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Welcome to the original, the first, the one and only Warwick Todd homepage on the Internet.  I am proud to present to all fans of cricket, and sport in general, a brief look at the monumental career of Aussie sporting legend Warwick Todd.  I hope you enjoy it.

Some of the content on this website contains quotes and pictures from the collection of Warwick Todd diaries.  If you enjoy this page, why not buy a copy of one of the diaries.


When you think Aussie cricket legends, names such as Don Bradman, Richie Benaud, Allan Border, Dennis Lillee and Warwick Todd spring to mind. Although you may not have even heard of the name Warwick Todd, his distinguished cricket career has spanned more than 10 years. Warwick Todd, or Toddy as named by his team mates, is the traditional Aussie larrikin, being recognised equally for his off-field discrepancies as his on-field triumphs. More recently, his up and down career has been in jeopardy, but as long as Toddy is involved with cricket, there is unlikely to be a dull moment.

Warwick Todd is best introduced with the comments from these former greats of cricket:

Allan Border:
"Whether it's out on the paddock, behind the bar, on international plane flights or in disciplinary hearings before the ICC Toddy never gives an inch.  It would be safe to say no one has prized his baggy green cap with more guts and determination than Warwick Todd.  And whenever I see an oversized pair of Bolle wrap-around sunglasses, facial hair and a cocky sneer out at the crease I'll know that Australia is in good hands".

Dean Jones:
"Like me he's had a few run-ins with authority, ruffled a few feathers, put the odd nose out of joint.  But the occasional assault charge will never stop this big-hearted Aussie, a man with green and gold blood pumping through his veins.  And you know what?  Beneath that tough exterior there lurks a big-hearted softie.  I remember heading to South Africa together in '94.  The in-flight movie was Bridges of Madison County and looking across to where Toddy was sitting I swear I detected a tear in the big man's eye.  Turned out the cabin attendant had just informed him the bar was closed".

When you're done with Warwick Todd, check out the Toddy-style adventures of Ad and Damo in Melbourne by clicking on this link:
Ad and Damo do Melbourne

And coming soon:

The Summer of Ad and Damo

Can Ad and Damo make the cut when they pad up for Rowville?
Can they drink more than Toddy in a single session?
These questions and more will be answered - stay tuned...

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The quotations and pictures on this page are excerpts from the collection of Warwick Todd Diaries.  I have only compiled them and created the page for the benefit of the fans.  I, in no way, profit from this website.
'The Warwick Todd Diaries', 'Warwick Todd - Back in the Baggy Green' and 'Warwick Todd Goes the Tonk' are available from all leading book stores.  Thank you for visiting my webpage and reading this.