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Are you tired of paying too much for too little for cable TV?! Wish you could watch one program while another is being recorded to watch later?!

Starting March 1, 2005 you can switch to DIRECTV and get over 125 pure digital channels (including local channels) WITH a TiVo DVR for almost NOTHING!!

You’ll also get:

So, throw out that cable box AND that clunky old VCR, and go DIGITAL!

If you'd like more information on exactly what TiVo is, click here for more details.

To order your DIRECTV service with all of these GREAT features, click here or on the adlink below!

Just make sure that once you get to RapidSatellite, you see "Promo Code: 2606" on the left side of your browser to get special pricing.

*Requirements for DIRECTV Service: Please note that in order to be able to receive DIRECTV Satellite service, you must be able to view the SOUTHERN sky, one way or another.

What's more, once you get your DIRECTV DVR with TiVo service, we can upgrade your system for up to 125 hours of recording capacity! Now that's a LOT of movies you can record and then watch ON YOUR TIME!

We use only factory certified drives, so you are guaranteed not to see any strange performance problems, including hangs, over-pixelization, or glitching, as with other "do-it-yourself" web upgrades that try to use a sub-standard PC-compatible hard drive formatted with Linux hacking tools. The drives in your TiVo are specially designed for TiVo, and have a proprietary formatting that can be mimmicked, but NOT duplicated, with hacking techniques. This special formatting is necessary for the extreme demands of video streaming to ensure peak performance, and is only available on factory-imaged drives.

Upgrades to the unit do not affect your subscription service in any way. The service is independent of the amount of recording capacity of the unit. Note, however, that opening up the unit does void the manufacturers' original 1-year warranty (which, if the unit is already over 1 year old, is already void anyway) on the unit.

All drives carry a 180-day warranty from the manufacturer plus we offer a 30-day warranty on our labor.

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We're located in San Jose, CA, so you can either UPS the product to us or hand-carry it in if you prefer. If you would like more information, please reply using the email link below with a phone number and best time to reach you, and a representative will contact you within one business day. If you send your unit in, return shipping and handling will be added to the final price as necessary.

(** Note: Total capacity varies slightly from model to model and may not be EXACTLY as noted above.

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A quote will be sent back to you within 1 business day. All work waranteed for 30 days.

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