Our Roots
We have started working on our family tree. This is a work in progress and it will never be complete. I hope the information contained here helps someone else. 

Several of the names we are researching are full blood Cherokee. Other's have been in the United States for many years. 

As far as I know the information contained in these pages are correct.  

Here are some of the Cherokee names we are reasearching right now;
Cheater, Chunstudy, Creekkiller, Kegg, Owens, Sharp, Smith, Summerfield, Wiley (other spellings Willey, Wyly) 

Here are some more names we are researching;
Bieri, Blake, Blosser, Cain, Clemmer, Cunningham, Cunningham, Daughters, DeLuis, Donahue, Dorner, Duglass, Fast, Fuchs, Gorman, Graham ( Grayham ), Hartman, Hendren, Hoover, Hulsey, Hutchinson, Johnson, Mason, Matlock, Miller, Miller, Miller, Overbeck, Powell, Ramsey, Sneed, Waits, Ward, Witt, Williams
This picture links to a friend of mine's, website. Her name is Patty Haskin, she was born Patty Rogers in Phonix Arizona, 1970. Her and her brother were adopted. She is trying to find her birth parents because her brother is terminally ill. Please visit and e-mail either her or myself if you might have any information
I placed this candle on my website several months ago. So that everyone could remember all the men and women in uniform. Of course I had no idea at that time what the future would hold. Please remember all of our friends and family in uniform. This candle burns brightly for them and all the good work that they do. Thank you very much.
Hartman's in America
Hartman Log Cabin, Clermont County, Ohio
Documents of Isaac Hartman
Some information on William Ward, Carroll Co., Ark
Hillside Baptist Church, Cemetery, Eucha, Delaware Co., Oklahoma
Tweedy Cemetery Records, Garland, Bourbon Co., Kansas
Revolutionary War Minutemen from Milford, Windsor Township, New Jersey
Wills of some of our Ancestors
Levi J. Williams Funeral Book
Some records from Northeastern Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas
Our Family Tree
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