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Here is the place for ZZTV news.

- ZZTV #1 is out. It includes the begining of 2 séries : "If I would make a zzt game with..."(zztv #1 choice is Tseng, The next will be Lab), and "The Gwal & Gwool show", the adventures of 2 idiotic balls.
It also includes a pre-beta-release of the Black Metal battle engine, plus the black metal font.
- So, what's up ? ZZTV is an interactive TV-oriented mag, which isn't endorsed by any company. Each ZZTer can post from 1 to 4 boards, including advertising. The boards theme can be anything related to TV : news, movies, series parody.
- The interface is divided in channels, which two or more ZZTers can open. I'll organise channel wars...
- Remember to design your own channel board.
- Before sending a board, you must download the ZZT #0 or #1, which is available NOW !
Screenshot : Title screen
Screenshot : Gothic ways channel

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