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Greenways -- A Great Way for Bloomfield

Public Forum
Thursday, October 23
7:00 - 9:30 PM
Refreshments served

Guest Speakers:
Dr. Paul S. Mankiewicz international-known ecological restoration specialist who was raised on Bloomfield's Third River; will share boyhood stories of the small river that inspired his career

Greg Remaud President of the Liberty State Park Conservancy and project manager of the New York/New Jersey Baykeeper, will talk about why river health is important to Bloomfield

Kevin Moore Project manager for Weequahic Park; a 400-acre park in Newark designed by Frederick Law Olmstead will talk about community building through park land

Karen Long nurse practioner, clinical researcher, will discuss medical and psychological benefits of greenways

Robert Takash President, Edison Greenway Group, founded in 1991 with a grant from the New Jersey Conservation Foundation to work wtih township, county and state organizations to raise awareness about environmental issues affecting township residents.

Come early for photo essay on "The Natural History of Bloomfield"

Flyer for event here

Third River Clean Up
Saturday, Sept. 6 2003
9:30 A.M. - 2:00 PM, Free Refreshments

Sign Up at Dewey Street (Off Broughton)
Sponsored by Bloomfield Third Riverbank Association and the Friends of Clark's Pond

The Passaic Valley River Authority clean up crew will be helping out and will provide gloves and bags and some boots. If you have boots bring them.
If you can't help clean up, then at least stop by to see this lovely section of the river.
email thirdriverbank@yahoo.com or call 973-748-6379

Candlelight Vigil
Tuesday, MARCH 4,2003
7:00 PM

Steps of Bloomfield Municipal Building
(Was snowed out Feb. 18, rescheduled for March 4)
At 7:30 file into the Planning Board meeting

Reason: Mourning the death of a neighborhood
Background: Desimone appealed the Dec 2001 planning board decision. ( The 8 minute hearing of the appeal can be downloaded from the first page of this website.) Judge Bernstein overturned the Planning Board Denial. On Feb. 18 the Planning Board must decide the conditions of the approval. We ask for everyone to attend this meeting as they decide what the Developer must do to build 42 units on a wetland/floodplain of the Third River and tributary.

BTRA Groundhog Ball, Saturday, Feb. 1, 2003

Salsa? Marenga? Swing? Rock an Roll? Twist? Ballroom? Something for Everyone (even if you don't dance)!
From 8:30 to midnight at the Continental Dance Club located in the Penthouse at 330 Glenwood Avenue, Bloomfield (corner of Bloomfield Avenue and Glenwood, a salsa away west of northbound exit 148 of the Garden State Parkway).
$20 advance tickets, $25 at the door per person.
Light refreshments, a group dance lesson and door prizes will add to the evening's festivities. (Please, no jeans).
Questions? email Thirdriverbank@yahoo.com.
Send checks for tickets (include your name,address,phone number) by January 25 to:
BTRA, Inc., Box 1443, Bloomfield NJ 07003
Check out the Star Ledger article at the Continental Club website (see the selection box).
Looks like we are in for a GREAT TIME!

Saturday, Sept. 21 Yard Sale on Benson Street (off of Broad near the Nevada Diner) Thanks to those who have offered to contribute items to the sale! Anyone wishing to donate items...let us know! Thirdriverbank@yahoo.com.
Financial contributions can be mailed to:

BTRA, Inc., Box 1443, Bloomfield NJ 07003

Tuesday Sept 10, 2002 Planning Board meeting 7:30 P.M. Town Hall.
Will this be the last meeting for the Leo application to build 124 units? We thought August 22 was the last meeting, but at 11:30 PM, just when the Objector's expert was going to present his findings, the applicant relented and said he would schedule another meeting on Tuesday, September 10. And suggested he will call back his engineer to review the Sand Filter to be used in the drainage culverts.

Sept 3, 2002 Town Council meeting 7:30 Pm Encourage all to share your concerns with the mayor and council.

EXTRAVAGANZA yard sale on Saturday August 24, 2002,
Come on by to from 9-3 at the corner of Liongate and Broad (north of Bay across from Glen Ridge Parkway).

Buy, contribute, visit, learn, help.

Although our current legal help is pro bono we still need to pay for experts, other legal expenses, past non-gratis legal help and a myriad of things we have had to do. Not to mention the many activities we would like to do going forward. Your support in our efforts has been very much appreciated and hope that you can help us out on Saturday. Thanks to those who have offered to contribute items to the sale! Anyone wishing to donate items...let us know! Thirdriverbank@yahoo.com


Tuesday June 11,2002.. Leo Application on the Bloomfield Planning board's agenda
( June 8 ..BTRA tabling with proposed plan )

The lawsuit filed by the BTRA regarding the conflict of interest and the consent decree does not stop the application from being heard. However, the outcome of the lawsuit may affect the result of the planning board's decision. Leo has submitted plan for 127 units (12 more than in the plan submitted last fall).

Because 2 other plans (including the Marzulli lot next to First Union at Watchung and Broad) are on the Planning Board's agenda, whether Leo's plan is actually heard on the 11th remains to be seen.

The Planning Board meeting starts at 7:30PM, Bloomfield Municipal Hall, 2nd Floor

On June 8th the BTRA will be tabling at the near Broad and Liongate and will have information about the plan and issues concerning the site. Please stop by.
For more information email: Thirdriverbank@yahoo.com; call 973-748-6379.  

Wednesday May 15,2002.. an evening with Robert Takash

The Edison Greenway: The Story in the making.
Robert Takash, President of the grass roots Edison Greenway group has been working for more than a decade with the Middlesex Greenway coalition to create the first rails-to-trails greenway in Middlesex County.
He will discuss greenway corridor planning and multi-use trail designs ..the nuts and bolts of designing a greenway...plus the glue to make it work for everyone by the need to involve the community, and to address political and corporate concerns. Both Bloomfield and Edison are highly built towns and face similar issues when trying to keep some green where public land is at a premium.

This is the 4th in a series of community forums sponsored by the BTRA to gain insight on environmental concerns by hearing from others in the environmental community.

Meeting starts at 7:30PM, Bloomfield Civic Center, 84 Broad (near Liberty)

For more information email: Thirdriverbank@yahoo.com; call 973-748-6379.  

Edison Greenway Inc. Website: www.edisongreenways. org



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