Up-Dates and Annoucements

Hi there! After a few mins of working the site is back up with a new name. Moonlit Demons. Thanks for comming..

Up-Date No. 1 Jan 30'th 2003

Hi there! I'm back again and I got boried in my class and so I am making a short up date! ^_^,V,, Hheheheheheh...oh well.. things have been ok senc ei got the new page up and the progress of sevral things have been slowing me down on making this page better. FORGIVE ME!!!!! I don mean to keep things left off untill some pratkly slep me on the back of the head and says " hey! up date!" :D;;; EH well..I'm currnetly workring on a comic pagne on Keenspacne as soon as it is up i will post the link and the url for it!! You got to go there! Its not stick figures and it wont be so bad that you will have to run away from the computer screaming from the graphics...Eh...well i think i will leave things here as the teacher is getting annoyed with me typeing so hard.....How can a persons type too hard?!!?!??! i nono...oh well see you later!!

Up-Date No.2 Feb 1'st 2003

Tigher:I am bored. I'M BACK THOUGH!
Tigher: Ano...Vixen...what is wrong with you!?
Tigher: Well folks she's not going to talk....i think...

Up-Date No.3 Feb 2'nd 2003

Hello! Vixen Sorta kinda fell asleep on her computer keybord and drooled all over her-
Kh Sephiroth: You know better than to say that Tigher!...She simply went to bed b/c she wanted to...
Tigher: *Rubbing head* yeah whatever...So any how I'll be getting some links and picutes up! Come on and look at them all! ^_^
Kh Sephiroth: I'm sure they have all ran away by now..
Tigher: T_T nooooo!!! *cries*

Up-Date No.4 Feb 3'rd 2003

Ugh...I am soo messed up right now...Im only doing the up date to keep my self from going insane...Oh well that wont effect you in any way...I've never heard of people catching the insane diease from the computer...Ugh...Nothing is up yet ..hey you might even get a wall papers or soo...that is if I feel like it...but don count your chikens b/4 they hatch..all righty then...See you soon!

UP-DATE No.5 Feb 11'th 2003 you know the date!

Hmmmmmm Seems that things are eather are going good or worse..Ahh well you tired of nothing be here?! Ok! I'm putting something up now! Ok!? K...see you.

Up-Date No.5 March 7'th 2003

Hi...Im back....with an up-Date! Can you belive that?! Wow..been like for 345489308 years sence i been here! Heheh Yes well..I guess you can beat me up for it...hmm or not..:P what ever. Some links will be put up and even a pic if your nice. :D

 I am Gackt. Nice to meet you.//Note from the Penguin//~Hello to you all! I ish helping Tigher with her updates and such ^.^" arn't I a good sameratin!?..I don't even know how to spell that...no matter. I'm also going to put up meh bio on the bio page, go look at it!..that tis' all for now!, Chow!//End Note from the Penguin//

Up-Date No.6 March 8'th 2003

Gackt again. hehe YES..I have my want to use my Web page now...hmmm Another picutre is up and Pegwing is putting up another page for FF7...Plz go ther and enjoy!...In the mean while I might give you a treat...:D have fun..

Up-Date No.6-2 March 7'th 2003

Tigherlight:Hey SECOND UP DATE IN A DAY! Im good I know it...Hey Vixen whats up?
Vixen:*fell over from the sudden shouting* x.x you...
Tigherlight: *giggle*..Sorry about that-
Vincent: My God...She speaks!
Vixen: *looks at her bio* .. Hey! >_< YOU ADDED SOMETHING IN MY NICKNAMES! *bites her ear* I DIDN'T SAY THAT EXCEPT THE THREE DOTS!
Vincent: *ahem* Well as they Fight I will be the Temp hostest here for the moment..*eyes them scratching each other* *sigh*
Vixen: *shoots Vincent with a paintball, continuing to bite Tigherlight's ear* >< ERASE THAT!
Tigherlight: *Goes to the hard drive and erases it* T_T are you happy now?...I want my ear back!!!!!!!
Vincent: *Grumbles and walks off to clean him self up*
Vixen: *unclamps* Good... Now go clean that earwax of yours... *starts brushing her teeth*
Tigherlight: *takes Vixens Tooth brush and runs off with it* MEANY!!!!
Vixen: >< Come back here~! *chases her off the update*

Up-Date No.7 March 9'th 2003

Heh...Yes people a full up-Date...Well I hope you like the Gackt page I put up and even the wallpaper..as you see Im a Very busy person.Yes yes and another treat..I will be having a on-line Comic comming up on keenspace. Don't get too excited. It might be only stick figures if i keep drawing as bad as I do...See you..

Up-Date No.8 March 10'th 2003

 Grab my hand if you can. Hey! I'm back! Things are sota not going well..I have a midterm exam..so I dont think I will be updateing any more this week...unless I pass and or come mierical happens....I'll let you guess the up date.


**Ok this is for a friend and if he comes back here he better apprechate this!...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-*coughs*.......Ahem...>_> <_<...HAHAH HA HA! There..I hope you like that..

Up-Date No.9 March 19'th 2003

HEY! WHATS UP?!...well I didnt so hot on the test..im like....well ICE!..yaeh..Bomb..Oh well i'll study harder and harder till my brains oze out of my ears!..HMMMM what a yummy site that will be..Oh well No up dates today..busy getting ready for another test. See Ya!

Up-Date No.10 March 26'th 2003

WHOO! MY TEST WAS ON FIRE TODAY! I mean catching the desk on fire and melting the floor...Oi..I just suck at tests......T_T....can any one replace my brain with a new one?..PLZ?..I promise I'll take care of it..T_T plz?....*sniffle*...Vixen is not here today...Gackt is my icon and things are bomming on my tests...T_T im going to cry.....Can any one hand me towel or a rag...any thing will do....*SIgh* now im depressed and need a hug...where is he win oyu need him?...Eh....mABOP! MQUI! WOI! WAI TOUU KE!..Ano...ok now my brain's is fried.....im mean crispy......hey..i can even see smoke....is that a good thing?....eh..well People if you come to my site PLZ SIGN GUESTBOOK! Just fill it up! I want it to befull...Not Flood..full..ok...see you later then?

 HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA~!I WAS ASKED A REQUIEST!Hmm how to put this....I read in my guestbook that a they did not like slience when going to a site.....as an improvemnt I will put songs on to the site and change them every week(or update i have a life too you know)....^_^ Soo if you want a requiest filled E-mail me OR Sign my guestbook! ITS THAT EZ! ^_^ ,V,,

Up-Date No.11 April 1'st2003

Tigher: HEY! Gues what people! While at school, Pegwing admits that she waddles!
Pegwing: >. Tigher: You did so! I said" OOPS SORRY! I did not see the Waddling Pegwing there. You said:....you did too.. so :P~~ you admit your a waddling pegwing!
Pegwing:I didn't hear fully what your said!!!! damnit I did not agree to that and YOU KNOW IT!!!
Tigher: *sighs and rolls eyes* you Heard me You just dont want to admit you waddle and ish cute about it!
Tigher: oh and ladies and gentelmen..dont think her bf wont hear about this..*nod nod*
Pegwing: I ish not cute!!! or uber kawii, or however the hell you spell it >.< I am evil!! e-v-i-l!!!!!..
Tigher: *makes a smug face*..Yeah ok..EVIL UBER KAWAII WADDLING PEGWING!...oh..did i say that?..:D
Pegwing:0.0....nooooooooooo!! >.< I will get you back at school tomorrow!!! just wait and see!!!!!
Tigher: Yeah yeah..what are you going to do? Turn in to a rabid rampid waddling pegwing and waddle after me and bite my ankles? *laughs inwardly*
Pegwing:..ggaahh!!!!!!! >.< go hug TJ!
Tigher: HEY! YOU GO HUG SAI! :p~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Pegwing: OK!!! *goes to hug him*..there...I hugged him...
Tigher:...........that...that is just wrong.....*pouts* i still think you are a ANGEL WADDLING UBER KAWAII PEGWING AND IM TELLING SAI!!!
Pegwing:..AM NOT!!!
Tigher:.Yeah yeah..*walks off the up date as the Wadding Pegwing rants*....mmmm hmm hmmm.......

Up-Date No.12 April 3'rd 2003

 Gackt:........what do you think? I look good in red?...AAhm......somethings dont work out the way you want it to....i cry for a friend of mine..when the time comes...if only to make me stronger....*sighs*...I'll make an update...Oh btw...I have a Rp site up....I would like it if you would join...we need 100 people...lets see if we can get there! Thanks if you can help!!! ^_^,V,,

Up-Date No.13 April 13'th 2003

Yes well Hi there..Things are looking grim..i cant think.. not that i ever could but then again..at least im trying..music change today. be happy...and i even tought of away to get away from my house...and from mom.... NO coments plz...i'll see you later. Up dates will....well you gess the up date. See YA!

Up-Date No.13 April 13'th-2 2003

 SUWAAAAAAAAAH~! Tigher: VIXEN! *glomps her* GUWAR!!!
Vixen: AHHHHHH! *runs*
Tigher: VIXEN!!! Come back!! DONT LET ME GO INSANE ALONE!!!!! o_o...I SEE PINK PEOPLE!!!
Vixen: *hides behind webpage viewers* T.T
Tigher: *crying* IM TELLING ENISHI ON YOU!!!!.....*sniffle*...*walks around looking for Enishi while her head twtiches so hard that it almost falls off*...Eni...Enishi....*twitch*
Chibi Enishi: ._______________. *turns blue in the face* TIGHER! *takes a whole bunch of wrapping and ties her neck, shoulders, and head up just like a mummy* ^-^ Der! All beddur! Head no fall off! XD~ Tigher: *turning blue*..c...cant...brea...athe....a....ir.....
Chibi Enishi: *can't see her turn blue or hear her* ^O^ ALL BEDDUR! Vixen: *laughing her ass off*
Vincent: *walks calmy over, takes off the wrappings and premits Tigher to breath* Vixen..that was very wrong of you....bad vixen very bad..
Tigher: *now sobbing up a storm and runs off the up-date crying* YOU BOTH HATE ME!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vixen: Oh fuck Omni...I Did nothing..
Chibi Enishi: *cries an ocean*
Vixen: O_o;;; *underwater* ... *sees fish go by* ......
Shark: *decides Vixen to be a meal*
Vixen: T_____________T *swimmingas fast as she can*
Chibi Enishi: *stops crying* XD I save day! *glomps Tigher* XD~
Tigher: *huggles him*..your so nice...^_^ i love you more again!
Chibi Enishi: ^____^ ,\/,, DE END!

Up-Date No.14 April 25'th 2003

Gackt: Im expressing the Webmistress's emotion right now..-_~ Oh my mind is at a wonder and my life is at ease....Not what I LIKE DOING WITH MY FREE TIME. -_~ People have lives and friends that they must attend to. I have proitrys and standards that I must set at all times. I cannot and will not be forced into this rut that the goverment has pushed me in to. I will not and can not be changed in to this child you still see me as. I can not and will not look for you for answers. I can not and will not lay on your shoulder and beg you to come with me. It is high time that I must walk on my own and force my self to complete things that I start. If only for a few seconds, I can be free..but even then....I am lost...I cant find my way out of the dark coner I have put my self in to. I dont look back for answers. I am too stubrn. I dont know all the answers. I dont ask the quiestions. Yet I walk a poud path and show everyone a cloud of happness, subbuness, careing. When on the inside... my Mask is cracking, breaking, colors fadeing. I can only see out of one eye now...soon I wont be able to see at all. Hug me some one..Im in despair.

Up-Date No.14 May 18'th 2003

Mana: Heh...I see you Oh well What do you know? Im back and I feel some what better....how are you people doing? Fun happy yes? Ja~! Zat would be good...Any body nw out there..I would like it if T_T people would come...*sniffles* ....ah well..i guess this site will one day be come better no?

Up-Date No.15 May 20'th2003

Gee..Things are well..I only hope I pass my tests....that also means that we will up-dating the site more often..^_^ That is aways a good thing. Rite? Right~!.....HMMM....Think it is time for an up date. See you soon!

Up-Date No.16 May 23'rd 2003


Up-Date No.16 June 5'th 2003

WOAH~! THING ARE GOING SO WELL IN MY SUMMER.....not~!..well atl east my friend Vixen got my letter~! YES A LETTER~! I feel proud~! ^_^..Clap for me~! oh thank you * bows* ...a well Kennspace isnt up yep so We'll have to wait on that comic~! Thanks~! Up date will be a a new song~! That is if I can fit it.

Up-Date No.18 June 20'th 2003

*Laughing quite insanely* WHHHHHHHHHHO~! I'll be here for a while. I have to get fan Fics and picutes. Things might even turn out better. ^_^ just you wait~!.

Up-Date No.18 June 28'th 2003

Hmm...Well I hope some of you have fiugred out some of the Up-dates~! Pretty Boys Love Lemon has opened~!...and I hace noted a few things....I need links dont I?...well they'l be up in a few moments. so dont fuss me out ok? *winks*....Vixen-san had her comp die on her..T_T she wont be back for a while ..let pray that she gets a new computer. MEANWHILE...I'll be posting Links and fanfics. ^_^ Feel free to submit one if you wish.

Up-Date No.19 July 16'th 2003

Yo~! Tigher here~!....Ja ja I know..havent been up dateing like I should but I'll get there ..just have to find a good lay out pages for the Pretty Boys Love Lemon Fanfics and pictures. Any good news? ^_^ come tell me..I'll put..it up....some time...

Up-Date No.20 July 18'th 2003

Hmmm~!....Well no up date on Pretty Boys Love Lemon fan fic page yet...it just so happens that my computer is on the fritz and I cant get it to go on line..JUST GIVE ME A BIT MORE TIME~! *sniffles* Ok Enough of that eh? Well sence no one has SIGNED THE GUESTBOOK....I guess you guys dont have any requests...NO?....Well sign away and things might change....Btw...New song up..

Up-Date No.21 July 19'th 2003

I dont know. It might be the music I'm listing to. I want to up date the Gackt page I have. God know I should. ^_^ It'd be great that if you down load his music you will understand how it change attuides. And I will finaly fix the fan fic page.. ^_^;;;wait on me?

Up-Date No.21-2 July 19'th 2003

Hmm well P.B.L.L has a new fan fic page....I will start wrighting soon..in the mean time..Look around and tell me if you see any thing else you like..

Up-Date No.22 August 1'st 2003

Yeh well Im up-dating for a first time in a while. So what. I can do that. I also need to add the pages and the P.B.L.L. fan pages. That'll come up as well. Well you can say I am in a bad mood.. It'll come up later I suppose.

Up-Date No.23 August 9'th 2003

YAY~! MY WEBCOMIC IS UP~! Vist Dead Pan~!. Im so happy. The pages actuly works and everything. I'm proud. Anyho....I should be getting P.B.L.L up shouldn't I? XD..heehehe...*schoots off and runs to get the up date done*

//Note From the TearDrop.Hi...umm Tgherlight is currently trying to kill my sister..N E wayz: Tigherlight: ANY WHO~! The thing is hell-spawned..I cant even kill the thing..; TearDrop: Well Im doing great in school and Jrotc. I have a new boyfriend..Tigherlight: *Acting like Colnel* Now did we ask about your personal life did we? No... actly we didnt ask any thing about you... you just kinda- TearDrop: HEY~! Tigher~! Cut it out~!..Tigherlight:...Kill the sister~! Kill the Sister~! YAAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHH~! BG: *Demon of hell* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!!!!!!!!! I WANT MY ICE CREAM..AND WHY DO I SMELL FUNNY?! Tigherlight:........ TearDrop: not me~! DO not look at me~!...Tigherlight: I think I'm going to cut this introducion short....//

Up-Date No.24 August 15'th 2003

Yes~! Well I finaly updated the site again. But I cant get the pages up for some odd reason. They want to ignore my comands and run away at the site of me typeing. Ugh~! Well I think it will be some time befor I can get the P.B.L.L pages up. And Im realy sorry for the slow updates...

Up-Date No.25 August 27'th 2003

Hey~! *Ducks the incomming daggers and frying pan along with the kitchen sinks*...I CAN EXPLAIN~! I REALY CAN~! T_°„you see there was this internt monster called.Dead Pan and he kept poking me in the eye, saying that he was going to kill me if I didnt help him and T_T IM SORRY~! ITS NOT MY FUALT~..ahh...well...new song and up date neh?

Up-Date No.25 September 21'st2003

DONT SHOOT~! I CAN EXPLAIN~! I know~! well schools back in and i have very little time to update as much as I used to. I realy am sorry BTW. no one as signed the guestbook so i can tell what you would like to see new on the site. OH well I'll try to find somethings to up date and put a some more picutres up. Maybe even a song if your nice.

Up-Date No.26 October 04'th 2003

BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA~!. Is any one comming to this site? No? *sigh* More people need to come.. T_T me get lonely. I am up dating and putting a song up..so no compaints...

Up-Date No.26-2 October 04'th 2003

Hey ok~! Pretty Boys Love Lemons. Is up~! All I have to do now is put the pictures up and the stores. I think I am up for typeing some stoires. And yes,I will use spell check so the typos wont be that bad. ^_^ that better for you? Yes~! *dances around* WHOOOT~!....Oh and btw...you should listen to Cage By Dir En Grey It's realy good.

Up-Date No.27 October 20'th 2003

What?~! Don't kill me~! I didn't do it. Im working as best as I can. Having trouble though. ^_^ cant keep my mind on somethings. Why dont you go to some of my links to get out of here?..or AT least sign the guestbook so I know what to add or take off the site.

Up-Date No.28 October 25'th 2003

Hey~! I see no one has been comming back to the webpage. Oh well I think I need to change the lay out any ways..no? Well Pretty Boys Love Lemon is on hatius because the lack of picutres ( i think my dad deleted the files) and stories. ( I can't write and no one is sumiting any T_T..) Well Hopefuly things will change.

Up-Date No.29 November,2'nd 2003

Well things are going slowly. Dead Pan has updated and will be for a few days now. P.B.L.L has a half a storie up and will be increasing slowly. Sorry for the time delay. I still have school.....

Up-Date No.30 November,23 rd 2003

Hey.I live and breathe~! ^_^ I know I haven't up dating like I used to, but I am still in school. Along with that, I am still trying to fix Dead Pan. The picutres are all messed up. And how can you have a webcomic if the picutres dont work? Well you can't....Any who. I wonder why a person cant see my site in china? Bad severs? I don't know. ^_^ well I will up date and be trying to fix the pictures. Untill then..

Update- No.31 January 2'nd 2004

Look for Entangled // mysteries of the deep ice oean...We will be waitng.



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