering and thus, both beyond nationality while including people of the many nations, assembles and unites in consciousness, approximately equal numbers of men and women, from virtually all nations and regions "together", and it is therefore, the first and more natural community of venue to announce a criteria for real government, national or international regarding endowed Human Gendered Nature. But, of course, the UN must catch up.

The so-called UN of this moments, we declare, is yet just that - UNable to fully unite of humanity, without taking the bold steps necessary to bring forth gender balance. It can easily and will incorporate the natural approximate 50-50 gender standard into its functioning as its officers and members acknowledge simply that they currently do not yet, and if fact never have yet represent their whole peoples when gender parity and democracy are the definitions of representation. They can achieve this once they realize it is becoming worldwide telecommunicated opinion that their officialdoms are becoming anachronisms without it. and can ease the transition by acknowledging and discussing the human technological and social process we have described here necessitating the change. As leaders, Kofi Annan and Mary Robinson must eliminate the unnecessary hierarchy which divides their talent and mutuality, and must announce a new equal official partnership, aided in the announcement by spouses and male and female children in the announcement, to declare the that United Nations cannot formally use that name anymore, until it achieves gender actual balance among ambassadors as well as in nations that have attained human gender balance, which reinforces and maintains their mechanisms of political democracy and natural representation.

V. Naturally Universal Gender Balance Unites Our Shared World

Countries around the world gained voting rights for women in a series and then in fits and starts, like a wave for better government, in the days prior to the Internet. But, with the Internet, the Gender Berlin Walls of officialdom will may fall gently amidst rejoicing and candlelight celebrations in many places at once. Will the momentarily and currently still gender imbalanced US, England, Russia, Japan or Canada be the be the first next or last country to come to the Parite realizations of France and the Nordic nations in the post-industrial world? Or will all nations officially endorse this Declaration simultaneously, perhaps at an Assembly of a gender balanced and once again respected United Nations, combined and united with the Interparliamentary Union?

Once again to quote the French Manifesto, discussion, education, persuasion and encouragement are no longer sufficient to change a situation that has persisted despite the best of intentions. We, the women and men of equality of all countries. by posting this as email, sending it as fax, and including it in websites, do hereby telecommunicate our signatures and endorsements, which we know will also be soon accompanied by the signed signature of officials in every land if they would ever again wish to run for public office and obtain a popular vote in their land, in any land, on their continent and on any continent, and in a world of prosperity, mutuality and community for all.

In an archetypally interculturally shared Common Ground, a Wholeness unneedful of dominant male territoriality, of paradisal real or spiritually real timeless memory or expectation, the Earth was a timeless Garden and Paradise of Gender Mutuality and Respect. The male and female were at Home in deepest and most profound Love of each Gender for each other and for the One that includes and unites them within the energies of the Cosmos of which Gender is a Manifestation.

We repeat, to close, that whatever the maturity of officialdoms' awareness, the world has always had gender balance in its activity, wisdom and Loving and Transcendental Mind and Very Existence. That has already been known throughout and beyond time, in its Rule and Blessing by, in words both derived from and inspired by the 1776 Declaration of Independence, the Supreme Justice, and Beneficent One who pardons our past errors again and again, this One that continually assists us All to spiritually ascend here and there, then and now, and now, together, to Uplift and Evolve to recognize ourselves and each other as the individually humble but collectively mutually empowering, naturally long-lived and peaceful Brothers and Sisters of the Earth, a small planet in a vast and eternal Universe that is ours to Share.

ESigned in the Spring of the Year "2002"

This document was prepared and/or assisted by women and men of the Earth, living on many continents, and in many nations, not limited to:
South Africa,
The Phillipines,
the United States of America,
The Netherlands,
Costa Rica,
New Zealand,
and many other places. We believe sincerely that in the most important ways, this was, is and will be written/understood naturally by every female and male on the planet Earth and, one day, throughout our Universe. These Words are an attempt to convey, make manifest and declare that which goes beyond words, has already been with us always, and Is Eternally and Naturally True. The dissemination of this document throughout the Internet, by email and other forms of telecommunication by many men and women is itself a form of each citizen's self-governance in mutual concern for both self and others, upon which all government is based, and each person who sends this document signs it for themselves and in mind of all their Brothers and Sisters on Planet Earth.