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Wouter's AoA Sourcebook

Here are some additional Characters from AoA:

The Avengers

Donald Blake

F-2 health:18 A-4 S-6 karma:50 E-6 R-10 pop:2 I-10 P-30 resources:TY6 Powers:though he does not know it, Donald Blake is really the Norse-God Thor underneath. Talents:guns,AM reason with medicine Weakness:Needs a cane to walk

Tony Stark

F-6 health:22 A-6 S-4 karma:76 E-6 R-40 pop:20 I-20 P-6 resources:RM30 Powers:Bionics inside-if device tries to probe inside him bionics will take control of probe and computer system controling it with MN 75 ability. Weakness-needs bioincs to live. Talents:Engineering, finance, subterfuge, weapon design.

Ben Grimm

F-20 health:50 A-10 S-10 karma:50 E-10 R-10 pop:3 I-10 P-30 resources:Gd10 Armor:gd10 vs Physical Guns Gd ms. Rm shooting or AM energy. talents:IN reason with piloting, guns.

Gwen Stacy

F-6 health:24 A-6 S-6 karma:26 E-6 R-6 pop:1 I-10 P-10 resources:TY6 Pulse Rifle:Ex ms. MN75 Energy dm talents:medicine, guns

Susan Storm

F-10 health:46 A-10 S-6 karma:40 E-20 R-10 pop:3 I-20 P-10 resources:GD10 armor:Gd10 vs physical guns gd ms. RM shooting or AM energy. talents:pilot, guns

Clint Barton

F-10 health:70 A-30 S-10 karma:22 E-20 R-6 pop:1 I-10 P-6 resources:GD10 Powers: Hightened eyesight-see 4 areas away without minuses Talents:Pilot, marksman

Victor Von Doom

F-30 health:90 A-20 S-10 karma:130 E-30 R-40 pop:5 I-40 P-50 resources:Ex20 Talents:Strategie, pilot, guns, military, leadership. Contacts:Human High Council

Bruce Banner

F-4 health:44 A-6 S-4 karma:46 E-10 R-30 pop:0 I-10 P-6 resources:Ex20 talents:+1cs in Sciences of physical, biological and chemical,+2csw/ radiation contacts:Apocalypse, probably Dark Beast Powers: AlterEgo-can transform at will into the Thing which has a seperate mind as his.

The Thing

F-40 health:160 A-20 S-50 karma:56 E-50 R-20 pop:-10 I-6 P-30 powers Invulnerabiliry to Physical AM and Energy IN Invulnerability to Cold/Disease/Toxins/Heat/Flame Un100 Invul. to Radiation Cl1000 Leaping SH-Y200 Adrenaline boost.+1cs when mad to max of +3cs for S/E

The Mauraders

all maruders have pop:0 resources:Gd10 weapons:Air steppers ms ex20 gives them the equivalent of Ty levitation. Wrist Armory:MS gd. Shoots plasma blast that does AM50 damage in an area. Armor-ty6 armor vs Physical


F-10 health:46 A-20 S-6 karma:56 E-10 R-30 I-20 P-6 talents:marksman


F-20 health:66 A-30 S-6 karma:60 E-10 R-20 I-20 P-20 talents:finance


F-30 health:100 A-10 S-20 karma:50 E-40 R-20 I-20 P-10 talents:finance, MA A,B,C and Wrestling

the Owl

F-10 health:90 A-30 S-20 karma:50 E-30 R-20 I-20 P-10 talents:finance

Other AoA Characters

Mikhail Rasputin

F-30 health: 190 A-10 S-75 karma:60 E-75 R-20 pop:-40 I-20 P-20 resources:AM 50 Powers Matter Conversion touch AM50 True Invulnerability:UN100 Life Support talents:Leadership, chemistry Mikhail has a ship that may be Apocalypse's/X-factor's ship in our world. It has many laboritories/ weapons loccker/ eating quarters/ living quarters/medical centers and incarceration centers. He also has the mutant Empath hooked to his computer system so with the computer Mikhail has the equivalent of Typical emotion control over anyone within a 10 block radius. He also has a mind control strike force of altered humans. F-20 health:90 A-30 S-20 karma:10 E-20 R-2 pop:-1 I-6 P-2 resources:0 armor:they wear armor that gives them gd protection from Physical and Energy, Blaster Arms:They can shoot Rm energy blasts up to 3 areas away. Matt Murdock aka Daredevil works for him. He has identical stats as normal.

Dwayne Taylor

F-100 health:400 A-100 S-100 karma:60 E-100 R-10 pop:0 I-10 P-40 resources:TY Powers: FlightUn100 True Invulnerability AM50 Energy Emission UN100 Uni-Mind-Dwayne with an IN intensity feat can create a CL5000 UNI-Mind like Power with the populance of Earth. This lasts 1-10 rds. This depleats Dwayne's energy for an unknown amount of time.

Misc characters

The following were also shown but not as important. Frank Castle-currently a monk in asia. Gen. Thunderbolt Ross, Bolivar Trask and wife-members of Human High Council Bullseye-revolutionist in Eurasia. Silver Surfer-Roaming the known Universe. Go BAck 1