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My CV. I could be exactly the person your computer department has been looking for.

VIRTUAL CHOCOLATE is nearly here. From my ex-wife's brilliant vision and with my complete lack of medical knowledge we are about to bring you the most daring attack ever on the Swiss and Belgian addiction monopoly.

When I first started flying online flight simulators I played a game called Warbirds.  In the last six months the team who created Warbirds have started a new Company, (HiTech Creations), and they've written a new simulator called Aces High.  I have been involved in the Alpha testing of Aces High and for a 4Mb download it rocks the socks off the other simulators.
The RNZAF Squadron is represented in Aces High and Warbirds.  Click on the squad graphics to either side to visit the squadron pages.  The little green fella on the left is my personal mascot.
warlord.jpg 42Kb I do a bit of miniature wargaming.  Actually I do a lot of miniature wargaming, (I stopped counting the cost when I realised how much I had spent!!).  Follow this link to my page of battle tactics, reports and my pages of wargaming rants or click on the pictures either side to go to the same place warlord.jpg 42Kb
Golf is the only pure sport left to me these days. Pure, in that I play a game about once every 4 years and I really suck. Look here for lynx and details of my last game against Richard.

floppy1.gif 10kb My Links Page has been updated with a few new web sites of interest and other people I know.

My CD List Page has been created because Craig won't get out of his seat to pick which CD to play. 3dcd.gif 14kb


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