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If anyone has any rhymes, freestyle battles, Pick up lines, or know of any wiggers that they want to post something about email me at tizightrhymes@yahoo.com
This sites dedicated to given tizight rhymes for all my peeps out there.  Most of this shit is from my friends, but its open for anyone who wants to post something.  If you want something put on the site send an email to Tizightrhymes@yahoo.com
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Updated: July 1, 2005
Rhymes, New Dream Rhyme, Grass Battles himself.   Party Pictures and Aim Raps updated.  Fixed Index Page...New Page created called Dream Rhymes. I've started it off for you guys, but it is up to you continue them.  There is a beginning and end with the middle pending on your words to finsih it.  Regularjj451 submits a challenge to Brizzle whom has responded with his retaliation... Be sure to check out TheTruthIsOut Page I created in revenge against Nick for slandering my name on the net.  Well, there was an Attack on the site however it is so lame no retaliation is needed unless people feel like sending one. And.. the music is staying the same until next update to spite those complainers.. Did some minor changes on the sites looks, but keep checking in, i got some major updates to do soon. Madman has Issued a Challenge for RLo on the Battle page.. WIll he step up???  We got a challange on here from Grassadonia.  A call out for anyone to battle him.. Also, if anyone has some pick up lines or raps please send them.  It's time we get some new ones on here.  Any suggestions, Email me at Tizightrhymes@yahoo.com or post it in the TizightRhyme Forum.
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Am I an Alcoholic???
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