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Welcome to my Megazeux/ZZT page!

The Game Systems and Add-Ons


Brief Description

Megazeux was created by Gregory Janson of Software Visions. It's a shareware game system that comes with "The Caverns of Zeux", an adventure game I rather liked. It also allows you to make your own games, employing EGA graphics and allowing the use of MODs.

Megazeux stuff to download

Latest Version: 2.07


Description of ZZT

ZZT is a shareware game system that comes with "The Town of ZZT", and, like Megazeux, a game editor you can use to make your own games. ZZT only uses CGA graphics and pretty obnoxious beeping music, but the games for it can still be good.

Download this zztz!

OK. Now that I actually have a lot of ZZT games available for download, I'll be making another page for the less good ones, and putting up only the really good ones (IMHO) here. Go to my Pile 'O Games for the rest.

Super ZZT

Here's Super ZZT, a slightly more advanced system with one game included. It allows larger screens and the use of a few more colors. To get into the game editor, make sure you run it with "/e" after the program name, and then press "e" at the title screen to get into the editor. (111K)

The Process of Downloading and Running Stuff

Steps to follow:


Recipe for Joy

  1. Have a directory with the game system you're going to use.
  2. Download files to this directory. If a screen of garbage comes up when you click on a link, try holding down "shift" as you click, or use the other mouse button.
  3. All of my files are zipped. You need PK Unzip to unzip them. Just save it into the same directory, and type "pkunzip filename".
  4. Run the game system and enjoy.

Other ZZT/Megazeux links

Adam Parrish's Megazeux page. It has a good deal of useful info on Megazeux.

Darren Hewer's Destiny Software Home Page, a site for Megazeux. All it has so far is some information on the company (which is looking for additional members!), but it should have more soon.

Claudio Leite's ZZT page, with several Software Vision games, the latest issues of Z Power Magazine, and Hyper ZZT, which creates new fonts and has a few new items to be added on to ZZT.

A ZZT/Megazeux page of links, plus a few games.

XR3's ZZT/Megazeux page, with copies of the game systems, and a few games he's made.

Mike Shawhan's ZZT page, which is the source for many of my links.

Hotwired is a sporadic semi-magazine, with info on upcoming and already released games.

The Square Ware home page, with two games to download so far.

Mike's ZZT and Megazeux Page doesn't have much yet.

Here's another ZZT page by MAtt Dujnic, with not a lot either.

AOL user pages with ZZT and Megazeux games have been indexed by Dan Draco at his AOL ftp site. I went through the pages he had indexed a few months ago and have put up everything I think is good, but the pages might have been updated by now, and just because I didn't like a game doesn't mean you won't.

To Norris and Sean's Kickin Homepage!

To Norris' Roger Zelazny Page.

Thanks to Christos Mina for the background, ripped off directly from Gamelink.

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