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Virtual World

  • How to create an environment for displaying your gardening efforts?

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  • A field of poppies
  • Simple Animation
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  • An ivy covered brick wall

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Fire and Water

  • Animating Fire and Moving Water
  • Animating Smoke and Steam

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Swirling Fog

  • Animating Swirling Fog

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Candle Flame Animation

  • Animating a Candle

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Simple Ocean Animation

  • Animating water

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Bryce 4 and Imagine

  • Importing Terrains

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PJC's Links


Pathologia Paidon

  • Lung cancer, Breast cancer, and the Pap Smear
  • More graphics

Imagine Tutorials (PCwsu)

  • Imagine 3D tutorials


  • More graphics

PC Video (1)

  • Video and Animations


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