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Mr. Chain's Tribute to the .....

Sensuous, clean shaven .....


If you're like me, you are an admirer of one of the most sensuous parts of the female anatomy, the clean shaven armpit!

On these pages are an ever changing tribute to this wonderful region of female flesh. I have come to meet many others who share my interest so on these pages I will present various different aspects of this wonderful female body part. Your words of encouragement or criticism are welcome and needed in order to provide appropriate inspiration to continue with this endeavor. This my hobby, not my job however, so understand that it is a labor of love given as a gift to all who visit. But enough talk. Below are links to the different parts of the site. Click on each heading to go to that section and click on each pic for a larger view.

Click on the Brazilian Flag to one of my favorite set of armpits belonging to Brazilian beach volleyball player Shelda Bede. Click on the American Flag to see a whole bunch of great All-American armpits!

Enjoy and please share your thoughts with me at

Female Armpit Picture Galleries
Latest updates:
Women Athletes - Beach Volleyball gallery on Aug 12,2009
Blonde gallery on July 22,2009
Redhead gallery on July 14,2009
Brunette gallery on July 13,2009
Women Athletes - Women's Wrestling gallery on June 15,2009

Celebrity Female Armpit Picture Galleries
Latest updates:
1 new celebrity added on July 16, 2009
1 celebrity updated on Mar 31, 2009
1 new celebrity added on Mar 4, 2009

"Secret Celebrity" Female Armpit Contests
Latest Updates:
Results of 4 NEW "Secret Celebrity Armpit" contests posted on Arpil 17, 2009.
Results of the 3 latest "Secret Celebrity Armpit" contests posted on Feb 18, 2009. GO SEE THE RESULTS AND THE UPDATED STANDINGS!
3 "Secret Celebrity Armpit" contests closed on Jan 9, 2009.
1 New "Fantasy" Armpit contest opened on June 20, 2008.
There are also multiple other polls further down the page seeking your opinions on different topics related to the female armpit. So cast your votes for as long as the polls run!

Your Very Own Female Armpit Contests!
The results of a whopping 8 polls posted on December 31, 2008! GO CHECK IT OUT!

After having received several personal armpit picture submissions from fans of the site, I have added this new section which allows fans to submit pics, be it of wives & girlfriends (men) or themselves (women), and match the pits up against others, or against celebrities, allowing vistiors to vote for their favorties.
Latest updates:
8 polls closed on Dec 31, 2008. GO SEE WHO PARTICIPATED ... AND WHO WON!
1 new poll opened on Nov 26, 2008. GO VOTE!
7 new polls opened on Nov 25, 2008. GO VOTE!

Female Armpit Art
I have taken some lovely female armpits and manipulated them into new and interesting creations!
Latest Updates:
New pics added on Sept 4, 2009!
New pics added on Dec 22, 2008, including 2 more fantasy women!
See how it's done in the 3 easy steps with the new illustrated example using a sweaty tennis player's armpit! Added on Sept 19, 2008
New pics added on Sept 18, 2008
New pics added on July 25, 2008
Newly created on June 20, 2008!

Female Armpit Fiction and Fantasy
Latest update on Nov 28, 2007 - Anastasia and Tamara, 2 Russian girls on vacation - showing their pits ... AND MORE!

Female Armpit Resource Center
3 new links added and "dead sites" removed on Sept 24, 2008
One link updated on June 19, 2008
Updated on January 26, 2006

Features a comprehensive listing of websites which feature the Female Armpit, but I know there are more out there! If you know of a website which features this content, please E-mail me!

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Let's get some dialogue going on the female armpit. Voice your preferences, make comments about this site, express your opinions on the pictures and stories and suggestions for things you'd like to see. Use the Armpit Diary below to make your voice heard!

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