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Update  |   ThunderGodCid    |   5.27.03
I have fixed old links and have added a page that briefly explains what some of the programs/hacks do.  I hope it makes it easier for you guys, Enjoy ;D.
Update  |   ThunderGodCid    |   5.24.03
I have taken out Meph Bot and Pindle Bot since they're obsolete.  D2JSP Bot can do meph and/or pindle runs more efficiently.  There no new versions of D2JSP, but it still works great.  I hope you enjoy the files.
Update  |   ThunderGodCid    |    3.26.03
It's been a long time since I have updated.  I have uploaded the latest versions of MephBot, Map Hack, Pindle Bot, and D2JSP.  I hope you enjoy the files :D.
Update  |   ThunderGodCid    |    1.18.03
I have fixed the broken links.  I will be updating files soon.  Enjoy :D
Update   |   ThunderGodCid    |    1.17.03
All download links are currently broken.  I will try to get them fixed.  Thanks to for the helpful Emails.

   1.09 Map Hack [ DL ]
   1.09 No CD Hack [ DL ]
   1.09 Change CD-Key [ DL ]
   1.09 D2JSP [ DL ]
   1.09 D2 CD-keys [ DL ]