The Milky Way and the Large
    and Small Magellanic Clouds
    from the Southern Hemisphere.
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  Released on this date by Bongo A.I.

  The MainFrame Artificial Intelligence
  overseeing the translation of the alien
  libraries found on Mars has now issued
  a preliminary report:

  Biological data summary: a majority of
  planets with advanced life forms harbor
  complex oceanic systems and sparse land
  borne ones.

  Engineering and Mathematics data found
  on Mars are deferred and classified.---
  Two starships found derelict and partially
  melted on the surface of Mars do not match
  Wisenotwise engineering styles...
  - - - Endit ---
Selected Comments on Subjects
  Listed as First Search:
     Observers of the manlike Bigfoot creature
   have often remarked on the presence of an
  electric humming sound. This noise is gone
  when the wild cryptobeast disappears.

    Nessie of the Loch is a charmingly small lake
  monster but out in the oceans of Earth and other
  watery planets are the real Sea Monsters.
  Both species are well known Timetravellers.
  They exploit the protection exceptions inherent
  in the Fourth Theory of Time. The Wisenotwise
  of the Planet Helium are fond of cooking shows
  and theories of time.
    The cigarshaped motherships are actually very
  complicated crystals.No living beings are on
   board, however the mental projections of the
   builders do visit these ships to perform
  unknown and probably unknowable actions.

    The Wisenotwise of the Planet Helium have
  encountered the mental projections of these
  beings and telepathy being hard can only guess
  the meaning of the hard and disturbing images
  directed upon their minds.
      The conclusion of The Wisest of the Planet
  Helium is that our galaxy is inhabited by a
  race of very powerful and very aggressive
  aliens destined to clash with one of the
  inexplicable civilizations. Such an event
  a danger to the minor races dashing among
  the stars hoping to go unnoticed...

    Most UFOs are just manmade objects,
  natural effects of the atmosphere and the
  plasma classes. The latter range from the
  electric effect of rock under pressure to
  the dread....

      It is quite remarkable that The Earth
  is very different from these "earthlike"
  planets. The average density is .82 of
  Earth and the average wind speed is 2.4
  times as high. The latter difference
  attributed to the influence of the Moon.

    Higher life forms are rare though
  simple forms are found everywhere.
  It is obvious that if surface winds average
  50 miles per hour a planet will suffer a
  rate of erosion intense enough to level all
  mountains in less than geologic time.
  Evolution reacts to such environments
  with great vigor. Adaptations and
  exploitations abound. The planetary "tree"
  adaptation is a very successfull one.
  No animals or plants in the Atlas are even
  close to what we are used to.The fierce
  winds found on most planets have led life
  to stay low. Imagine lots of claws and

  The universe is a very dangerous place.
  Life has been extintuished on many many
  worlds. Complex forms are rare, but
  there are non-random forces in play so
  that larger lifeforms are less uncommon
  than expected.

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