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Classmate Information (P-Z)


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Classmates are listed alphabetically and by maiden name. Please note that every attempt has been made to provide correct information. We apologize for any errors. Biographies in red text are from the 10 year reunion; biographies in black text are from the 15 year reunion; biographies in purple are from the 20 year reunion. If you would like your information included please email Lori Ballinger.



Dee Patney
Lori Patterson Richardson
John Payne
Karol Persinger
Rhonda Peterson
After high school, I worked at a local health club as an assistant manager for a little over a year, during which time I met my husband of today. I then worked at an OB/GYN office starting as front desk help, later to be trained as a surgery technician. In August of 1990, my husband and I were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. 1991 proved to be one of our most busy years. My husband started a new career, eventually becoming self-employed and I became a full time mom in March after the birth of our son, T.J. I am currently pursuing a master's degree. My hobbies include spending time with my family. I enjoy enjoyed all the special times with my closest friends. My fondest memories are due to my involvement in band. Nothing could beat the exhilaration of winning the overall prize at the competition in Florida. Children: T.J. - 6
Brian Policky
The bigest highlight of my life is my family, my wife and kids. They are the center of my life. Otherwise, the other highlight has been my job. I am proud to be a firefighter; it is a great feeling to get paid for doing something I really love. I guess it has been so long already, I can no longer remember any bad things from high school. Nothing that bad from that long ago is important anymore. I just remember a blur of good times and good friends, which defined high school. Children: Garrett - 9, Cheyenne - 6, Montanta - 2
Chris Polonis
Bryan Porter
Meredy Porter Smith
After high school I continued track at the University of Nebraska. I earned my degree in Elementary Education and taught in Iowa for two years. I left the cold and headed for the heat of Phoenix. (It can't get much warmer than here!) I teach 6th grade and love it. I married a great guy, Mike, and the family thing is the best part of my life. We enjoy activities outdoors - biking, hiking, and playing in the pool. I've dabbled in Adventure Racing - mountain biking, running, and kayaking and then some. (I'm still working at this part.) Children: Addison - 4

I’ve been in Phoenix for about 14 years. I teach 8th grade Language Arts at a middle school. I’ve been coaching track on and off at the middle school and local high school. We stay busy with Addison’s sports and Mike’s races. I’m working on doing my first triathlon in September. Children: Addison-9, Ainsley-3
Anjeanette Potts Roberson
Paul Poydence

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Nadine Quinata
Robert Quinn

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Beth Ramsey
Heather Rasmusson Halloran
Children: Delaney - 3, Delcan - 1
David Rataj
Eric Rice
Since our last reunion I have married. My wife and I welcomed our son, David, on St Patrick’s Day 2006. I lead the hospitalist program at Methodist Hospital in Omaha. I will be completing a Master’s Degree in Management from USC this spring. Every time I see a marching ban at a game I remember and cherish the time I spent with my classmates in band. Children: David - 1
Stephanie Rizzo
Brian Roads
Ian Roehrich
Janice Rooks-Mountain
Thomas Rooney
Neal Routt
Margaret Ruane Strahl
I have been married for almost seven years to Spencer Strahl, who also graduated with us. We have 2 great children, Andrew and Diana. We've been in North Carolina five years and thoroughly enjoy being a couple of hours from both the beach and the mountains. I am the Financial Manager for Cline Design Associates, an architectural firm. Fond Memory: Driving to Winchell's Donuts with Christine Gable for a snack and sitting under the apple tree at McDonald's for french fries and a chocolate shake. Ohhh - to be able to do that now! But fortunately we've been able to continue our friendship beyond high school and live close enough that we can visit each other a few times each year. Children: Andrew - 4 1/2, Diana - 2
Pat Ruane
Bill Ruester

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Grant Sanborn
Anne Scanlon
George (Ed) Schaefer
Nora Schilling
Karen Schimonitz Melcher
I have just been enjoying my family and my life. Doing little projects with Jennifer and Ryan is a joy to me. They are growing up too fast! I love putting scrapbooks and photo albums together for them. I recently advanced my nursing career. Still working at the Dialysis Clinic. My family is planning a vacation down to Branson, Missouri this fall for 8 days. Hope it will be fun. Currently my husband Todd and I are still remodeling our house. Many, many updates have been done with more to come. No more children in our future (unless we get one by an "oops"). At least at this reunion I will not be pregnant (ha, ha, ha).

I guess that I enjoyed my friends. They were the ones that helped me through the "tough days." I also enjoyed being involved in volleyball (10th & 11th grade), track (10th & 11th grade), and Thunderettes. I did enjoy having a job through the school in my senior year. Getting out at noon was kind of cool. But I missed out on some of the after school activities. Having all those activities helped me budget my time and keep in more focus on my grades. My fondest memory is of my Dad and Mom. They were always an inspiration to me in every aspect of my life. Like my Mom, my Dad was always there for me. He would listen to me when I came home from school griping and groaning when a certain "Government teacher" (who shall remain nameless) used to humiliate me in class. But High School would not be the same without my Dad. He passed away just 3 months after we graduated. I miss him. Maybe some of you remember a parent or loved one that you lost. It is hard, but remembering them is what keeps them in our hearts. I wish that I could go back and change little things about high school like - all the responsibilites. Growing up and moving on were what we all longed for. Now I just wish that life would slow down a bit. Children: Jennifer - 7, Ryan - 4

Currently I am still working as a registered nurse with Dialysis Clinic-11 years. My husband and I have some rental properties and are doing well. We are involved with our kids and their current summer activities—this is all we seem to do. A few years my step father passed away. Life was a mess for a while, but we survived. My husband, Todd, and I recently celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. My life has been wonderful, challenging and blessed.  

I enjoyed all my friends. Hanging out before school and at basketball and football games. I enjoyed being on the Thunderettes drill team and all that came with that. I loved band/drill team competitions and winning the “Harvest of Harmony” competition in Grand Island. These will be with me forever. Children: Jennifer-12, Ryan 9 1/2
Tonja Schippers West
Lisa Schmoeller Kerr
Penny Schneider
Eddie Schultz
Lori Serefko Smith
After being out of high school for a while, I returned to school and earned my nursing degree. I currently have the position of a surgical nurse working at a specialty hospital. I can honestly say I enjoy my profession. I have started to attempt golf and oddly enough—enjoy playing. I have one child graduated and one not ready for school! Rodeos and other activities with my kids keep us busy. Another highlight is my husband Dugan’s safe return home from Iraq-twice.

Fond Memory: Graduation day-band ready to play our exit march and Kacey Owens counted off as the hats flew. Children: Ted-17, Carson-11, Cooper-8, Mareric-2 1/2
Ken Shackelford
Tony Sissel
Phillippe Smith
Stacie Smith
Keela Sohm Burkholder
Rick Starlin
Matt Starr
Cheryl Steigerwalt Bates
Paul Sterba
I graduated from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln in 1992. I won the Nebraksa associated Press' top award in radio news for coverage of an execution. I also won awards for "election night" political coverage. I am currently a TV news producer for KMTV, and a play-by-play radio sportscaster. My fondest memory from high school is getting busted drinking beer in the Bellevue East parking lot before a football game.
Spencer Strahl
Bryan Stricklin
Alfred Studwell
The highlight of my life is graduating from junior college with an AA degree. My fondest memory from school is when, after unsuccessful attempts to secure a senior prom date, a fellow JROTC member, Stephanie Moynihan, asked me to go with her to prom.
Jose Suarez
Jeff Sunner
Jerry Sutherland

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Dawn Tabor Gencarelli
I got married on Jun 15, 1996.

John and I got married on 6/15/1996. We ride motorcycles and have traveled from Oklahoma to Sturgis, South Dakota many times in triple digit temperatures. I ride my own bike, or as passenger on John's bike. We are members of an association called Christian Motorcyclist Association. We travel the highways and byways bringing Jesus to motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. We are also very involved in the youth ministry at our church. During the last couple of years we've probably been more involved with the youth programs than we have CMA. We currently volunteer at our church as facilitators for a group called "Connections." Connections is a group organized for high school kids, grades 9-12, meeting three Sunday evenings a month during the school year. We have just finished our second year with the program, enjoying it so much that we fully intend to volunteer again next year. Sometimes we also volunteer to chaperone various youth events and trips.
Terri Tarleton
Amy Taylor Prenda
I graduated from Creighton University and Creighton Law School. I married Bruce--who is also an attorney, and we have been married for over 16 years. Since graduating, I have made a career in government relations first, as a staff attorney in the Legislature and then as a lobbyist. Now I am with UNL-Public Policy Center working on a project that is restructuring the Nebraska Courts. My days are pretty much spent with work and family. Children: Zoe (8 almost 9) and Sadie (5)
Todd Tenczer
Gerald Tillery
Gina Trimpey
After graduating with a double major for UNL, I have enjoyed a career from retail management to human resources of an international travel company. I enjoy spending time with family, volunteer projects for the American Red Cross, attending meetings for HRAM (H.R. professional club) and plans of pursuing a master's degree in human resources. My fondest memories are those quality hours spent at the Bankey's! - (what I can remember).
Kevin Tubbs
Karen Turner Moore

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Dawn Ward Weaver
I studied vocal performance at SMU and architecture at Texas A&M (graduated 1992). I am currently a Landscape Architect for Clark Condon Associates in Houston. I married Clay Weaver in September, 1994 at the SMU chapel in Dallas. I am currently planning a vacation in Holland and German in May, 1997. I remember choir trip with Suzette and Kaydra, breakfast at McDonald's with Kacey & Kim, late rehearsals for spring shows, haunted houses with Chris & Don, Gene's muffler falling off in Chris's driveway, and Grant's clothes.

I am a stay home mom with two little girls. Rachel is 4 and Charlotte just turned 1. After working at home as a projects manager for the Landscape Architecture firm I've worked for the past 10 years, I "retired" when Charlotte was born. I recently started my own business soing landscape planning. I have been busier than I would've liked, but I'm having fun. I have been married for 8 years to Clay Weaver. We met at Texas A&M. We recently moved and are working on remodeling the new house. I was 8 months pregnant when we moved so we've been a little distracted. Children: Rachel - 4, Charlotte - 1
Alex Wardlaw
The highlights of my life are when I met Dr. J playing pool in Atlanta at a pool hall. I got my MBA from the University of Florida (Gators). I drove a golf ball 350 yards using a 3-wood (I hat the cart path). I worked at Paine Webber in New York City for a summer and got flashed (solicited by a male prostitute dressed in drag. It was well worth the 3000 dollars! My fondest memories from high school are making out on the baseball field, our football victory over Bellevue East, winning the Lincoln baseball tournament, getting caught by police in an abandoned house on prom night and parties at Rick's.
Jeff Webb
Lanette West
Brent White
Stephanie Wineteer Dickey
Mark Wisner
Well, I had a great time in college and, after graduation, I began a television career that has taken me from Kansas City to Denver. I am now living in the best state EVER and enjoy all Colorado has to offer...from skiing to river rafting! I enjoy my job as director for the ABC station here and I hope I never have to leave! My fondest memory was my time sent with every one on the swim team. Also, going to the football games, parties and spending time being young and stupid! I hope to see everybody at the reunion!
Jennifer Wojtas Russell
Gary Wood
I was married to Melissa Cronin on June 18th, 1994 and we have three children: Trevor Joseph Soule Wood, born 9/28/96, Logan Alan Soule Wood, born 12/21/98, and Brody Michael Soule Wood, born 3/15/02. I completed the Lincoln Marathon in 1999 and we purchased a red mini-van in 2000. I remember hanging out at Rick Starlin's house with friends, although Rick and his family were often not home. Children: Trevor - 5, Logan - 3, Brody - 4 months
Tim Worthy
Joanne Wright
Marnie Wylam Burgess

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Beth Yamzon
Pok Hee Yi
Kim Yonish Kallhoff
Lee York
After high school I joined the Army Reserves. I graduated top of the class from basic training. I then went on to two years of college. I got married and became active duty Army. During active duty I went to Desert Storm. I got out of the Army in '92 and moved to Colorado. I then started managing shoe stores and moved around until I reached Topeka, Kansas. I then rejoined the Army Reserves and now work for the Department of Defense. I got divorced and moved to Omaha and remarried. I now live in Bellevue and work in Omaha at my reserve unit. I have two kids from my first marriage, 1 stepson, and a new baby with my current wife. My fondest memories are just hanging out with friends with no worries. I had the most fun playing football. The teacher I miss the most is Mrs. Hargus. Children: Heather - 9, Logan - 7, Jonathan - 7, Christa - 1

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Kim Zackery Gartner
Julie Zaniboni Flanagan
After graduating from UNL in 1991, I have had the opportunity to teach in very diverse schools from Texas to Colorado to Florida and then Oklahoma. The highlights of the last 15 years would have to be the birth of my two daughters, Jennifer & Abigail. My fondest memory of high school would have to be Senior Homecoming with Heather, Grant & Sloth! Oh my... Children: Jennifer - 6, Abigail - 4
Marie Zellers Thorndyke
Edward Zielinski

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