The Keno Game

This site is about keno - Keno history : how it evolved from a game 3000 years ago in china, up till today's Las Vegas Casinos. Keno rules : all about the game tables , the casino , placing your bet Keno variations : from Keno lounges to Video Keno casino edge , odds... and more

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The Keno Game

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People who visit Las Vegas are very often surprised to find that Nevada is one of a handful states that doesnt have state lottery. If the casino traditional gaming is not enough for and you're looking for your all timer lottery game from home Las Vegas has something similar to offer you, keno. Only as opposed to your home lottery you don't have to wait for specific long term future time, like next week, in order to play. You can play keno about every five minutes in almost all of the casinos down there...

Neearly most winning combinations of keno have odds greater than 10:1 range and even the 100:1 range and beyond that. You can play the game in several locations on the casino although the game actually take place in the Keno Lounge.

Muhc like bingo the Keno lounge is consisted of chairs lines up againt a display board. On the display board shown eighty numbers -The ones selected are highlighted. Bets are made in the area below the board using markers.