New full-length album from ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUST.
Their triumphant return to the state of of total brutality, chaos and extremity. Nekrofonik combines the nihilistic hyper-blasting brutality with quality rotten riffs and graven necro-groove. Nekrofonik is surely one of the most insane albums in 2004. Brutal thrashing black metal at its finest! Highly recommended..!!

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"Introduce Us to Immortality"

"Introduce Us to Immortality" is a collection of works representing a journey of KEKAL's career that is full of struggles within the world's underground metal music scene for the first 8 years (1995 - 2003). Digitally remastered for your listening pleasure, especially tracks from the band's first 2 albums. Featuring 2 previously unreleased tracks. 13 tracks total with running time over 67 minutes.
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Available Soon !! KEKAL "Acidity" (5th full-length album)

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