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What is tissue Culturing

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Increasing fabric of the samples - fabric cultivation - is one of the fundamental goals of biomedical research. Containers of laboratory of use of Scienctists called bioréacteurs to develop, or "culture," samples of fabrics of body. The scientists could employ the tumours of cancer and other fabrics which are successfully developed apart from the body to examine and study treatments, such as chemotherapy, without evil ricking with the patients. These fabrics of the bioréacteurs will also offer significant medical perspicacities in the way in which the fabrics develop and develop in the body.

The engineers of NASA already created technologies of opening for the search for culture of cells on the ground, and of the principal openings once can be envisaged that time on the space station becomes available. For example, the NASA-developed bioréacteurs already produced the first culture of the lung 80-day, the first normal human culture of intestine, and the principal openings of the quality of the cultures of tumour of cancer.

In the long term, fabrics cultivated apart from the body can be employed directly to replace damaged fabrics, to treat the diseases, or to replace bodies thereafter.

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