llyna.. megan.. anala..elli..linnelei..


Linnelei (Lei)

Full name: Linnelei
Birthday: Late in the Second Age ;)
Culture: Mithlondhrim


Grey-Blue eyes, crystalline and brilliant look out from beneath black hair, which, in certain lights seems tinged with a deep red. Blue eyes that are deep and observing, at most times kind and understanding, sometimes mischievous and joyful- interwoven with hints of wariness and caution toward men. Perhaps she is still too young to have experienced a great deal of sorrow, though traces of this have begun to appear- hidden deep within those eyes and accessible only to those who can read so far. Still she holds a youthful light about her that has not yet been defused with many ages. Full pink lips against a fair face and beneath a well-proportioned nose completes her facial features.

Simple travelling clothes- light and comfortable rest over her frame; dark blue/grey cloak fitting over these. Though not richly adorned, the colours of her attire are deep and vivid, and obviously well made, and made to last. Movements made are graceful and careful, from gentle steering of her lithe and tall frame to the unfurling of slender hands and fingers. Boots are tied on her feet and they too have obviously trodden many roads in their time, and a grey bag hangs from her shoulder, though what inside remains a mystery.


The story of Tinnurath and Daeminuial is a simple one, though one often much elaborated upon. Tinurath, who would come to be the father of Linnelei was a forester and explorer; much in-love with nature and the sensation one finds when alone in the middle of a forest. He was gentle, though an extrovert and prone to be rather outgoing when around those he knew and trusted. It was early spring when he returned for what he presumed would be a brief period to Mithlond- though it was not to be so. During a spring festival he there met Daeminuial- whose appearance was much like Linnelei's and whose gift was in singing and playing and crafting flutes. It was with some effort that Tinnurath lulled Daeinuial into joining him as he left Mithlond again, but eventually she obliged and together they set out. It was over the coming months that a strong connection grew between the two, and then from that love, and before long they had returned to Mithlond with the coming of their child- Linnelei.

So it was that Linnelei was born late in the Second Age, by the sea, and that would forever be her home, and often she will return there when it calls to her She experienced a normal childhood there under the watchful eye of her mother; for often her father was not there but wandering to return months later with objects from distant places. Finally, she felt herself old enough to travel out into the world and so left her mother's side to take up the roads that her father had trodden many times before. Hesitant at first and perhaps over enthusiastic, she ran into early trouble in the town of Bree; endangering both herself and a companion, and so has kept more guarded ever since.

With her mother's kind nature and a general friendliness to most she meets on her travels, she offers her service- that of healing, while crafting sea-shells and flutes and trading them where she can.