A Page On Solving Solvable Equations
"Solving the general cubic and quartic equation, and the solvable quintic, sextic, septic, octic, nonic, decic, etc, in radicals."
by Titus Piezas III
See also: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/topics/Piezas.html
Hello, I'm Owliver and welcome to our little corner of the Internet.  I'm the resident pet owl and I'll be your guide.

Here, you will find a module in the form of papers written by my owner on a very interesting subject, namely solving solvable equations in radicals.
They are written in a very accessible manner, so only a reasonable amount of background mathematical knowledge is needed.  So sit back, read, and enjoy.
I. Cubic Equation Page
"A New Way To Solve Cubics Using A Linear Fractional Transformation"
II. Quartic Equation Page
"Various Methods To Solve The Quartic Equation"
III. Quintic Page
"An Easy Way To Solve The Solvable Quintic Using Two Sextics"
IV. More Quintics Page
1. "On A Connection Between Solvable Quintics and Fibonacci Numbers"
2. "Solving Solvable Quintics Using One Fifth Root Extraction"
V. Tschirnhausen Page
1. "A New Way To Derive The Bring-Jerrard Quintic In Radicals"
2. "Deriving the Bring-Jerrard Quintic Using a Quadratic Transformation"
VI. Brioschi Page
"Solvable Brioschi Quintics, Other One-Parameter Forms, and the j-function"
VII. Sextic Page
"Solving Solvable Sextics Using Polynomial Decomposition"
VIII. Septic Page
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Other Pages
I. The Ramanujan Pages
II. On Fibonacci Numbers and Their Friends
III. (New!A Collection of Algebraic Identities
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