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Snoop Dogg's new desktop Download Nov 14 2000
It looks great on your desktop...It's a MUST HAVE for any Snoop fan...It is also a promotion for his two new albums...So help promote his new albums by downloading NOW.
Click here to view and download.

-Peace (Killa K)
Notoriousthugz.com - vacant positions available Nov 14 2000
After long hard-working 2 months, Notoriousthugz.com have come to a point where it needs some staff urgently. Any help would be very useful. The positions available are listed below. You will get internet recognition. But unfortunately will not be paid.
1) Latest Hot of the Press News uploaded
2) Weekly Words of Wisdom
3) Tupac, Snoop, or Outlawz Audio
4) Rare Tupac, Snoop, Outlawz pictures
5) Your suggestions?
All you'll need to do is mail me, and I will have a position arranged for you.

-Peace (Killa K)
Thuggin Quiz - Winner announced for this last quiz Nov 14 2000
Out of 3 competitors, one of them made it through. I would like to congratulate Jonathon Wong for achieving 5/5 in the "Thuggin' Quiz" He's name is on the main page for the quiz which can be acessed by clicking here.

I will not be having a new one up untill others want me to, because of the lack of competitors.

-Peace (Killa K)
Outlawz - Ride wit us or Collide wit us" album inlay pictures Nov 7 2000
These pictures are contained in the inlay of the new Outlawz album. It has pictures of the Outlawz, and has all four of them thanking who need to be thanked.

| Inside 1 | Inside 2 | Inside 3 | Inside 4 | Inside 5 | Inside 6 | Inside 7 | Inside 8 | Back

Thanks to EDI and Kooleiht for the images!

-Peace (Killa K)
Outlawz - Ride wit us or Collide wit us" on Real Audio Nov 7 2000
I got the full new album from the Outlawz on Real Audio Format. You can download individual songs by clicking here.
Short Notice:
I only have this album temprorarily, untill it comes out in Internationally. These songs are just here, for those not in the US to download, and test them out.
-Peace (Killa K)
5 More songs added to 'Pac Audio Oct 28 2000
Added 5 more songs to 'Pac audio. Real good quality songs, with Pac featuring artists such as Richie Rich, Scarface, and ofcourse the O U T L A W Z.
-Peace (Killa K)
Tupac's Last Interview- Before his death Oct 11 2000
Got the last interview Tupac took before his death.Plus, the whole interview is in audio format, and can be played using Real Player G2. You can download separate parts of the interview, or listen to it streaming. Click here to visit the page for more info.....
-Peace (Killa K)
New Outlawz Song - Black Rain Oct 11 2000
I have got the first song from the upcoming Outlawz Album. It's called Black Rain. You can download it by right-clicking and saving target as. DOWNLOAD NOW. It really shows the skills of the Outlawz without the legendary Makaveli. EDI, Naoplean, Kastro, and Noble spit it out hard. Listen closely to Noble's verse...It's brilliant!!
A must download for any Outlawz, better yet Rap Fan.
-Peace (Killa K)
Outlawz Audio- Oct 9 2000
I have uploaded many, many songs of Outlawz. All unreleased. To view that page, click here.
NEW TUPAC SONGS VIDEO CLIPS........!!!! Oct 8 2000
Over the next weeks or maybe months, I will be working on new Tupac Video clips for songs which he doesn't have, such as "Good Die Young", "Hell 4 A Hustla", "Hit em up 2", "Hell Razor" and "When We Ride" etc.
I will be trying to make these video clips using Macromedia Flash 4.0.
I will be working alongside my affiliate Darryl @ 2pac-outlawz.com.
So when ever I produce one, y'all be the first ones informed.
So if you got any suggestions on which clip I should work on, mail me.
-Peace (Killa K)
Posted up New Thug Quiz Oct 8 2000
Test y'all knowledge of your favourite Thugz such as Snoop, Tupac, Outlawz. A real interactive quiz which tests your knowledge, filled with 5 questions every week. If you recieve 100%, you may get your name up on my site, if you mail me with the answers and name.
Enter the game by clicking here.
Thug Quiz produced by Str8soulja for Notoriousthugz.com.
-Peace (Killa K)
Posted up Yaki Kadafi Profile Oct 8 2000
I have posted up my profile of my favourite Outlaw- Yaki Kadafi (rip). You can view the page by going over the Outlawz menu, and then over the profiles menu. Or just click here to view the page.
-Peace (Killa K)
Posted up Makaveli Tattoos Page Oct 7 2000
In this page I have posted up all info on Tupac's tattoos on his arms, chest and back. Thanks to Pacworld.com, I recieved all info, pics, and other stuff for that page. Once again, Mad props. To view that page go over Tupac menu, or just click here.
-Peace (Killa K)
Got my domain name Oct 6 2000
I finally got my own .com domain name, so it will be easier for y'all to visit me, instead of typing cjb.net. From now on my domain name will be:
So update your links
New Tribute song up... Sep 30 2000
Noble, Storm, EDI, and Storm spit out lyrics from their heart dedicated to Pac, and Yak. To download the song, right click and save target as. I give this a 15 out of 10
Download Now.
Shout Outs Page Sep 30 2000
In this page I give shout outs to the sites that help my site in the latest new, Audio, Videos, Latest news etc.
Hip Hop Heaven Sep 30 2000
A dedicational tribute to the realest rappers who are no longer wit us. Pac, Yak, Eazy etc.
As soon as it is finished y'all be informed.
"The good die young"
Props to Tupac Sep 30 2000
As I was goin' through my old Source, and Rap Magazines, i came upon many articles which mentioned Pac's name in inspiration, So i dedicated a page to those inspirational words of people, such as Snoop, Eminem, Mase, and other writers.
Tupac Lyric Artillery Sep 30 2000
I have posted up all the lyrics for Tupac's Lyrical Artillery Page. There, you may find all the lyrics of Tupac's Released Albums. I have not yet posted up any unreleased albums for lyrics. Just hold on a while, and they'll be up really soon.
Flash Intros.... Sep 26 2000
Under neath my main picture on index.html, I have added a short Flash movie, for my site to look better. I have also got a Flash Intro. It's short, because I'm too busy working on all other pages on my site. Once they have finished i'll begin the intro again.
If you would like to view the Flash Intro, click here.
New Column - Sep 25 2000
I have got a new column up in my "Words of Wisdom". In "Words of Wisdom", I will be allowing different people all over the net to express their different opinions on Rap, and other Hot topics worldwide.

This new column was put up by str8soulja. str8soulja talks about how the modern state of rap has fallen. All the Tupac biters, such as Master-P, C-Murder, DMX.
Also talks about Eminem, and his lyrics. Talks about how Snoop hasn't got good lyrics no more, and much more......!

You can view the full-length column typed up by str8soulja by clicking here.
Outlaw interviews galore- Sep 25 2000
Exclusive Outlaw interviews added on my site. Taken from 2pac-outlawz.com. The interviews talk about the state of rap now. The Pac-biters out there. The relationships between one another. Napolean almost breaks into tears.
Banner Links Page- Sep 24 2000
Just added Banner Linnks page on my site. This page will represent the real sites out there. In that page I will be rating the site out of 10 content, and design wise.
Tupac Audio- Sep 23 2000
I have uploaded many, many songs of Tupac. All unreleased. To view that page, click here.
Welcome to THUG NATION inc.- Sep 23 2000
Hope y'all like the design, and contents of this site. I have tried to make it look very original. It would have nice upcoming attractions which will attract y'all viewers later, as this site develops. I was thinkin' of buying a domain name for this but, http://www.thugnation.com had been taken. http://thugnation.cjb.net had been taken. That's why I got http://thugznation.cjb.net. I am goin' to be looking for new affiliates soon, as soon as I am confident that my site is finished.

To get a copy of this, whenever updated in your mail, instead of checking back, Join Mailing List.