Ok. So if you are here you know who i am.  And for those of you who forgot I am Felicia.  Better known to some as EvilNursey or tiggs{`LD} on ausnet , tiggs{`LD} on bondage net and synfulldesires on yahoo.

I will be  putting some of my  pics here so yall can keep up and so i can put some of the stuff i am writting here too.  And of course the main reason is, well because i can.  LOL

Quick background on me.  Ummm
I'm live in North Dakota.  I have 2 kids and one husband.  I am an LPN and am hopefully going back to school in the future  for my Bachlelor Degree in Nursing. (BSN)

You can usually find me  on yahoo on and off most days.  Ya never know if i am lurking or not so just have to IM and find out. I an in various channels on Bondage net or on Ausnet sometimes.   And i  am the most innocent one there , no matter where i am at.  Don't believe me??  Just ask me!  I'll tell ya about it.   Come on over and see me and if I am not there.......... just wait longer, hehe.
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My Place
Some times they're not just dreams.
This would be me
Felicia, synfulldesires or  tiggs{`LD}.
Take  your pick  i answer to almost anything
I have some of my writting on here somwhere .  If you are interested my latest creation click on the links below. Check it out and let me know what yall think!  Thanks! Yeah yeah for those of you checking back got more chapters of Revelatoins i know i am slow... deal with it :P
My Kitty Cats.  If you ask really nice I might let ya pet them.  hehe
I am still Fixin on this thing.  Bear with me
How many ppl wuv me.
Fun things for you to play with.  Click below for some fun.  
FUN......... not that kind of fun you naughty person you ! hehehehe
Revelations :     Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
My other tats  Email me and ask the meaning if you are really curious...
"If You Open Your Mind For Me, You Won't Rely On Open Eyes To See.  The Walls You Built Within Come Tumbleing Down, A New World WIll Begin"  Silent Lucity By Queensryche
"Your Arms I Want.  They Make Me Feel, As If They're Made Of Cold Cold Steel.  A Simple Kiss Like A Turning Key.  A Little Click, And The Locks On Me........  I'm In Chains."  Chains  By Tina Arena