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In the first of 4 contests grouped together, Britney Spears made her debut in and earned her first vicotry, albeit by the skin of her pit, over Rihanna with 52% of the votes to 48% for Rihanna.

Rihanna was featured in our second contest as well, and won a dominant victory over Beyonce', earning a whopping 89% of the votes to only 11% for Mrs. Jay-Z, getting revenge for an earlier loss in our contests..

Our third contest brought Beyonce' yet another defeat, this time at the hands of Britney Spears, With Britney getting 74%of the votes to only 25% for Beyonce'.

The final of the 4 was my least favorite contest of all time, since it featured dirty, unshaven pits. But even celebrities aren't always as refined as they may appear. In the battle of the stanky pits, Beyonce' and Britney actually tied, each earning 50% of the votes. since significantly less people voted in this poll than the other 3, it is safe to assume that others didn't like the hairy pits either!

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In the first of 3 contests grouped together, Nicole Ritchie earned a victory over Rihanna with nicole's pit earning 58% of the votes to 42% for Rihanna.

Next up was the Hollywood veteran Kim Delaney against the Halle Berry. Kim sweat out a victory by earning 55% of the votes to 45% for Halle.

In the final contest of the 3, Beyonce' took on Angelina Jolie, and Mrs. Jay-Z's sweaty pits earned a victory over the extended arm of Mrs. Brad Pitt. Beyonce's earned a whopping 79% of the votes to only 21% for Angelina.

The 3 contests below all featured Jennifer Lopez, who earned a victory in her first and recently concluded pit contest. The first of three pitted J Lo against one of the most delicious set of celebrity armpits belonging to Charlize Theron. Charlize suffocated the Latina by earning 75% of the votes to only 25% for Ms. Lopez.

The second of three placed J Lo next to another of the most succulent celebritiy armpits, that of Jennifer Aniston. This time La Lopez sweat out a win with 52% of the votes to 48% for Aniston.

The last of the three put J Lo up against another popular set of pits belonging to Jessica Simpson. Ms. Simpson drenched the Latina by earning 81% of the votes to only 19% for Jennifer.

In a close shaven contest between 2 new moms, newcomer to our contests Jennifer Lopez earned her first victory over Angelina Jolie. J Lo's Latina armpit scored 56% of the votes to 44% for Mrs. Brad Pit (Angelina).

In an an even closer shaven contest, Angelina Jolie sweated out a victory and bounced back by defeating Teri Hatcher. Mrs. Jolie Pitt's pit scored 52% of the votes to 48% for the Desoperate Housewife, Teri's pit.

With an impressive win between another 2 new moms, Jessica Simpson's little sister Ashlee defeated the scrumptuous Halle Berry. Ashlee Simpson's underarm scored 59% of the votes to only 41% for Halle's pit.

Aslee Simpson could not keep her momentum going, losing to yet another new mom, Nicole Ritchie. Nicole's pit sniffed out Ashlee's by a score of 58% to 42%.

Rebounding from her earlier loss, Halle Berry defeated yet another new mom, Jessica Alba in a truly smothering way. Halle easily defeated Jessica by a score of 84% to only 16% for Jessica's underarm.

In a smothering win, Jennifer Aniston moved into first place in our standings by easily defeating our previous 1st place pit belonging to Charlize Theron. Jennifer's underarm scored 72% of the votes to only 28% for Charlize's pit.

Angered by her earlier loss and being bumped from 1st place, Charlize Theron bounced back with a victory over Eva Longoria, suffocating her by earning 74% of the votes to only 26% for Eva.

In a close shave contest between Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria's pit sweated out a win over Teri Hatcher with 52% of the votes.

The old guard of pop music proved far superior to the younger guard, with Madonna's pit earning 74% of the votes over Rihanna's 26%.

Eva Longoria kept her winning way by earning yet another close victory with 54% of the votes, and Rihanna takes another defeat with only 46% of the votes.

Madonna continue her winning streak of late by earning 56% of the votes, while Teri Hatcher takes another loss, and becomes even more desprate, with only 44% of the votes.

In the second contest for each of these "Secret Celebrities", Eva Longoria squared off against Jennifer Love Hewitt with Eva sweating out a victory by earning 52% of your votes, while Jennifer earned 48% to give the busty Love Hewiit her 2nd loss while Eva's record goes even to 1 win and 1 loss.

Jessica Alba also earned her 2nd victory by earning 56% of the votes to 44% for Beyonce', who's wet pits suffered their second loss.

And in the last of the 3 recent polls, Rihanna earns her 1st victory with a whopping 72% of the votes, suffocating Halle Berry who only earned 28% of your votes and suffers her thrid defeat.

The long awaited results of our first "Secret Celebrity" Mega Poll are in and Heidi Klum (after some tough losses) emerges victorious with 38% of the votes! Charlize Theron made a late charge earning 35%, but fell short at the end. The rest of the pack consisted of Halle Berry in third place with 11% while 2 newcomers to our polls filled the next spots with Demi Moore earning 6% and Jennifer Love Hewitt garnering 4%. Madonna and Jessica Simpson rounded out the field, tied for last place with a paltry 3% of the votes each.