My Personal Top Ten Albums of 2000
8. Cupcakes - This was the best geek album of the year, and it wasn't even really geek.  It's a European band writing better melodies than the US has seen since Engine 88 broke up.  This is a weird techo-synth album that never really becomes European or New Wave.  A great album/debut.
7. The Wu Tang Clan - The W - As I have said in my album of the week section, "Finally! A streamlined east coast rap album!" and that's exactly what this is.  No dumb skits or intro/outro crap, just great beats, inventive sample and them best rhyme crew of today bringing lyrics Shakespere would have never ever thought up.  They are forgiven for the terrible "Forever" double-shot of crap.
9. Leona Naess - Comatized - This was a chill, whispy, articulate lullaby that started the year off in a great direction only to be left hanging.  This album just kinda floats, even on the faster songs you are immersed in Naess' (pronounced "Ness") dreamlike trance.  I fell asleep to this album almost daily while on tour.  FUN FACT: Naess was once the step-daughter of Diana Ross.
6. Calibretto 13 - Enter the Danger Brigade - A fun acoustic punk album that lets you think, but not "break down into tears because life sucks" think.  This album has been virtually ignored by everyone.  It's a shame.  The best single of the year resides on Enter... the incredibly catchy "High Five".
5. Outkast - Stankonia - Everyone loves this album, and with good reason.  You have never heard a rap album like this one.  They come up with chorus' and samples and beats from another world and it all makes sense.  They out-do themselves with each release... Still innovators...
3. Goldfinger - Stomping Ground - This band hit the scene with "one hit wonder" written all over them, and three albums later, have never really shaken that image.  Again, they keep getting better with age and this album is their finest.  It has a clever cover of a clever '80's hit (99 Luftballoons), a punishing riff that puts every rap-core hack to shame (Bro) and alot of fun crazy lyrics and interesting song structures.  I was never a Goldfinger fan and bought this out of lack of listening material... six months later it is still in my player.
2. COC - America's Volume Dealer - Corrosion of Conformity is back (finally...) with by far the best metal album of this year or any other since they released their last album.  They are consistently ignored by radio, mtv and more metal fans in general, and I have absolutely no idea why.  People love Metallica and Metallica loves COC, the equation works... Oh well.  This release is top notch all over the place. The riffs are intense, the "ballads" are moving and sincere and every member of this band is a vital part.  There are no stars, they are all part of a perfect team. 
And my number one album is...............  A TIE!
(I know this is gay, but I ran out of room)
4. Nelly Furtado - Whoa, Nelly! - This album is just so unique it's hard to ignore.  I think we will see alot more of Nelly in 2001.  She takes every type of music you could think of (from dance to metal) and mixes them up with a pop vocals and clever lyrics.
10. Modest Mouse - Buliding Nothing Out of Something - This is not really a true "album" but rather a collection of bsides and other tracks from the career of Modest Mouse.  It is an excellent release at any rate.  Every single song shines on this record.  A great place to start for those wanting to get into the indie rock scene.  They are awesome live too.  Lyrically Brilliant and riffs NO ONE has ever thought of trying.
The almosts...