Guardian Angels Labor Support-Tipp City, Ohio
Two Moms Ready to be there to help you become a Mom
E-mail us at or or call us (937)667-1318 or 937)440-0758 or Cell (937)238-2236 If you don't think you can afford us, ask! We bet you can! We love to help Mommies who need us. We have special programs for Mothers of angels and mothers of premature or sick children.
Sometimes, when a woman is in labor, she needs another woman there who has been through what she is going through, and someone who can even explain to her husband why she is saying those things to him. Doulas are there just for this purpose. We are not only there for mothers who have no support, but to help support mothers who are married or have a partner as well. We can take the pressure off the partner, and help make it a beautiful experience for both of you.
Studies have shown that women who use doulas have shorter labors and are less likely to need medication or a c-section. We support mother's decisions about medications when the time comes- you do NOT have to have a completely natural birth to use a doula. We have both been present at Cesarean births, and births where the women chose to use an epidural. It is all a matter of emotional support and education. We are there to help in whatever way you need to be helped. We can also help establish breastfeeding.
Tammy is a 34 year old mother of three children who has been a doula for two years, but has been attending births for almost 15 years.I am fully certified through DONA I have experienced birth naturally, with an epidural, and by c-section. I have also been through the experience of giving birth to a sick baby who later became an angel.
Click on the picture of Kayleigh for her story.
Tracy, a forty-three year old mother of four boys, has also experienced birth by c-section, natural birth and epidural assisted birth. She has also experienced the premature emergency birth of her youngest child, and the trials that go along with raising a premature child. Click on Stephen's picture for his story.
Tracy just finished her doula training, but has also been attending births for years- including the birth of two of Tammy's children!
We are Guardian Angels Labor Support, and if you are in the Dayton Area, give us a call or drop us an e-mail. We can help make your birth experience everything you hope it will be. We also attend scheduled cesareans and high risk births. Even if you are out of our area, we may be able to help you find a doula in your area.
Tammy Martin and Tracy Persing
(937)667-1318 or (937)440-0758
Or cell (937)238-2236