Threeheaded Clover Returns to Earth
In the Mist, In the Waterfall, In the Air
Three Headed Clover, Great Empath of a Galaxy far away from the Milky Way, has chosen to return to Earth.  It has been many earth years since she went away to her own galaxy, but now she is back and ready to share her infinite wisdom with those Earthlings who are wise enough to heed her green , yellow, and black  words of power and truth.Three Headed Clover has returned in the three forms she is most powerful  and beautiful in: Mist, Water falls, and the atmosphere of earth, called sky.
Three Headed Clover is seeking the whereabouts of Three Headed Sarahs. They must be found and reprogrammed.. clover
3 Headed Clover mascot:
In any setting.
Old, I am, and full of wisdom,
Full of fire as well.
Young, I am, and full of vigor,
Full of spit as well.
Wise Words #1
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Last Known Address Of the Three Headed Sarahs
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Wise Words # 2

"...Dishes will always wait for you,
While boys and girls will grow old."
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Titled: "Time is Wasting."
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Standing here helpless,
Watching the surf
Pound the shore senseless.
Three Headed Clover's other symbolic love is the earth in all facets.  The Earth's sunset from a space satellite.
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Writing page of threeheadedclover
When you were young, before you were even you,
I held you in my heart.
Your eyes, your voice, your name I didn't even know,
But I knew you even then.
As you grew your own self to be who you are,
I held you in my love--
Guided your steps, sang your favorite songs,
Gave you popsicles for "broken lips;"
Watched you pull and kick against eveything.
Let you go, then held you dear,
Soothed your feelings, helped slay your dragons.
Sat up waiting for your key in the door.
Your music rushing into every shadow,
Telling the darkness, "be gone!
Only happiness can live in my house."

Now as I know you are far away;
I wait for your time to come around,
Your foot on the stair, key in the door,
Loud laughter, large appetite
Consuming vast quanities of food, air, and all my space:
Just as I knew you'd be.
From the places deep in my heart,
You spill out, never contained,
Never anyone but yourself.
Always who you were,
Even before I knew you.
I held you in my heart then,
And always will keep you there,
My son.
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