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Sorry about the leave of absence, but life kind of intervened in my. . . life, so I wasn't able to do much with this place. For the moment, I am adding files, and soon more tricks will be on their way. So, onto the original introduction:

Hello there! Thank you for stopping into this page, I really appreciate it. I think that before I go on, I should remind you that I have been putting A LOT of work into this. So please leave it as is. I will also let you know about myself. I am an 18 year old male. And I finally have pics of myself! Go here to see them: Take this link to never never land, but beware, you may never, never come back!

But the real scheme of my page is to teach you a little magic, if you don't mind. (I want to show you a little bit of everything, except illusions.. Not only because they need to be seen with pictures, but because they are the best tricks and shouldn't be given away in an amateur's page!)(Insert violin music)I know that if you have been to other pages, they really don't show a lot of tricks. But my little plan here is to actually show you some simple little tricks that you can use that might seem interesting if you do them right. I say MIGHT because I'm not sure how stunned everyone will be. So if you don't like any magic at all, LEAVE! Just go away, I don't want to talk to you! Just kidding. But this won't interest you much if there is nothing magic liking in you. I must warn you though that you have to have a vivid imagination to actually SEE these tricks, because, unfortunately, I don't have any pictures. At least, not yet. But if I describe them enough, they should work. One more thing. I am violating the law of magicians by publically displaying these, so please, don't do what I have done, and try to keep these somewhat secret, thanx!

Well, here goes nothing:

Oh, you can't see what these tricks are from here can you? I'll help you out. Here is a brief description of my tricks. And another chance for you to hear my lovely voice!
Here you card buffs go! A page of Card Tricks!

Here you coiny people go! COIN TRICKS!!

These are all that I have for now, but keep coming, there will be more on the way! Yes there will!

Watch this magically rise!

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Please E-mail me with questions and comments! I really want them! Yes, I do! Really! PLEASE! If you want to look something up, don't go dragging back, use this!



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